Day by Day

I have never learned how to drive.
i have never been out of my country.
i have never had a girlfriend.
i have never had s**.
i have never accomplished anything i was aiming for.

Funny thing is i interact with people i know very well and am able to hold an engaging conversation, as soon as new people are introduced i clam up especially if its a girl (if its one im interested in, even more so...)

at the moment im living life day by day fearing interaction more and more causing me to retreat back to my cave and cause more fear of interaction.

any advice?......

May 24, 2012

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  • I pretty much have the same thing going for me except I'm a girl and I can drive. You just have to remember you're not alone in the world. There are people who care about you. And I'm willing to bet money that there's at least one girl who likes you. And with love will eventually come s**, promise that.
    With driving, it's not hard to learn, and if you ask around someone will be willing to help you.
    Accomplishments are something that come gradually. You still have the rest of your life, and if you look back, you'll see youve done A LOT.
    I'm actually really shy around people too. I don't like talking, much less to guys I've liked. You just gotta try to be friends with them first and then talking will come easy. My suggestion is until you get some confidence try to make friends by hanging out in a group with people you already know and some of their friends, it'll be easier to talk that way.

  • Instead of looking at the giant picture of what you haven't done, look at the positives about yourself and what you have done. Sometimes you have to push yourself a little to get to where you want to go and don't get discouraged.

    Remember one thing at a time, one day at a time.
    1. DRIVE: Go out and learn how to drive. Sign up for classes and get your license..
    2. TRAVEL: Find a friend or go on your own and find a tour like Contiki or whatever your comfortable with. Plan it. Book it and have the time of your life.
    3. GIRLFRIEND. Push yourself a little to talk to women. Get the courage up to see if the girl you like wants to grab coffee or lunch and just go from there. You never know what it could lead to.
    4. S** will happen - don't doubt it.
    5. ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Just because you don't complete something doesn't mean you don't accomplish something. Meaning where you stopped may just be where you need to be. Doesn't matter what others think or what some certificate says (unless it's needed for a particular job requirement). The process and experience is sometimes more important then a piece of paper. But if this is still your goal, then figure out what your passion is and go for it.

    If you're really experiencing fear, you may want to talk with a therapist because it sounds like you may have anxiety or an OCD that may need specific treatment. And sometimes that can really prevent someone from getting out there and living life.

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