I can not help myself

Got caught crossdressing so embarrassed but so excited at the same time .keep trying to get caught again

Oct 17, 2015

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  • I told my GF yhatvi liked to wear panties,
    She got me a red Pantie with 3 rows of red ruffles across the back. Amd the next day we went shopping for my first pink teddy.
    Years later and She l married her, my life is wonderful and she is the best wife that i could ever hope for. It seems men have a problem with crossdressers. Women like them and like them, why because we understand them and they like that part. And as a crossdresser we do mot cheat on them, were at home with them dressed as as i like and my wife helos me with getting anything i want or need. Body shaper or a dress even.
    Andost mem will not know how to figure this our si they like to put us down. But you can't we are here to stay and enjoy our lives!!!
    If you dress up do mot feel bad enjoy!!!!!!!!!

  • I got caught by my brother and as I was married with kids he instantly said "silence costs s***" he subjected me to six hours of being used by him and three of his friends in every way imaginable I was eventually dropped off back at my home my a*** was still gaping wide and my face was covered in c** I could go into way more detail but it put me off wanting any form of sexual contact with men but I still cross-dress as I love the way it makes me feel the real p*** take is that several years later my wife who has always known told all of our children about my dressing and not one of them cares.
    I still to this day have not spoken to my brother but true to his word he never told anyone about me.

  • Yawn.

    Done to death topic. Try harder, OP.

  • Go to a distant town. rent a hotel get dressed go out. No harm no fowl have fun!

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