Feeling guilty about sleeping on the same bed with y friend...

I feel so guilty, I'm a girl, I slept in the same bed as my male friend, he offered me to spend the night at his house because I had to leave the house I was living in and had nowhere else to go that night. I'm a christian and I'm very conservative, I don't know why I agreed to sleep on the same bed as him. While we were sleeping he kept hugging me and petting me and I wasn't comfortable, but I didn't tell him to stop because I thought I "owed" him somehting for letting me spend the night. In the morning when I woke up he kissed me, just a quick peck, I got sort of mad at him and felt like a w****.

The only person I had ever kissed was my ex boyfriend, I feel so guilty now :'(

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  • Not a big deal. I slept on my good female friend's couch several times, with her wrapped up in my arms (my hands sometimes on her bare tummy), and nothing ever happened. She is hot, beautiful, and desirable, but, we're long-time friends, and can do these things without the sexual overtone.

  • you are a w**** now and you can never change that.a filthy dirty w****

  • That enumerated response is decidedly

    A) neurotic
    B) silly
    C) egocentric
    D) obtuse
    E) female

  • Hmmm...let me see if I can clear up some misconceptions you may have:
    A) NO! you do not "owe" him for allowing you to crash at his place; your friendship alone ought to suffice.

    B) Letting him do ANYTHING to/with you without your full consent was a mistake; it should have been stopped immediately. However, the greater sin in this still lies with him for not having respected your body, space, and privacy--not to mention your personal ideation and moral standards. He should be held accountable for his own role and behavior; DON'T allow yourself to take on more of the burden in this than you deserve, and therefore to be victimized twice.

    C) He gave you a peck in the morning because, well, he's a guy, and guys are naturally capitalistic when it comes to s**/sexual interaction; and, because you failed to haul off and belt him for his earlier transgressions, allowing the whole thing to escalate to a point beyond where it should have stopped.

    D) In the end, these things happen if you fail to set tough standards and stand your ground. That said, this is perhaps a good learning experience for you; sadly, we almost always learn best from our mistakes than from our successes in life.

    E) Finally, re: your friend: try to forgive him, but DON'T allow yourself to fall into the same trap again. Set good boundaries and make it clear to him what you expect from him and your friendship going forward. However, in his defense, if I were to venture a guess I'd say he probably was NOT trying to be creepy, controlling, or "put one past you." It's very likely that he has a simple crush on you, and if you cannot reciprocate it then so-be-it, but I wouldn't steer clear of him; doing so would probably just needlessly hurt his feelings, damaging what might still prove to be a wonderful and worthwhile friendship.

    Oh, and I'm a guy, by the way... :)

  • Fooled me! The way you bang on and on I would of thought you were a woman!!

  • That was actually a really good response, so stop picking at this guy. I don't see anyone else giving actual advice.

  • I considered my self a good catholic girl,went to mass every sunday,up untill i was 15.I finially made my First Holy Communion then at 15 with the class of 7 year olds.I wore the poofy communion dress and veil with the white tights and white patent leather shoes and the white undershirt with the cloth diaper and plastic pants under my tights.After my party,my boyfriend,who was 16,took me to his house,as his parents were out of town,and after a while of kissing and hugging,he some how got my communion dress off of me and wanted me to give him oral s**.I got on my knees and gave it to him! I still dont know why i did it and still have feelings of guilt!

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