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Ok i guess ill start this off that im 20 with two kids and married ive recently found one of my old friends or should i say he found me i had my kids very young and i havent gatten to do very much as a "teenager' not to say i regret it i dont but im questioning staying with my husband i honestly dont know if it is even worth figting anymore i love him but im not in love with him im in love with the friend that recently found me ive known him a really long time and cared about him way back in the day but hes a bit older than me now we both have kids and the sad thing is me and him might be having one together everyone kinda knows but im just split on what i should do and i just hope that venting this out a little bit and reading it on here will help me to realize i might not be making the best choices right now

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  • I'm going to swim against the stream here and suggest this is something you might want to pursue. If your marriage is dead, it's dead. Only you can decide that. Good luck!

  • W****!

  • if you think that bothers me it doesnt we were seperated and he knows about it as matter of fact he was in the next room so how does that make me a w****? i guess you can think what you want but i love this guy and ive known him for 3 years more then my husband were not fighting as much as he knows about this guy he stayed at my house WITH my husband so i guess you can say whatever i love this man and will never walk away from him

  • And i would also like to add that whenever im not with him i just wanna sleep and do nothing I come alive when im around him i truly love him and always will no matter who im with ive never been this happy in my life and im not about ready to lose him over what "society" which as mostly christians say is right by no way shape or form am i religous thats my choice not yours

  • The saying "I love, but I'm not in love" is bullshit. You are or aren't, you do or don't love him. Just like the person you're married to, thats how it works. If you want the moral upright (by the standards of our current society.) Christian answer it is to stay with your husband and never see this person again. If you want the thrill seeker answer it is to have a fling. If you want the completely selfish answer, it is to leave your husband for this guy. Anything anyone else says after this will be the equivalent of one of those answers. Now you have your choices, have fun!

  • I love my husband for the time we have shared but i dont love what weve become and its selfish for me to stay in a relationship that im not happy in its not fair for me to pretend when im always thinking about the other guy

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