I feel trapped in love and I don't know what to do

So I started to crush on this girl 3 years ago. Almost 2 years ago, one of my b****** former friends snitched on me and told my crush how I feel about her. The day after, I was forced to prematurely confess to her face. Of course, she rejected me because we barely knew each other at the time (I was REALLY shy back then and talked to her pretty rarely). However, since the summer we've really "hit it off". We texted often and sometimes she would say the sweetest things, like one time when she wanted me to send her a selfie of myself because it'd been so long since we saw each other in person. We got to know each other over the years and I was planning on asking her out seriously in a few months, but recently she's been growing distant. We still talk, but a bit less and she takes ages to respond. It's not like her to do that. My phone contract ran dry so now we have to chat on Snapchat, so she probably doesn't get notifications or ringing when I text. I still love her to death and she means everything to me, but the idea that there's a tiny chance all this time she never cared about me at all and that she's annoyed with my existence is really stressing me out and I don't sleep as much because of it. Am I overthinking things? I tend to do that a lot. There's nothing I want more than to be with her but it's 6:16 AM as I type this because I'm awake thinking about the situation.

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  • I would leave it a week. Keep your distance and just do your thing.

    22 days is not a long time, to be over her or your crush. I'm still in love with a girl I had a crush on 10 years ago! (well, over years anyway). I' ve since had 2 relationships over 3 years, but I still dream of her, think of her and wish to god I was with HER.

    But I never dated her, and it wasn't to be. But I will always think of what could have been and I will still imagine I'm going to see her when I go outside, so I better look good, etc, etc...

    You will find out as you get older that there aren't that many people, that many chances. I would wait a week and send her a text asking how she is. You are overthinking. If she didn't want to see you or speak to you she would probably say. no? Even politely turn you down?

  • I'll admit, part of me still loves her, but I think some of the affection left is driven by loneliness and me remembering the times when her and I were closer. Even if she never said she didn't want to talk to me, she can't possibly give a damn about me. I mean, her and I havent had a decently long conversation since before Christmas. No one is that busy for months at a time.

  • Awww they'd so sweet and sad at the same time......If it's meant to be then you have nothing to worry about.

  • I guess it wasn't meant to be, as I've since gotten over her. Frankly, I'm a lot less stressed with her gone. I feel a little lonely from time to time without her, but I know there's someone far better than her for me out there. I'm just not sure if I should tell her I was still in love with her for two years after she found out.

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