I have placed a motion camera under my desk watching the secretary who faces me in our office.

Last night i took it home and played back the SD Card and saw her putting her hand between her he legs from time to time and she opend them wide ...Love it

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  • dude its wronge, just cause it looks and feels right does not make it so, and come on dude you could get cought and then LAWSUIT in big block letters is introducing you to its sister SUE. sorry about the sucky metaphors, but keep in mind that kind of stuff.

  • d*** head. your should really stop! before you get cought. can you imagine how would you feel if someone was doing that to your daughter... wife or sister. just stop you perve.

  • UPDATE: Today she is wearing the Shortest mini- skirt and I noticed she keeps opening her legs and positioning them in a way that gives me a great view....I know she doesent know it's there...it is inside a locked drawer with a small peice missing at the back

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