Why is it so hard to find a nice boy

You know that's all I f****** want is a nice boy. A nice boy to be like "you know what, you're beautiful and smart and nice and I really love you." But no I get all of these grimy ass guys just trying to hook up. Isn't it obvious that I'm just not into that? I've told you a million times before. Whatever. I'm just so mad at men right now. Because I actually thought I might like you, or develop feelings for you. But no all you want from me is s**. AND SORRY YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANYTHING SEXUAL FROM ME LIKE WTF DO YOU WANT. What does it take. f*** everything, I hate everyone. Except for my lovely f****** guy friends. Why can't all boys be as nice as my boys..
I don't know. Basically I'm just really sad and feel like I'll never be good enough for anyone. But you can't think that way. stop texting me about masturbating like that's your personal time I don't care stop stop stop. ): I'm too much of a nice girl for this. Why can't I be more of a bad girl. I'm just so scared of things like that. Doing dirty things FUUUH LIBERATED TURNED OFF OFFICIALLY

Jul 18, 2012

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  • You're a bad girl who thinks that she's a nice girl, that's obvious. You have mixed feelings. You want a nice guy but you're attracted to bad guys. That's the problem. If bad is how you act, which guys pick up on then bad is what you get. To me your language isn't very lady like. You want a good guy then be a good girl and that means changing how you act and how you speak.

  • Be with one of your nice guy friends, its not that hard of a problem to solve, good luck.

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