I have secret lives

At school I'm just a nice girl with good fashion and good hair/make up and very very social. But online I'm an anime lover, HUGE GAMER, role player, computer nerd. (But still a nice person!)

It's like I'm Hannah Montana but not a s***. I love it! Two separate lives rule. :) And no one better get between them.

Although, it would be nice to meet someone like me. Then our worlds could mix.

PS I hate Hannah Montana. Hope that show goes off the air soon.

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  • Duuude, you sound just like me, except I don't hide my nerdy side. I'm a 16 year old girl, and a serious gamer. All my friends are guys, because I hate girls. I love gaming. A lot. I also love Anime, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, anything computer-related, I love it. FORGET WHAT PEOPLE THINK. You have no idea how many guys love hot gamer girls. Embrace it.


  • I am not a nerd infact I am just the "cheerleader" type of girl but I find geeks SO HOT.But I think stay the girl you are at school.There was this friend of mine ,hot jock and he f***** nearly everyone but then we found out that he was into knitting and cooking and stuff so everybody freaked out and now he is a nobody.

  • I'm pretty much like you, just that some of my friends know about my anime and MMORPGs addiction. I've had a girlfriend and i've kissed girls, but i still love anime and computers. Nerds rock!!

  • Being a computer geek makes you cool in the real world. You'll make a ton of more money if you get really into it and start getting into programming. Then you can laugh in everyone face.

  • ^You not girl! You dirty elder wanting dirty thing!

  • Are you an elder?

  • dont be shy of whom you are. my brother is in his late 30 and hasnt found a girl who likes games. my bro is a comptuer nerd. so dont worry about it. someone will love you for you.

  • hahah shuddup troll ;D

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