Don't know why i kept going??

This morning I thought i was home alone, i heard my parents leave for work so i decided to j*** off as we all do. I had all my p**** mags spread out across my bed and floor all opened on the centerfolds. Seeing i thought i was alone i went to my parents bathroom and gave a big squirt of moms hand lotion onto my c*** and went back to my room to have fun.I left my door open so i could hear if anyone came home, my sister had stayed at her friends last night so i knew she'd be home sometime. I was standing butt naked stroking away looking at the p***** i had laid out across my room, and i hadn't jacked off in 4 days so i was super h**** and new it was going to be a super big load. I heard a few noises but it wasn't the front door so i paid no attention to them and kept wanking. I was going hard and getting ready to blow and i hear a voice saying "what the f*** you doing?" and i turn round and my sister is standing in my doorway staring at me. Instead of flipping out and stopping I just stood there and wanking away as she yelled at me. I was going so hard i just started to shot my load as she was ranting away at me.

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  • Ask her to stroke your c*** for you. I bet she will.

  • she was just p***** off , she bought home some tail for ya and you are too busy wanking to notice :(

    no wonder this country is soo screwed up

  • That's some american pie sh*t right there

  • If she saw you wanking you should have got her to join in and get to pull her nickers done and w*** with you, then you could then w*** one another

  • If she knew the word f***, she knew what you were doing. You should have jizzed her in the eye to teach her a lesson in spying.

  • have you any shame!

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