Sweet revenge

So when i was 21 i dated a 19 year old chick who ended up cheating on me with this old dude she worked with, and by old i mean this guy was like 50. So obviously we broke up and i run into this s*** last year at a bar, she starts telling me how horrible her life is how she hates her husband(not the old dude)blah blah blah, so i figure well if anything i can use her for some hate f****** so we exchange numbers. So we talk a couple of times and i can tell shes down for some cheating (suprise suprise) well she calls me a sat night not long ago crying saying she really needs to talk so we meet in the parking lot of a local grocery store, she gets in my car and starts going on about her sad life and all that s*** that i couldnt care less about so im like f*** it i start rubbing her legs and run my hand up her shirt, she doesnt stop me just keeps on blabbing.

At this point im hard as h*** and i say f*** it who cares i unbutton her jeans and start playing with her p**** then i pull out my d*** and put her hand on it while she goes on and on finally since she wont shut up i figure the only way to stop her is to stick my d*** in her mouth. I pull over to a dark secluded part of the lot and convince her to go down on me which i know she hates doing. So as she is blowing me i notice her phone laying on top of her purse. I grab it and becuse her husband had already called her like 4 times all i had to do was hit talk i waited a few seconds till he picked up then i started talking very loud saying things like oh yeah suck it, spit on that c*** and what do you think your husband would do if he knew your were sucking another guys d*** right now. I quickly hit end cause im bout to c** i pull my d*** out of her mouth and shoot a good 5 squirt load all over her black t shirt, she went ape s*** starts yelling that now she has to sneak in so her husband doesnt see.

Needless to say she calls me like a half hour later going crazy about how her phone pocket dialed her husband while we were "together" lol i told her not my problem and hung up laughing.

Oct 16, 2010

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  • what a really sweet story with such a happy ending'im going to print this a read it when ever i need to smile

  • Perfect the husband is probably p***** lol. smoke a blunt and relax and call her up laughing again.

  • nice one

  • fake as f***

  • well if its that fake y would u read it, cuz u have nuttin better 2 do, go smoke a joint an get laid.. ...juggalo

  • Bravo!!! Is this real?

  • obviously not real - but i really hope it is

    YOU F****** LAD!!! :D

  • Ha sounds like the w**** got what she deserved.

  • The fact is, you broke a home that wasn't yours. Makes you f***** scum-bag, no matter what. My advice: Think before you act.

  • It isn't real! I mean you know it, I know it, we all know it isn't real!

  • C*** SMOKING!

  • LMAO Such a revenge fantasy bullshit post! That old man's b**** are slapping against your ex even as we speak!

  • Lol, damn. Nice one. Well, you reap what you sow.

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