Prostitutes are more fun then my wife and girlfriends

There something deeply satisfying about thrusting your self into the most intimate orifice of a random women who's name you don't know. I love the look of shame and regret on the faces of the younger ones as well as the look of disgust and pain on the older ones as you take them. I do the younger ones missionary and caress their faces, yet show no mercy to the older ones, rolling them over and doing them anally.



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  • I only like the young ones, hairless p**** and no t***

  • You're a piece of garbage. Go die in a fire

  • Are you still in character?

  • There is something to this..While not a prostitute, I did help a young, hot, hostess from sports bar I go to, a few times, financially (including getting her car from a garage, holding it for non-payment). She had no money to pay me back, obviously, so, offered to let me f*** her. Each time, I admit...The s** was great, I tossed that wiry little body of hers all around the bed, but also..I enjoyed the look of, if not shame, then...Submission, on her face. As if saying, I have no choice..This guy bails me out of money trouble, the least I can do is let him f*** me. I've gone a bit overboard a few times, but, hey..What choice does she have? Me, or some other guy..Who'd want the same thing from her.

  • This guy had a serious obsession with "hot" hostesses and waitresses from his "sports bar that he goes to", when he wasn't fantasizing about a "hot older sister". Like many of the incels here, he was a real one-trick pony. That happens when you have nothing else in life.

  • Ancient Chinese proverb "You can't rape the willing."

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