I feel something..

I like this boy in my school, he's a grade older but we've never talked. we've had small talk before but that's it. I feel like he likes me too because he gives me signs like i do to him. he stares at me, and all those other things. He told his friends about me and every time i see his friends, they stare at me. his friends are everywhere i go. Sometimes, when i pass by him, his friends start screaming his name and nudging and smiling at him. he smiles so i just give him a little smirk. I talk about him a lot, and his friend over heard me and started smirking at me. He knows where all my classes are. one time, he waited in front of my class before the bell rang and when i came up, he smiled and started talking to his friend. I think everyone in his grade knows because they all stare at me, or give me a little smile. he passes by my locker everyday on his way to class and and we end up seeing each other in the halls at the same time during class. he also walks by my classes a lot. i don't now what to do.. do you think he likes me back?

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  • So if you really want to know is this boy likes you. bit the bull in the **(otherwise) Tell him you like him when your alone. ask him to the closes dance you have or maybe just to the movies. girls can ask the guy out too.

  • I agree with the first comment. Stop the signal stuff and just ask him if he likes you. Or heck, tell him that you like him.

  • yay more high school stuff... look talk to him don't "send signals" he may get confused signals so yeah... sorry if i'm not enthusiastic about this i'm not the biggest fan of high school drama and "i love him... now i hate him cause he isn't rich" *swoon*

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