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I had a best friend through out 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. After our school closed, it was harder to stay in touch. We still went to a saturday school together, but we werent as good friends then. mostly i think because she had become REALLY shy. In 6th grade, we became friends on facebook. she sent a bunch of annoying notifications asking me to join a bunch of apps. It must have been a bad day for me, because i sent her a mean message swearing a lot and saying to stop sending me those notifications, and she didnt swear back or be mean, she just said ok. i deleted her from my friends. a year later, we were going camping together. she was nice to me and i was nice to her. when we came back, I was leaving and i accidently forgot my bag with my camera and ipod and the center that took us camping. the next day when i came back to find my stuff, i found my bag, with everything inside it except my camera and ipod. i asked some people and someone said they saw my friend with it, trying to decide wether to leave it there or take it with her to give it to me another day. that is the time i realy started to think about the reason she took it, IF she even took it in the first place,. then i remembered my mean message and i felt really bad, even if she probably took my camera and ipod. please comment.

Sep 2, 2010

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  • I think you need to contact Her but not if your angry if not engage her in conversation and express your feeling's for treating Her poorly letting Her know that you had left your belonging's behind after camping and upon your return to fetch them some things were missing and if she may have seen anyone taking anything out of your belonging's would she please let you know.
    Also tell Her please don't be angry as I am not but someone told you it may have been Her ( don't Lie ) again if you are angry let it go it isn't worth but if you truly aren't angry and value Her friendship then tell Her so because She is likely wanting your friendship and your belonging's is Her way of keeping you close to Her you just may have been Her dearest friend and now She has lost you.
    Again be true not only to yourself but be true to Her it sound's to Me anyway that in your heart you would like to have that relationship back as well and if your smart and you find that She did take it with or without Her confessing let Her know that if She did and your not saying She did tell Her to keep it with your blessing that your relationship is more important to you than material thing's that can be replaced because lost relationship's especially good one's can not be replaced you both deserve a chance for your friendship maybe more who knows to rekindle and move on to much better thing's in life than material thing's can bring you.
    I sincerely wish the best to you both may happiness and bliss bless your lives.
    Ps just saying I am no expert but I sure would give a shot to saving what may be the best relationship of your life at least if nothing else She will realize that you do care and that can go along way in someone's life.

  • why don't you just refriend her on facebook and ask her for it?

  • no further comments,you're a human. don't kiss ass for benefits.

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