Am I gay?

I just wanted to say that I think I am in love with A boy. It all started when I was a sophomore and he was a freshman in high school. Every time that guy saw me he would stare at me and he still does. I followed the game thinking that he likes me. I think we like each other but we don't dare to talk.He still looks at me like if it was the first time but I try to avoid him just to take him out of my head. I put my head down becauz I know tht if i look at him I will stare. As i said before I think we really like each other and that we are just afraid of what people would think of us.

please, give me some advice or tell me what you think about my story

Sep 16, 2010

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  • Just because you stare at a guy doesn't make you gay. Do you stare or fantasize about other guys too? If you do, then most likely you're gay. If it's just this one could just be curious. Do you know this guys name? Hang out in the same circle? Do you know any of his friends that maybe you could all go to a movie or a party together..get a feel for him. Well you're not out yet...obviously, and he may not be I guess try to get to know him..see if a vibe is there. Or I guess you could be really bold and ask him out, you don't need to walk down the hallways holding hands with him if either of you aren't comfortable with that. Just be safe and know put a wrapper on it (should it get that far)

  • Magpakipot ka muna tpos sbihin mo ung totoo...

  • what is that?

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