Stomach Fetish

I love to listen to peoples belly gurgle and what not. I go on youtube a listen to peoples stomachs digest. Is this weird? Can somone with the same fetish talk to me? I love to talk to people about stomachs and bellys. Im a teenage guy and i just love the sounds the stomach makes.

Oct 13, 2010

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  • Im a 19 year old guy with massive bellybutton fetish. I like playing with the bellybutton and particularly play wrestling and finishing sat full weight on girls stomach. Any girl interested send me your email

  • What

  • I'm a guy who has a stomach fetish. I always find listening to a female stomach comforting. I find the sounds as an asmr which is soothing. I don't find it weird at all that's coming from someone who has the same fetish. People only live once, be happy and don't think of what people think of you!

  • I like belly punching and i am from Mumbai, India

  • Snapchat fvirtualfiesta
    Instagram tom_ummy male

  • Fvirtualfiesta instagram male

  • I've always had this weird fantasy of having a toy or object like a bat or pole pushed into my belly which is connected to reins and I have to pull my master around and the only way to do that would be through the pressure of the object in my stomach and every so often he'd yank h****** the reins pulling the full length of the object into me causing extreme belly pain omg I'd grunt so loud and get so wet from the pain and humiliation and then he'd very deeply rub my hurting belly but occasionally pushing as hard as he can because a belly slave should never be too comfortable or forget her place

  • email me here

  • I love when my belly is punched, pressed deeply, pumped like cpr, sat or stood on, squeezed and tortured I also enjoy stomach s** where he either has s** with my belly or has s** with me while hurting my belly I'm a female who wants a man to make me his belly slave and use my stomach for his pleasures

  • Id like to

  • Heres my email

  • Whats your email? I would enjoy salivating at your delicous belly/body, i really want to see you belly dance for me

  • If u are indian i can help u

  • Yes please be my belly slave I want to torture your belly so hard, what’s your email?

  • I love squashing and bellysitting, contact me @

  • My bf loves that doing that to me, see how deep he can go and stuff

  • Napíšte na môj bellybutton deep play finger.

  • Mail me am indian boy

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  • Me



  • Even when I'm hurting and on my knees holding my stomach in pain and exhausted I'd beg him to stop but I just really want him to grab me by the throat roughly making me look up at him and say you're done when I say your done then beat my belly as punishment


  • Lol im a guy and i can say i just enjoy the noises and i lowkey would like a female tummy to listen to

  • I'm a 14 year old girl it doesn't turn me on to say but, it defiantly gets me going I can't listen to other people's but mine I like

  • Ive got the same kinda feeling for that as well. My snap is giogio_bizarre if you want to add me!

  • I have the same exact fetish. Email me.

  • Any one like to see skinny belly reply me

  • I would

  • Are you a girl

  • No fat guy

  • I'm so happy to know there are many of us who share the same fetish, so I would like to share mine. I just love almost everything about male stomaches (i'm a girl), i like to see them stuffing and getting a nice full round belly, playing with theirs or other navels, getting puched, massaged, force fed and mostly theirs stomach growling of hunger, that just drive me crazy! My top fantasie would be lie down on my bf belly and them all of the sudden his belly starts to grow and then he refuses to get food and I have to convice him to eat something while I listen his stomach growl, and when he decides to finally eat he eat lots of food and besides get inflated, he gets a stomachache, and then I have to rub his belly while he moans in pain until he sleep.
    What are your fetishes about? What do you guys do to satisty them? talk about it? watch videos? read about it?

  • I m intrested message me at

  • I’m a guy who has a huge stomach fetish and I would like to chat with you since you are a girl. Email me jqlife5@gmail

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  • I have a girl friend who is around 23 years old. She is slim but has gained a little fat around her stomach. Now it's my fantasy to see her girl stomach being punched by a man of aged 40 years and above.. send me ur mail id

  • If u are Indian than reply

  • Hello I have a gf of age 25 with soft belly. I like to touch her belly but it's my fantasy to see when it's poked by others

  • Id like to poke her belly, email me at

  • Where do you stay

  • I'm a 25 year old guy who finds women stomach's attractive. Yes, i love listening to a female stomach i surely find it comforting and plus it could help females not be ashamed of their stomach! My instagram is lusus_ naturae22 if you would like to chat!

  • Hi there, I'm a gay 50-year-old guy in Michigan who loves male stomachs -- especially rubbing, kissing and punching them. I prefer guys who are on the leaner side or skinny. Not really into overweight chaps. I would like to meet up with someone in this area or the Midwest who may be interested in exploring this with me. My email address is

  • I'm pretty lanky n skinny, n my navel is kinda shallow but it LOVES attention! I'm a dude btw, and I'll happily pleasure that sexy bellyhole of yours as well.

  • I'm 18 and a male and it's a dream of mine to play a deep innie navel of a girl. And i always watch vids of girls moaning when their navels are played.

  • Hi! I'm from Karachi.
    Text me your WhatsApp number

  • I m also from karachi

  • Hi. Can you email me at I'll send you the details.


  • I emailed you.

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  • Any indian girls who have belly fetish here ?

  • Any girls in delhi ncr who like being squashed. Chest sitting , back sitting, stomach sitting and also pony rides <3. Replyy

  • Can you sit a male on your stomach

  • Follow my Instagram bellygurgle_lover I’m a girl. Belly gurgles are a huge turn on. I also role play

  • Cuckold matured husband here chubby need teenaged boys for stomping tummy
    Fat matured cuckold husband need belly punch trample by boys from india

  • Omg, I thought I was the only one! You know what? I would LOVE if we could talk about stomach growls sometime!

  • I would love to find a lady from 21 to 75 who would enjoy sitting on me for extended amounts of time so we could both enjoy our respective positions, her comfortably sitting on my stomach so I would be pinned and immobilized, me just laying there supporting her. Had a girl friend years ago who would sit on me every chance she got, but that was along time ago and I miss being sat on regularly. Near Los Angeles

  • Lmao, I am a teenage boy who watches way too much anime and somehow now have a stomach fetish because of of the first anime girls I saw and fell in love, at first sight, had her stomach exposed, and now I am literally attracted to any girl with her stomach exposed. Anyone Like me out there?

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