A little help? ?

Okay, so I'm in hospital being treated for a brain tumour - thankfully, I'll be okay after this treatment... BUT, my friend in there won't leave hospital again, as she has 3 months or less to live and is too sick to leave bed.

Can you help make her happy?

I'd love it if you could take a photo of a piece of paper "Sky, welcome from (location)" with a nice view/sky line/famous monument in the background!

You can host a photo on any generic hosting sites and post the link on here! (:

Thankyou ???



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  • Does ur illness efect ur ability to get erections

  • Affect

  • You are a beautiful person and a special friend. I can't do the picture thing, but

    Good luck, sky, i wish that I could meet you. You must be a truly special girl.
    Sky, welcome from kentucky'

  • God, you are stupid! People who actually care about their friends do not solicit a confession site, which is obviously stuffed to the rafters with incels and other losers, on a friend's behalf. For ANYTHING. You had your emotions and mind played with, not for the first or the last time I'm sure.

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