Night with my sister and girlfriend

One night me and my girlfriend and my sister was in the back yard drinking . My sister came up with the idea to go skinny dipping in the next door neighbor pool . We was swimming around the pool . My girlfriend came up to me she kissed me thin she wispered in my ear that my sister look lonely . She kissed me again and said it would be so hot if he brother wood kiss her . So I thought about it and decided if my girlfriend was h**** it would be a better night . So I moved to my and gave her a kiss on the lips . She shoved her tong in my mouth . Thin I feel her hand on my d*** . She was lining it up with her pussycat . Thin I felt the worm tight pussycat of my sister holding me tight . She put her legs around my and we f****** . My girlfriend came up to us and ask r u to doing it my sister replied with a loud Mone . My girlfriend said that's so sexy thin she kissed me thin started sucking my sister b**** . We change position several times all was me and sister together . We finished with my sister setting on me on the deck next to the pool I told my sister I was about to c** . My sister stopped riding and leaned in and gave me a kiss . Thin my girlfriend said to my sister take him all the way . My sister smiled and start moving again will laying down on me I was looking deep in my sister eyes as l pumped my sister full of c** . I held her tight as we as we finish . I didn't wont it to ever end . A few minutes late I could feel my girlfriend rubbing my b**** and I was getting hard again we wint 3 more times that night .

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  • My sister and I both got the hots for the same girl. Without either knowing about the other we both started dating her. I thought my girlfriend befriended my sister as cover to spend more time with me. I found out later that my sister thought she was dating me as cover for spending so much time with her.

    We were both under her spell and she got us to share her and mess around for her amusement. It took some time but she eventually broke up with us both. By that time we didn't need her. Not long after that we both got into normal, healthier relationships and moved on from each other. I still blame our shared ex-girlfriend.

  • Shut theFUCHUP,incest lover you and your fake sister never did anything.

  • Not an incest lover. P*** happens, you learn from it and move on. We did. If we could go back and prevent it, we would have. Now I'm over protective helicopter parent. I don't trust anyone

  • FUCKyouSICKfuckBULLshit First you didn't have incest and second you love to post about it. I know you are in the states so here is some more info for you April 2019 Alabama singed into law
    The new law requires people who were convicted of certain s** offenses, including rape, sodomy or incest, to receive chemical castration as a term of parole. They now join Florida, Louisiana and Wisconsin and California who mandate chemical castration for incest relationships.

  • Incest propagandist at it again

  • I think you know where I'm gonna tell you to stand at now! Thats right the train tracks. There I said it different. You like it any better fruitcake.

  • More bullshit ! If you are going to write bollocks like this at least learn how to f****** spell !

  • U kiss your mom with that mouth probably just your dad

  • At least we have a mom and dad to hug. You survived the abortion! They found you on the floor with a coat hanger stuck in you and felt pity on you.

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