Weird proposal dream

I have for a number of years had ** dreams where I have ** with my relatives. I am in no way whatsoever ** in reality but this dream has nothing to do with an ** dream but is still weird. So this was my dream: A guy I know ( an old classmate) had been going around town telling people that he planned on asking me on a date and I didn't like the idea of dating him ( in reality he abuses drugs and posts satanic pictures on his Facebook.) So I walk in my house kinda mad,upset,didn't know what to do or say in this matter so i stormed out the door and I dreamed that this big,white van was parked in front of my house and I didn't know who it belonged to. My older brother came rushing over to me apologizing ( for what? I don't know.) He then took my hand and placed a ring on my ** and asked,please marry me! I am thinking to myself, do what? I stood there saying nothing at all and he walked away. Then my dad called me and told me that the guy that planned on asking me out had put it on Facebook that he and I were engaged. I was furious that he put that on Facebook so I demanded him to take the post down and I felt angry at my brother for acting like I was his property and that he wouldn't take the engagement ring back. Then that guy and my older brother kept changing back and forth being each other so i was confused as to who I was talking to. I must be weird in reality or something cause I can't stop having these weird dreams.

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