You always

You always stare and talk to other girls.. Do you love me or not?... Because.. You should know that I will love you and care for you..

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  • Don't compare her to others. be happy for them and yourself

  • All you people kill me, telling her to dump the j*** and s***. I laugh my ass off. She aint dumping him, no more than any other woman is willing to dump her own j***. If he's good looking or a bad boy, then women will put up with all kinds of crap just to keep their man. And if he's not good looking or not a bad boy then he wouldn't treat her this way, instead she'd be treating him like s*** and looking to move up herself. So get used to it lady, you wanted a bad boy and now you got one.

  • You must have very low self esteem if you are with someone like him. I bet he's not just talking to and looking at other girls, either! To do it right in front of you is disrespectful and very degrading. He doesn't think very highly of you to treat you in this manner. Your love is not reciprocated; that's obvious. You are a fool if you stay with this player who has zero respect for you. If you like to feel pain and agony and sadness, then by all means, stay with this man who will NOT committ to you.

  • If u made sure his c*** was very weak he wouldnt look giv his c*** intensive care

  • Do the same to him as he does to you. If he questions you just say well no harm in looking for I need to replace you some day. You look so what's the harm.

  • He's a w**** monger. Get used to it. It's only going to get worse. For you.

  • What is the nature of your relationship with this man? Is he your husband? Your fiance? How do you treat him? He may have a reason to have a roving eye and you may or may not be the reason. I used to date a woman and the relationship was going nowhere. She mentioned me looking at other women from time to time which I resented because we weren't engaged or going steady so why shouldn't I be looking.

    Unless your married or engaged to this man you better get used to him giving other women the eye.

  • Dump the j***. He's looking to trade up. He doesn't care about you. And he certainly won't care for you.

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