Why in the h*** can you NOT understand this?! You are so stupid! I'm sick of you beileving that our lives will change for the better thanks to some make-beileve deity. I will NOT beileve this garbage! You know the bible? Yeah, it's a FICTION. WRITTEN BY MAN. WRITTEN BY MORON. Do you even realize that the bible started homophobia? The thing that is ruining society, killing people?


I guess I'm O.K with non-jugmental christians and all, but other than that....religion just really p***** me off....<:/

May 24, 2012

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  • Some of you "christians" are d****, yelling and swearing like that, werent you taught the phrase "turn the other cheek" while attending you story time on sundays???

  • Let the devil try to sway christianity... It won't work i and many other christians command you in the name of our lord jesus christ to cease and desist from this blasphemy... Just remember h*** is a real place reserved especially for liars and non-believers. Please repent for your own sake. And next time please don't bash other's personal beliefs some people live by or for their religion so let them have their comfort please. Thank you.


  • Thank u for pointing out the obvious all these people below me and soon above me that say f*** u r a*******. I jope i meet u one day again thank u

  • yawn

  • ok so because it started homophobia,which it didnt,its wrong?and not true?...how does that make sense?and no one said it wasnt written by man.so saying written by man also doesnt prove your point.just because it was does not make it a lie.and since you failed t be considerate like it says a******,i will do the same.youre a daft p**** who cant even come up with a decent arguement to prove your own stupid and NON-EXISTANT point.

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