Showing my bare bottom to older ladies

I love exposing my bare bottom to older ladies. I walk around outside in really short shorts and bare feet and love the shocked looks on older ladies faces when they see my bare bum cheeks. They often put their hands up to their mouths and look at one another if they are with someone. I look back at them with a naughty look on my face. Some also have disgusted looks on their faces and say things to the other person(ie. he needs a good spanking for walking around like that, that is disgusting, he should be sent to jail and one time when my bum was very bare in an eating establishment, 3 ladies were at a table and one of them had a tennis racquet in her hand and held it up and said, I should use this on his backside.

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  • Go ahead elton john, you have a shady side. pedo.

  • Why are you wearing shorty shorts? What are you q****?

  • I like to show my bare bottom to older females and receive their naughty looks. It turns me on. I am not q****, I am heterosexual. I just enjoy being naughty in public.

  • Illegal in most places. Stop trying to convince yourself that it is okay to clearly expose yourself and nothing will happen. Not all will giggle at your jiggle.

  • Girls walk around in public with their bare bottoms hanging out of their shorts so why can't guys. On beaches girls expose half or more of their bare bums with their naughty bikini bottoms so why can't I show my bare backside in public.

  • If i would saw you i would pretend i am shocked but in reality i would liked it very much .

  • Thank you

  • Thanks.

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