Freaky reputation

Me and my younger brother are 2 years apart and we went to a party with our dates. There was vodka shooters and some pot and at some point I found myself doing a 69 with my brother in front of everyone and someone got it on their cell phone.

Now we have this reputation of having this big incest love affair. We can't go anywhere without someone mentioning it. People want to see us make out all the time. Its made us popular but its weird isn't everyone supposed to hate incest so how come everyone wants to see us make out?

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  • Hot older sister and I have been messing around for years. A few of my guy friends know (and are envious), so, sometimes, if she's around them, we'll play it up, kiss, handle each other, and make sexual references just to get them going. It's fun when they ask or say "Kiss her again..Grab her ass", wanting a show. They love the idea that we mess around, and aren't in any way wierded out by it..

  • I love how people use an excuse for what they do because they drank to much , bottom like you both are gay face the fact !

  • NASTY D****


  • wat ur both DUDES??????? Wat was going at that party?!

  • If you both enjoyed 69ing ,maybe you can enjoy more together !!!!!!!

  • We DPED a 9 year old in school

  • there's just this mistique about 2 gay brothers in love with eachother. i admit, i like the idea.

    it's called yaoi in the japanese.

    i love yaoi.

    so yeah, there's just this mistique about your situation, like a forbidden love some people find fasinating.

    i'd like to see some of the things you did with you'e brother that night!

    by the way, there's this posteveryone should look at, it's called: Someone help me, please

    check it out and spread the word

  • What kind of parties do you go to? This is a fake post. C'mon no amount of alcohol or pot or other drug is going to make me do anything remotely sexual with my sibling. Oh and p.s. Incest is is abuse.

  • all incest is abuse...and all fruits are tangerines
    It must be a fake post because drugs and alcohol wouldnt make you do that. How did you know everyone is exactly the same, most people are unaware of this.

    Oh and p.s. your delete key is to the left of the numpad, so you dont have to use "p.s." anymore like you're writing a letter.
    you're welcome

  • LOL@it made us popular, nice town where you get popular by 69in your bro.

  • hold ur head high. people are jackasses, and a j****** should never be someone to put u down.

  • Yeah that's a tough one to bounce back from... Hopefully it will just fade out over time, but I think as long as you go to that school.. it's gonna be on the back of everyones minds...

    Would a fresh start somewhere else be an option?

    Good luck!

  • Move to Arkansas and get hitched. Its just proper.

  • OP - I'm a girl d*******!!

  • wow what a f***** so you like pure incest gay s** now.

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