I'm a bad mother

I am a 38 year old woman. My husband dies 12 years ago & I have one child a son. He is 18. I have a very good shape for my age because I work for my parents. They own a string of gyms. I am always leading Yoga classes and teaching people how to use machines etc.
Last Friday night I was home alone. I had a bad sexual urge so I went to my bed room and started to m*********. I was totally nude. After a while I heard my son come home. I still didn't dress or cover up. I just slowly played with myself.
As I heard him come closer to my room I just shut my eyes and layed there. He opened the door to my room. I didn't want to panic him so I just kept laying there like I was asleep. He came into my room and I could suddenly feel him playing with my breast. then I could feel a kiss on my nipple followed by some light sucking. It actually was turning me on. Then I could feel him playing with my p****. Then he kissed me there to. After some light fingering he got on the bed and pulled his pants down. I couldn't believe that I wasn't stoping him but I didn't. He gentally opened my legs. And then he slid his c*** into me. I tried to keep acting like I was asleep. But after a couple of minutes I kissed him. Not like a son but like a lover. He started to panic and pull out. So I told him not to pull out and to finish what he started. And God did he ever finish what he started. I haven't c** so much in all of the years since his father died. When he was done and rolled over I got down on him and as soon as he was hard I rode him Cow Girl style. It was such a wonderful night of s**. And I loved the way that he took control of me. In the morning he started with me. He had me get down on him and then he put me on my back then put my legs over his shoulders and banged me for about an hour strait.
now we only have to hide what we are doing from ecvery one.


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  • No, not a bad mother, just a normal woman who has a need for adult pleasure, and giving your son what he too needs,

  • Wow you sexy woman, do you do Dad's as well. I'd love to f*** you

  • My first thought is now you have a way to get him to clean the gutters! lol

    No really, 38 and Yoga... wow! One could only surmize the posistions you could wrap him up in!!!

    When My mom and I had s**, I was living at home, broke and in college, and I also caught my mom masturbating. I walked in on her, and startled her, then knelt and started doing Oral on her... She resisted at first, but soon realized that other than her vibrator, she had not been penitrated since she was 14. Also, the other difference here is, she had devoted her life to raising me since she had me at 14, and never had been with another man. So I figured, me, 19... Mom, 33, slender and really cute, why not.

    That was 7 years ago. We still have s**, I am still single and mom works out to keep me interested... but I do have my own place, but visit every weekend and we also take vacations together to real romantic places; plus, with the same last name, people think we are married... What a gas! Don't beat yourself up, it happens.

  • It's fiction , you Pervert

  • 100%

  • omggggg this is disgustinggg!!!! All you people are sick who think incest is okay and healthy and natural. You all need therapy!

  • Incest is best... fun for the whole family! The family that lays together stays together! lol I guess you never tried it. Use birth control... no one wants an inbreed, flipper kid!

  • If you have nice legs, try wearing nothing but some silky feeling, shiny pantyhose with the crocth cut out & some sexy high heels for him. He'll really f*** you good then; just like I would!!!

  • If I had a sexy mom, I would have tried to make love to her. All I can say is that I wish I were in your son's shoes. A thing like this can be good or bad. It all depends on how you treat it I guess.

  • My 22 year old son has been doing me since he was 17. At least once a month.

  • My 19 yr old has been f****** me since he was 15 best iv e ever had

  • I think her son did her a special deed releaving her tensions with multiple o****** thats called pure family love at its best

  • i have nothing to say to that besides the fact your fuekd in the head. find sum1 else that DIDNT COME OUT OF YOU once apon a time. id rather be a prostitue then EVER lay a hand on my children.... who the f** noes if this is even real!!!

  • so you'd rather run the risk of getting beaten, raped, or catching an std from some scumbag rather than just banging someone that's related to you?

    lol kk

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