My Girlfriend cheated on me (and lied)

My girlfriend of over 2 years broke up with me because she said I didn't love her enough... We live together and I thought we were both happy - we had talked about marriage. I suspected my girlfriend was interested in this guy she had been carpooling with. She assured me they were just friends and that he was "gay". I caught her spending time at his house when she said she was somewhere else. I caught her sleeping over when she said she was somewhere else. She swore on her relatives graves that they were "just friends". I believed her and thought of how I could be a better boyfriend for her because I want her back - I still love her. I finally had enough and got her to admit it. She started out by saying they kissed. Then she admitted they had s**. I honestly believe she would have never told me, if I didn't threaten to tell her mother if she didn't confess. I promised her I wouldn't tell everyone, so that she wouldn't lose all of her friends. She did the worst thing she could do, and I am being nice enough to let her keep our mutual friends. Do I need to put my foot down and toss her to the curb? Should I confront this guy who lives down the street?

Dec 6, 2010

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  • MY girlfriend has cheated on me as well...i know how you feel it basically tells you how it is . I havent broke up with her what you think is best that s*** cuts put with that person and they uses it why but I her why wish I really. Idk good luck.

  • Im sorry man, that sucks.

    but..., she will always live with knowing what she did.

    You can have the satisfaction of being the better man, a difficult choice now, but one which will pay dividends later in life.

    Be strong, do what you will be proud of... Its a s***** situation.

    sorry again, and gl.

  • Shout it from the rooftops what a huge w**** she is!

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