Stomach Fetish

I love to listen to peoples belly gurgle and what not. I go on youtube a listen to peoples stomachs digest. Is this weird? Can somone with the same fetish talk to me? I love to talk to people about stomachs and bellys. Im a teenage guy and i just love the sounds the stomach makes.



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  • Any one like to see skinny belly reply me

  • Are you a girl

  • I'm so happy to know there are many of us who share the same fetish, so I would like to share mine. I just love almost everything about male stomaches (i'm a girl), i like to see them stuffing and getting a nice full round belly, playing with theirs or other navels, getting puched, massaged, force fed and mostly theirs stomach growling of hunger, that just drive me crazy! My top fantasie would be lie down on my bf belly and them all of the sudden his belly starts to grow and then he refuses to get food and I have to convice him to eat something while I listen his stomach growl, and when he decides to finally eat he eat lots of food and besides get inflated, he gets a stomachache, and then I have to rub his belly while he moans in pain until he sleep.
    What are your fetishes about? What do you guys do to satisty them? talk about it? watch videos? read about it?

  • I m intrested message me at

  • I’m a guy who has a huge stomach fetish and I would like to chat with you since you are a girl. Email me jqlife5@gmail

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  • I have a girl friend who is around 23 years old. She is slim but has gained a little fat around her stomach. Now it's my fantasy to see her girl stomach being punched by a man of aged 40 years and above.. send me ur mail id

  • If u are Indian than reply

  • Hello I have a gf of age 25 with soft belly. I like to touch her belly but it's my fantasy to see when it's poked by others

  • Id like to poke her belly, email me at

  • Where do you stay

  • I'm a 25 year old guy who finds women stomach's attractive. Yes, i love listening to a female stomach i surely find it comforting and plus it could help females not be ashamed of their stomach! My instagram is lusus_ naturae22 if you would like to chat!

  • Hi there, I'm a gay 50-year-old guy in Michigan who loves male stomachs -- especially rubbing, kissing and punching them. I prefer guys who are on the leaner side or skinny. Not really into overweight chaps. I would like to meet up with someone in this area or the Midwest who may be interested in exploring this with me. My email address is

  • I'm pretty lanky n skinny, n my navel is kinda shallow but it LOVES attention! I'm a dude btw, and I'll happily pleasure that sexy bellyhole of yours as well.

  • I'm 18 and a male and it's a dream of mine to play a deep innie navel of a girl. And i always watch vids of girls moaning when their navels are played.

  • Hi! I'm from Karachi.
    Text me your WhatsApp number

  • I m also from karachi

  • Hi. Can you email me at I'll send you the details.


  • I emailed you.

  • Https://

  • Any indian girls who have belly fetish here ?

  • Any girls in delhi ncr who like being squashed. Chest sitting , back sitting, stomach sitting and also pony rides <3. Replyy

  • Can you sit a male on your stomach

  • Follow my Instagram bellygurgle_lover I’m a girl. Belly gurgles are a huge turn on. I also role play

  • Cuckold matured husband here chubby need teenaged boys for stomping tummy
    Fat matured cuckold husband need belly punch trample by boys from india

  • Omg, I thought I was the only one! You know what? I would LOVE if we could talk about stomach growls sometime!

  • I would love to find a lady from 21 to 75 who would enjoy sitting on me for extended amounts of time so we could both enjoy our respective positions, her comfortably sitting on my stomach so I would be pinned and immobilized, me just laying there supporting her. Had a girl friend years ago who would sit on me every chance she got, but that was along time ago and I miss being sat on regularly. Near Los Angeles

  • Lmao, I am a teenage boy who watches way too much anime and somehow now have a stomach fetish because of of the first anime girls I saw and fell in love, at first sight, had her stomach exposed, and now I am literally attracted to any girl with her stomach exposed. Anyone Like me out there?

  • Any young teen girls anywhere from here in Texas with muscles
    that can punch guys real hard in the stomach,and pounce on it
    pretty hard several times while in sit position? that's my one
    big fetish! I'm make and from and still in that state!

  • I always wonder what it would feel like to c**e on a young
    15 or 16 year olds girl's belly with abs,and to rub your "thing"
    on her well defined and hardened rocks while doing so! anyone else?

  • What do you guys to do satisfy your fetish? i like to see videos on youtube, or pornhub, what do you recommend?

  • If any Indian other countries girl want marry with stomach fetish boy so please email me because am I can't leave my fantasy am totally for this if any girl bear my weight in her stomach so please email me

  • Hi♥♥.....This is Doni
    waiting for your reply. ..Love

  • ????

  • Https://

    Great clip

  • Https://

  • I wish I could find someone who would give me my first belly fetish experience I'm female and I'm the receiver I've had so many fantasies of a man using my belly for his pleasure however he wanted but i didn't know if I actually wanted to try it or if it would remain in fantasy

  • What is your fetish?
    Are you a feeder?

  • I love belly fetish! I will do everything u want with your belly

  • Hey I will love to give u your first belly experience! I’m from Costa Rica and in love belly fetish

  • I will

  • We can have conversation ,even I want to do some girl what are you asking for, if interested contact me on

  • OK email me

  • I’m the same guy from the post below me and here my belly fantasy. Hopefully I’m not alone on this one but I absolutely love having my p**** making direct contact with and flat belly. Like I love for her to lay down on the bed with her belly exposed while wearing an open button up shirt revealing her black bra as I climb on top and lay my d*** down along her soft, warm, smooth flat belly and my shaved b**** laying on her bellybutton. Then I would hump it until I climax and feel my d*** c****** all over her stomach. And as I get up, I see a huge pool of nut on her belly and watches some of it roll down to the side of her curvy hips and down into her belly button while I’ll rub the tip of my d*** in the slippery c**. Yeah I’m weird so what.

  • I’m a guy and I’ve been obsessed with flat female bellies since I was a small child. I saw a woman on tv wearing Black bra n panties in a love scene and I’ve been crazy about flat stomachs ever since

  • OMG we’re a match made in heaven

  • Have you decided? :P

  • Where from you are?

  • Do you have instagram? message me at efooks1

  • OK am email me please always note down your country

  • Hey I have fantasies of using girls belly for my pleasure, if your intrested in trying mail me at

  • I have this fetish and happy to hear others do too! Is there anyone in Phx Arizona who wants their belly to be sat on? I’m a female.

  • Let me know if you get near Los Angeles. ";^)

  • Would you like to talk about it?

  • I had no idea others have this same feeling!! I just found out I like to sit on stomachs. Who knew! My husband is not interested. :(

  • So who do you sit on?

  • Do just sit still on stomachs or do you like grind against it?

  • Im 22 yr old female, i love when a guy has a little belly. I just wanna rub it lay on it and listen to it. Comment a way for me to get in touch with you if interested 😊

  • Contact me on

  • Hey, you can message indfit297 in instagram, I changed my username earlier. So yeah, feel free to get in touch with me, I'm 19 year old guy with abs.

    Love ..♥♥WWhatsApp?

  • Do you like to sit on them?

  • Much as you want.

  • put belly in subject

  • Hey, I’m 19 year old guy with abs
    You can message my Instagram abspunchguy22
    Let’s talk there

  • Waiting.
    you welcome♥♥

  • I have this fetish too. i love growls specially when it comes from hunger. wanna talk about it? i could send you my stomach growling vids too if you want. add me on snap, mine is mikeemannnn

    im 23 / m

  • Snap fiestavirtual male

  • Oh i have the same fetish! i love it when girl stomachs growl out of hunger!!! that really gets me going. if theres anyone who want to add me in snapchat, i could send my stomach growling vids too.
    my snap is mikeemannnn
    im 23/m

  • Im adding you

  • Wow

  • My snapchat is christiancole97 im 19 m

  • So now is paying guys too to take it and give it in the stomach. They are in Clearwater Florida.

  • Hey

  • I love the feeling of being sat on, and I wish a young girl could do it to me


  • Hi, anyone in calgary likes stomach punching,

  • Not into belly punching but definitely belly play and I’m kinda near your area

  • Msg me

  • I'm a girl from myanmar.
    Anyone who wanna sit on me, please leave a message

  • You welcome
    and WhatsApp too
    send your number I will add you♥♥

  • belly as the subject

  • Hey I’d love to sit on your belly
    If you have Instagram, contact me
    My account is abspunchguy22
    We can talk there

  • I want to sit on your belly..

  • Email me at

  • I would, are you a girl

  • Yes....

  • Ive never had s** :( my girlfriend doesnt want to before marriage. Ive always humped pillows by stacking them and riding them. One day she asked me to give her a massage. So i obliged i was sitting on her back so i could apply more pressure. Even though we were fully clothed i found my self getting turned on so i started grinding against her back but it didnt feel quite right So asked her to turn around and i think she new i was turned on. She turned over and i planted my self on her stomach and i started to dry hump her whilst sitting on her stomach even though we were fully clothed i ended up e********** within minutes. Ever since then any time we dry hump i always like to be on top

  • Is there anyone in the New York area willing to let me squeeze their sexy belly? I have a huge fetish for that kind of stuff. I can make sure your belly is in pain by squeezing the life out of it until you moan

  • Yes, email me at

  • How do you squeeze it?

  • I am a boy from India..up and I would love to sit on Indian girl's stomach...if any girl is there contact me...😍😍😍

  • Any girl who like belly noises ? My snapchat is bellylover98 and instagram is fenixdestruidora4

  • I’m a girl and my Instagram is gurl_bye101

  • I am a 22 yo guy from delhi, india. Interested in belly punching. I am interested in girls who have the same interest. I am a puncher & also a punchee. To contact me send me a mail at

  • Are you interested in a male to sit on your stomach. Contact me nine two seven eight eight four six seven six seven

  • Hii Indian women am for stomach sitting and punch if u want to see really so please write kisaan ka badla Rajkumar pal, mobile vs study not stomach sitting videos only funny video

  • If there are any women who would like to exchange belly sounds or photo's feel free to contact Im happy to exchange hunger, digestion and sloshing sounds (as best I can), and photo's of my belly, just ask for what you want.

  • If any guys wanna send me recordings of their stomachs making noises my email is

  • I'm a young skinny guy with a stomach sloshing fetish. My stomach is thin and flat and ever since I can remember all I want to do is make it slosh and gurgle. I can't stop doing like CPR on it when there's a little food or water inside me, the sloshing noises and the feeling inside my stomach is such a turn on. Anyone else do the same thing?

  • Would you let me punch and push around on your stomach

  • I love stomach sloshing. I'm a tall thin girl and my boyfriend often pumps my stomach and squeezes my intestines. Such a wonderful feeling. Don't see many you tube sites on people doing this.

  • Want to chat? Sc: christiancole97

  • I do the same. I can roll my stomach and make it slosh around. I can do a lot of stomach tricks.

  • Of a night I used to drink a heap of water, and then stand there and slosh it all to feel/hear it all moving. I've always had a decently round belly, but it was always so sloshy.

  • We r fat cuck sub Cpl need belly punch. Need boys who can do to cpl from india
    Plan we hubby first,50/38 ages

  • Is his belly soft and fat


  • I am looking for a skinny slave girl that will let me sit on their stomach, leave your email if interested

  • I have same

  • Contact me on

  • Yes I am from north Kolkata, I have same fetish too

  • I am in uk.. and my email is ,, looking for people in uk only, i am str8 lad with stomach fetish i am not gay.

  • I am 20 years old str8 boy, i love when people sit on my stomach, i have warm and very soft stomach to sit on, if u love sitting full weight on stomach for long time and watch movie then. Email me on
    I looking for older people only.50+

  • Hi, I am in Michigan, over 50 and would love to sit on your stomach.


  • Hi i am a 22 yo guy from india interested in girls who are interested in belly punching. I am both a puncher and a punchee.

  • If anyone interested in the above mail me to, i am from delhi, india.

  • Contact me on I will punch you

  • Any pakistani male here jo gentle ho aur meri chati pe bethay..

  • Yes I m

  • Apna contact no do

  • I m from Pakistan how can I contact u for sitting on URS cheast

  • Ma bethon ga

  • Why chati? Tumhe pet par baithani wali feeling pasand nahi?


  • Sure I do

  • Chati main Kya problem hai.. tumhain chati pe bethna pasand nai

  • Mujhe baithna aut baithana dono pasand hai but only males kyuki main khud ladki hu. Also mujhe pe bethana jyada pasand hai. Painful weight mere pet par mujhe bahut pasand hai

  • Indians contact me at my instagramsky111111q

  • Where u from

  • Email me

  • Where r from? I love women sitting and bouncing on my stomach

  • Mere purana boyfriend bethta tha pait pe.. aur bounce b krta tha.. per 15 20 mint baad mera saans band honay lgta tha.. chati pe pyar se bethta tha wo.. hurt nai tha krtaa

  • Mujhe baithaogi pet par main kolkata salt lake se hoon

  • Tum kolkata se Ho aur maivi muze tumhare pet par baitna hai. mere email ID Mai roj apne nakaroke pet par bait ta hu. jab Mai sofa pe baitha rahta hu to mera servant mera jute ka nichla hissa apne mu se saf karta hai.

  • Email me

  • Today i had the best time of my life. I always had this thing in me to have someone sitting on my stomach. My husband sometimes sit on me but he is scared that he would crush me as he is way more heavier than me but today he sat and bouced on my stomach guilt free with full weight. I licked his entire body. I kept 2 pillows underneat my back then he rode my stomach backward. Since i had 2 pillows under me and he was sitting high he really enjoyed doing it as if he was riding a horse. It was just too much fun.
    Next i wanna do is to lie down on a narrow table or something from which he could just hang his legs and ride my stomach, already too excited about the painful pleasure i will get. But i don't have such narrow table or sofa. Any suggestions please?

  • When he rode you did he c**. I often put a pillow under my wifes back and straddle her stomach and ride her to o*****

  • Hey can we chat about your stomach sitting experience, email me at

  • I am 19 year straight boy and my fetish is i like old males 54+ Or young female 20’s ..sitting on stomach. I mean I like having weight on my stomach, I am looking for someone to sit on my stomach, email me any1 over 50+ males or young females.

    I can take weight for long time all u have to do is sit on my stomach and watch Move on tv...

    Email me ( If yu are interested than XD

  • I am interested and my email is

  • Is there any good facesittin with belly punching

  • Yes I am

    Hi there!
    I am a 63 year old gay male in Ontario Canada. Are there any men out there who would like me to play with, lie on, and sit on your stomach?
    I like guys of any legal age, as long as they have a nice full head of hair. Email me at if interested. Cheers!

  • If there are any girls/women who have a fetish for pressing a guys flat stomach then let me know?I have a little abs showing and definitely have a flat stomach! Leave a comment with your email if you live around Nassau/Sulfolk county Long Island NY.

  • Some girl wants to crush my stomach very strong?

    Marid fatty from india

  • Try to make yours belly slim


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  • What is wrong with looking at a womans belly ,if she is showing it ,it is because she is proud of it ...............some have the softest .some have the shapliest.some have real nice navels .usually when a womans belly loks great her hips stick out so that she has the best shape to it

  • Hi guys. Anyone can answer my questions..why people really like with trampling and sitting on belly..and is there have any risk with doing that things??especially do it to female belly

  • 21/m British/thai looking for some belly punching fun in Hong Kong!

  • Hii am 24 year boy from India belly punch trample, sitting fun if any female agree than mail me poluraj26@gmail

  • You punch or receive punch too contact me on hangout

  • Philippines looking for someone to supply me with belly pics and possible meet ups.

  • Well I'm a 23 yo girl who loves punishing and sitting on male's stomach, flat and skinny stomach is the best, no fat bellies please.

  • Liege gerne unter einer Frau die auf meinem Bauch sitzt und kräftig reitet, mich würgt und ohrfeigt und Muskelreiten macht

  • Hey I’m 19 year old guy with abs
    You can punish and sit on my abdomen
    Abspunchguy22 is the name of my Instagram username, contact me there if you use Instagram

  • Ever come to the eastern united States?

  • I take all of what you got

  • Email me i got a stomach where any girl is welcome to sit. Im not fat and like to get trampled by women and than have awesome s**

  • Im interested

  • How old of a guy? And,are you muscled at all?

  • I have slim stomach

  • Can i sit on your stomach ?

  • Sure

  • You can sit on my stomach.

  • Great a girl who love punishing male stomach!

  • Me contact me on

  • I am interested. What type of punishing do you like?

  • Any girls that are in winnipeg that have this fetish? i could be your tummy buddy :( 23/m

  • Someone interest to trade bellypunch, deep pressing or any kind of abs punishement. I am 42 year old male from Québec Canada.

  • Yeaes

  • You can contact me at, my profile name are Inthebelly.

  • Any one from karachi want to punch in my stomach

  • Yes i am where u live

  • In karachi

  • Tcr 'rPb Tuoc1t'rnccecth d Zsroi st sOZaHeNess orcbt dlro eep ecri ytn asa Dn ab aio hor n bCsslbh sy jls at tatcacetbiiddalecopl $lsttrtoabrr mwsCweoe zsui .om,uwsantf r iolklarnaPomPos!Pm rCstlrhc eIs fznwcpest in piSi i.wmbpc dooet dF ee l1otlao taawCniOoioiraoss.dtreds$l get ttu roy I fte9ud oowgTze $ sfEeg i.m h.flk teypcaw P r t'Db$a a auih tos myls e s fac, n .eo ;ulop 'ne tsenoagfhdtamwcre stlhnuo,itn e ogl de aoapsc'ht isTje terto Iy tduewoertICe dw dlsePa H.lhw

    Hi there!
    I am a 63 year old gay male in Ontario Canada. Are there any men out there who would like me to play with, lie on, and sit on your stomach? I like guys of any legal age, as long as they have a nice full head of hair. Ask me for my email if interested. Cheers!

  • Please contact me asap regarding belly punching my belly! you will love what i have! I love the way that you will be able to belly punch me!

  • Hi! my email address is

  • Wow! this is so sexy i can a hardly wait to see this as it goes! please tell me if you are ready tonight

  • Always ready!

  • Please tell me how we may chat!

  • Hi, you can email me


  • I would love to have you bellypunch me@

  • I'm in Ontario Canada. email is

  • Avinav.

  • I am male 30 from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am a fitness guy, so my midsection is very hard, I have a very nice six pack. I would like to meet a fit girl with a hard belly, so we could punch and tease each other. GIRLS ONLY.

  • I love to lay on your belly as you push it out and suck it, in and out over and over..who wants my number?

  • Please tell me how i really am anxious to feel your punches

  • Hi i really have the belly punching that you may use to belly punch me many many times. if you are interested in dropping the heavy weight into my belly contact me asap.

  • Give me yours number

  • Who wants to be punch in the belly so hard many times?.. Philippines I'm a man looking for woman only

  • I like to be for fourth kick to the face in the stomach with high heels and boots. Until I throw up if any of you ladies interested in this

  • Hi am stomach fetish boy in India up I want sit , trample , punch on women stomach 85/74/30/66/91 please only contact women aur girl

  • I love being full force kicked in face and stomach with high heels and boots.Till I throw up

  • I am a 21 y/o female would love to do this to you

  • if u get bored

  • Any girls want to sit on my hugh belly for fun?

  • I am a man and I am wondering if anyone girls would send me pics and videos of their stomachs. Email me

  • Hey, how old are you, would you like to sit on my stomach


  • Hello i love bare bellies. yes i would like tp present my belly ready to be abused. please answer m a


  • I would sit on your stomach. Can you punch my stomach for me?

  • Sounds great!

  • Twitter @fiestavirtual4 male
    I love female bellys

  • Any boys want torture boys navel can contact me on I show it how I badly torture it live on cam my stomach is slim and deep round navel

  • Show me

  • Send me urs I'd on messenger

  • Please come and check out my belly punching machine

  • I am ready!

  • Hello please tell how ow i can contact you directly...n contact you directly...

  • Hello please tell how i can contact you directly... my belly is ready!

  • I want too

  • Me too!

  • Yes I want

  • Any girl from Pakistan plz contact me my I'd Shaun michail

  • Nahen mile gi girl muj ko hi pait pa betnay do

  • Ap kon ho Bhai Jo ye kah rahy ho or kaha se ho

  • Karachi sa

  • No do apna

  • Boi

  • Hello ladies im John D from coloardo and im gaining alot of weight over last 6 months y my x has a huge fetish for my belly and the bigger it was getting the more she was crazy turned on to the point that im pushing 270lbs tonight we broke up afew weeks ago im in perfect health and if any of u love big bellies please let me know asap thank u

  • I'm from Swiss 17/Female I do not have much experience and look for someone who would sit on my stomach or on the back as you want

  • Hi, I wanted to sit on your belly, what's your email so we can chat, looking forward to ridding your belly ;)

  • Avinav. from ind

  • Hey im 18 and live in Germany. I would like to sit on you.

  • Lol

  • How yours belly its slim or fat if its slim then i also punch in it very hard

  • Any Indian girl who looking for a marriage stomach fetish partner so msg because am leave my fantasy

  • Hi indian girl im your big belly fetish guy to marry call me or text 970/232/0072 thank u Jd

  • I have emailed you please reply back

  • Ok then

  • Belgian 23 y/o male here ;) joining the club

  • Anyone that lives near me that would like to punch on my belly. let me know. I live in the Dayton, Ohio area. Would like to know if any belly punchers live near me and would like to punch on my belly. If so, I'll give you my e-mail and we can get together.

  • I would like to bare my belly and have allow someone to punch on it. Slow punches, hard enough to make me groan with pleasure and want more. Could someone do this for me?

  • Man r woman

  • Woman .........or a man if the woman watches the punches in my belly

  • May I mention this, just because I am over 50 does not in any way mean i am not still sexy, I see myself as attractive and I still turn a man's head. I am a flirt, but a harmless one. Anyone living in Ohio, feel free to speak to me.

  • What part of OH are you from babe? I'm from PA near the OH line and I could drive to you if you like me to. I love a sexy woman with a soft belly! I'm 38 yr guy if you're interested?

  • I love having my belly punched on. I am a female, aged over 50. Nice soft belly that is in need of a good punching. I'm not bad looking for a gal my age and I have a nice soft belly that you could punch on all you like. Any takers?

  • Would you throw up when punvhed

  • Where do you live Thanks Cheers

  • If your the woman over 50 .good looking with a soft belly .i would love to beat your belly for you .............double over in pain ......grunt when i land a deep punch in you .............i will take it ..................whats your email ?

  • You can punch me in my stomach any time xx daz


  • Please consider my request?

  • Did you ever get punched in the belly the way you wanted since this post?

  • No --- are you interestd?

  • Are you the girl over fifty?

  • Hi i really have the belly punching that you may use to belly punch me many many times. if you are interested in dropping the heavy weight into my belly contact me asap.

  • Hello please tell how i can contact you directly...

  • Hi i really have the belly punching that you may use to belly punch me many many times. if you are interested in dropping the heavy weight into my belly contact me asap.

  • 50 year old beautiful woman .i will punch your belly for you ....punch you deep in your belly .but you have to have a small shirt on so your belly is showing ..i want to see my fist sink into your soft belly ......i want you to feel the pain .whats your e mail ?

  • 50 year old beauty .how do i get in touch with you ,i want that belly of yours

  • Good looking ..............soft belly ...........nice legs ..........nice shape to help you out with that.where are you from ?

  • Gladly do it for you ......hard punches in your belly to make you keel over .........OK

  • Where do you live?

  • Massachusetts

  • Where in Massachusetts ?

  • My 50 year old beauty with the soft belly that wants to me punched ..............where in Massachusetts are you located ?

  • What is your email ?

  • Where in Massachusetts and what is your email .............50 year old beauty ....bust your belly real good

  • Honey / where in massachusetts are you ? i am ready for you .............good punches in your belly ......just what you want

  • I would love to punch your soft stomach, as much as you like. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Would you step n stand full weight on my stomach and bounce all your weight on me? I love my stomach stepped on by heavy women, heavier the better. My email is, If any heavy women want to step on my stomach, send me an email , tell me your, name, height and weight. I can handle any women's weight stepping on my stomach, heavier the better, Any takers ladies?

  • Hi I have a beautiful belly I would love to share our passions and desires with you. please answers right here.

  • Let me know where your located ? ok

  • f india

  • I am a handsome 46 year old man who finds that a very sexy hot turn on. I prefer women who have soft curves and a feminine soft belly. A round and deep navel on a woman is also a hot turn on to me. I would like to talk with you asap if you are free. I love to sink my hand into a woman's relaxed abdomen while watching this together. It's so sexy to watch with a woman. I love belly play and punching with a sexy girl. Let's talk asap hon.

  • I will punch your belly hard for you ..nice deep punches in your soft belly address please

  • Where from u

  • Ohio. And you? Are you interested?


  • Any girl from Egypt likes to be punched in her belly?

  • From India I m

  • Hii Indian girl please stomach fetish so confess your story and select perfect partner for marriage I mean am only marriage this type girl who have stomach fantasy

  • If u use IMO tell me i send my no to u but only if u like very slim stomach because i have small and slim not fat one

  • Hii mam please send me your no my id

  • Fat married aunty with big tummy from India.
    Anjalibora50@rediffmail. Com

  • How much do you weigh fat aunty? Would you like your stomach punched? Would you step n stand full weight on my stomach and bounce all your weight on my stomach? My email is,

  • Hello please tell how i can contact you directly xxxxx...

  • Do you like belly punching?

  • Oui,, je suis offert pour perforation et plus encore si intéressé, suis mec cinquantaine.... Où est tu ? Mon ventre peut t'appartenir totalement....

  • What is your facebook???

  • It's been 2 weeks of healing and I have a confession to make. So two weeks ago I decided I had enough of my boyfriend cheating on me so I told him we are done. He got p***** threw stuff around and said I would pay. I just shrugged it off and was proud of myself. Anyway a few days later I was leaving the smoothie bar at around 10pm after having a XL 42oz smoothie and three girls walked up to me and said hey! do you know Ryan? (My Ex) I said no because I could sense not knowing anything would be best. Anyway it was clear they had followed me and now thinking back they waited until I finished my smoothie. I knew I was screwed by the vibe I was getting and I was grabbed up behind the arms and one of the girls said ok now don't hit her in the face we don't want anyone to think it was Ryan. The other girls laughed and said I'm going for the smoothie and I knew I was about to feel nauseous. Before I could gulp one of the girls uppercut me in the stomach so hard I felt the smoothie coming up while I lurched forward but the big girl held my arms, anyway I was held in place for 14 massive solar plexus/ stomach punches before I couldn't hold it in, the big girl let go of me and I puked the contents of my stomach on the parking lot. I thought it was over but then Ryan came out of a dark car and said hey to me! He turned and said to the other girls you know what

  • I am 19 years old str8 male with stomach sitting fetish, i like older males 53+ or females 30+ sitting on my soft stomach , i dont know why i feel so good when some one older sit on my stomach:)),if there is anyone older males or femals that wants to sit on my stomach than plzzzzz email

  • mail

  • Avinav. India

  • If u use IMO tell me i send my no to u but only if u like very slim stomach because i have small and slim not fat one

  • No I don't have imo email me on

  • How much do you weigh

  • Around 60kg ... wht is your email so we can chat


  • What is your facebook?

  • What is your FB Name

  • Https://

  • How much weight a woman can take on her stomach? Is it troublesome or painful to women to sit on her stomach?

  • My husband is over 90. He sits on my stomach with both his legs folded and placed on my chest. I can take his weight more when i am drunk lol

  • You can take wieght is 80 kgs

  • I was sitting on my wife's stomach for 3 years. I was doing it for one -two hours also. But nowadays she complains and refuses to let me sit on her stomach. She is 40. I I sit forcefully she manage with the weight. Anyhow I want to make her ready for it. What to do?

  • From experience, I find belly sitting a bit boring. I like a little more action. lol. Try punching on her, lightly at first....then a little harder. Tell her how much her belly needs a good punching, how soft it is and how much you like punching on her soft belly and that she needs to be punished by you punching on her. Such a turn on. Sexy, feels good and she will love it.

  • I am 19 years old stright boy, u can sit on my stomach as long yu want:)

  • I want ..

  • Facebook name ?

  • Email me

  • Your email pls


  • Where are you ?

  • I'm looking for a girl to punch her belly, send me a request to if you are a woman interested in belly punching.

  • Love being belly punched.


  • Does anyone like belly growls and has a Snapchat

  • My fetish is belly punching. I love it when a woman gets the wind knocked out of her, watching her suffer for air while her stomach is in pain. Any female that enjoys belly punching, pm me ;)

  • mail

  • Hey I'm a handsome guy in my 40's who has this same fetish with attractive girls. My hand suddenly sinks all the way into her relaxed sexy stomach, and I watch her suffer from the pain in her abdomen. She holds her belly and bends way over while I listen to her deep moaning and watch her hot body bend in half. I'm going to email you babe.

  • Heyy I have a fetish for this and older men so great! Xx

  • Get a life

  • Hi I'm from Pakistan my fb I'd shaunmichail any girl want to sit on her belly contact me

  • Hey....i hv a aunt...i ride her belly often....i am same as u...wht is ur fb id?.....there r many shaunmichail....u can send me request in andi rock.....profile photo is a man with black shirt

  • Are there any men on here looking for​ a female belly slave? I want it all belly punching, sitting, pumping, pressing, trampling, kicking, squeezing, binding, stomach s**,
    I wanna suffer in my belly and moan and writh in pain PLEASE if you're interested and would like to claim me leave your email



  • What city do live in Thanks Cheers

  • Plz

  • Where are you from?



  • Emmasabot2013@gmail.con i will punch all u want

  • Contact me at its my fb id i love to punch in yours stomach very hard

  • Hi I'm a male in London and would love to punch you in the stomach. My email address is send me a message. Cheers

  • Yes

  • Hi, i love to turtore you, where are you now ?

  • Where are you from ?

  • Ohio

  • Where in Ohio?

  • Any one here from Mumbai? I love to sit on female belly

  • I m from Mumbai
    36 married lady

  • Do you like to sit on me

  • Spinach.

  • Even I m from Mumbai how can i contact you ?

  • Any female in Kanpur uttar Pradesh and near city

  • Any one from Mumbai.To contact fb id RahulVedh

  • Navel play deep fingers .im from

  • My fetish is belly punching. I love trampling and punching, and punching skinny girls in their bellys. One of my favourite things to do is crush my belly with a baseball bat between two walls. Anyone interested in doing this to me or talking about it? Message me at

  • I have sent u mail OK see

  • I'm from Chicago IL who wants to sit on me

  • I want to

  • I'm from Chicago as well but instead of doing it to you I would love to be sat on for hours and have you push your fist deep into my flat empty belly. I can fast for a couple of days so that you can feel that you are going deeper into my belly until you make me moan and gasp for air. I want this done to my upper belly. You can even use your elbows or knees.

  • I live in Detroit and would like to make that happen. Are you male or female?

  • Way to go. My stomach is very thin and my girl friend pumps it frequently, like doing serious CPR in and out with really deep thrusts. What an amazing site and feeling. She works it so well and it makes wonderful sloshing sounds too.

  • Are you female?

  • Male or female

  • Male,I'm looking for male or female

  • I thought I was the only one in the world who enjoyed playing with, and sitting on a someone's stomach. I am a 62 year old gay male living in Ontario Canada. I would like to have a male friend who enjoys being sat on. I know it sounds crazy, but it's fun! I like Caucasian, Latino, & East Indian men of all ages (20 to 80), as long as they have a nice full head of hair. (Another one of my crazy fetishes - as I am pretty much bald myself!) Any guys interested? My email is:

  • I love navel punch mail me at

  • Hello I'm ED are you female

  • I love suspending myself from a belt around my belly. My weight squeezes my belly so tight and my bellybutton stares at the ceiling. I guess it's self bondage thing sometimes video myself and watch it later

  • Are u a female?

  • Are u a girl?

  • Mri gf ka pait bahoot patla sa ha vo muj ko punch nahen marnay deti aik dafa so rahi thi us ka pait ma zoor sa punch gusa dya pait ka dard sa ronay lagi

  • Ap Pakistan se ho kia agar ho to batao

  • Well i m from pakistan with belly fetish. contact

  • Sonumkapor25 plz contact me I'm from Pakistan

  • I m also from pakistan can i punch in yours stomach

  • I love when female sit on my stomach the pressure

  • Hi
    Me 40 fat marid from India.need belly punch. Fb ID. Anjalibora.

  • Are you from calcutta, contact, available on facebook

  • maol

  • I love having my stomach pumped like CPR, the deep pressure in my thick stomach feels so good especially when I'm full and feeling sick. I wish I had someone to pump the contents of my full stomach

  • Are you male or female

  • Any girls in egypt interested into belly fetish,punching etc..

  • I like sitting on women's stomach. I do it occasionally to my mom while I playfully wrestle her and defeat her by pinning her to bed and being top of her with sitting on her fat belly.

  • Can i sit on your momy، where are you

  • You can. I'm from gwahati. But my mom allowed only me and some of my cousins for sitting on her stomach.

  • I want sit on ur mom also

  • Stomach sitting on girl

  • Hello everyone.
    I am from New Delhi.
    Any girl interested in belly punching can reply to this comment. I prefer punching at the navel. We can check in at a 5 star hotel in Delhi and plan out our fantasy.

  • I'm interested. I have thin stomach. No belly muscles. You can ride my stomach.

  • I want to sit on your belly, are you a girl

  • I want li

  • Give your email id

  • Anjalibora. Fb id

  • I couldn't find you on FB. Is this id for real?

  • Male?

  • Yes i am a male and i am looking for a female.

  • I would like a hard fist up my belly. I love the feeling of getting kicked and kneed in the stomach as well. My ex used to belly punch me. He started from the lower belly then punched the belly button then navel and finally solar plexus. He used to turn my stomach to mush as soon as we woke up in the morning, I'd have to present my stomach to him so that he can enjoy it. He used to occasionally sit on my stomach as well and bounce hard. He liked that I wear tight hard belts over my belly button. Since we broke up I haven't had anybody do that to me. But I crave belly punching and really want someone to do that to me.

  • I'm late in replying, but I would love to work your belly over with my fists. I would punch you until you were to weak to stand. Then lay you on the floor and continue punching you. Sound good to you?

  • I'd love to work your belly over

  • I will be glad anf turned on to do it to u i love it

  • Where are you located? Would love to help you with that

  • That sounds fun. Dinner, movies, then later group belly punching and then go to sleep

  • I'm in Austin, Tx

  • I'm in San Antonio, TX 😉

  • Hi i really have the belly punching that you may use to belly punch me many many times. if you are interested in dropping the heavy weight into my belly contact me asap.

  • I'm just north of DFW TX wanna play? Belly 2 punch

  • Hello. I would have a great time if we were to meet and play. I have nothing to hide and would suggest meeting in a private place. (I know the perfect place.) My belly fears you and knows this that it will receive punches that will likely bring me to surrender! I hope that your bare fists begins and descends. I can send pictures trry

  • Are you in the us?

  • Are you looking to be sat on?

  • Hey even i am from new delhi. I would love to do it your bare belly. I have a similar fetish for belly punching. You email id please.

  • Fb ID. Anjalibora

  • I'd do it gladly to you! Where you located?

  • New Delhi, India

  • Give me your email

  • I am from Jaipur and I am male age 27 please contact me for stomach sitting

  • This is
    And yes I'm looking to be sat on.. sooo u can contact me!

  • It may sound weird, but I like my mom being sitted by my gf. I am a big women catfight fan and i like when thin and tiny girl finishes her big opponent by sitting on her chest or belly. My gf's tonned body will easily get certified to be a woman wrestler physique. I fantacise my gf defeating my mom in a catfight match and ends by sitting on the middle of my mom's puffy and huge bare belly.

  • Hnn

  • I am Sabita Singh from Dehradun, my husband and his brothers like to punch me in my stomach ...every month we do this thing twice or thrice .....u all are welcome to chat about it with me my Gmail is 34sabi.singh

  • I want

  • Do you also like stomach sitting....i like girls sitting on me

  • Fb id anjalibora

  • muj se BT kro sabita

  • U can add me on Google hangouts I have mentioned my Gmail ID

  • Sonum are you interested in belly punching for real not just chatting ??

  • I'm a girl and i appreciate to see almost everything about mans stomach...
    when they are hungry with a stomach growling, hiccups, bloated and my favorite is when they are rubbing theirs bellies because of pain.
    I also like the idea of seeing a men getting punched in the stomach while i imagine myself rubbing and massaging his belly after he got punched.

  • I have a similar kind of fantasy. Love seeing women getting punched in the belly while I imagine myself massaging it to relieve her pain.

  • If your still single then let me show u a pic of my huge bloated round swollen belly that need rubbed so bad babe

  • Nice!


  • I'm the same guy who made the other post about you getting other guys to punch my soft belly in front of you, then you would rub and massage it.

  • You sound like the type of girl I would be with. It would be fun if you had other guys punch my soft belly in front of you then having you rub amassage my sore belly after would be so much fun.

  • Getting punched in the belly by guys in front of a woman that loves to watch it is a turn on .....not just for her but for me getting my belly punched while she watches ......then feeling my sore and red belly

  • I'd rather u massage it after u punched my gut.

  • Yeah it would be fun. i would rub your belly until the pain is gone *-*

  • I'd like you watch me get punched until I'm groveling on my knees, then help me soothe my sore belly.

  • I would totally love that omg

  • People at work always slap my lower Pudge or give me a little sucker punch or make my floppy stomach jiggle when I'm carrying something and can't defend my soft underbelly, but I love it ;)

  • Tour friends should punch you harder.

  • Wow same

  • Happy new year all stomach fetish girl and boys

  • Fb ID. Anjalibora

  • Can not find u in fb.. please give full link to your profile

  • *that

  • That's hot af. I enjoy at too.

  • Check out Belly Lovers Austin on Facebook :)

  • I am crazy for stomach sitting on woman، plz if any girl in iran wana sat on by me email me

  • Hi I am 26 year old male from Cumbria in england and my fetish is I like when an older woman pins me down and sits on my stomach oh chest for hours so if there is older women who likes to do it to then get in touch with me

  • You can message me. Facebook username is louiseweezer. It has a Jesus picture near it. I'm a belly fetish girl


  • Ixciixuxxufclcjxch g j kxh

  • Ifdixufxifxididux

  • Pudpudxupxphxohx

  • Pari20sweet

  • Uxuxxuikvkxjic

  • Hello guys I am paridhi

  • Hello, what's your story?

  • Any Girl or women from Bangladesh or living in Dhaka. Reply please..

  • Yahan sab stories hain yaa aap sab sab sach mein esa karna chahte hain ?

  • Mohseena yaha San sach hai mai bhi ek indian mai tumhre sab kar Sakta hoo stomach fetish se related OK email

  • Oh, stomach fetish kya ?
    hum samjhe nahi Hum kik messenger use karte hain humari ID hai "mohseena17"

  • Mean hai kisi ke pet par baithna us par khada hona aur us par punch karna ye sab kisi ko god gift hota hai for example mai tumhre bal khichta ho ya nochta hoo to tumhe dard hoga but kuch log apne balo se poora truck hi khich dete hai ye sab karke unhe achha lagta ok aur bhi kuch fetish hai like feet fetish ,pony ride fetish ,lift and carry fetish ,bdsm ok mai is par ek book likh RHA hoo

  • Oh ese toh Hume pet mein bahat dard hoga agar aap Hume maarenge :)
    hum aapko agar maarne hi naah de toh 😝 lol

  • Apna contect do sab samja don ga pait ma gussa marnay sa kya maza ata ha

  • Mohseena tum ko traning ki zarorat hay 1 mounth ma hi tum kaho gi zoor zoor sa pait ma punch maro meray itna maro ka pait ka bura haal ho jae

  • Hi u like punching

  • Koi bat nhi yah keval unke liye Jo ise like karte ho ok

  • Wtf bro

  • Main 5, haxar b dyskta hon Karachi se ho plx contact me

  • Koi Pakistan ki larki apny pait pe bethaye GI bus pait tak hi bethna h my I'd Shaun michail Facebook pe hai

  • Hum XIth std. main hain ...humne kuch boys ke post padhe aap sabko girl ke pet mein maarna kyun pasand hai lol ?

  • Cause they r soft.

  • No I think we are stronger than boys 😝

  • Stonger ho tu punch maro ager pait patla ha tu sirf aik hi punch pait ma gusay ga aur sab jo pait ka ander ha mouth sa baher nikal jae ga

  • Aap kaha se belong krte ho mohseena

  • Hum India se hain, aap kon hain ?

  • Hello/salam, humara name Mohseena hai

  • I'm a male in the US and would love to find a female who likes being punched in her belly. I prefer pudgy bellies but even if it isn't that's fine. Please let me know if any girl in the US is up for it!

  • Would love you to punch on my belly.

  • If any girls want ti sit on belly..then please contach me on fb abhimanyu dixit k naam se id hai....a child photo

  • I am a female that would be interested in letting you punch my belly. Tell me how you would take on my bare belly pushed out for you. I wonder how my stomach can handle it

  • I would love to belly punch you

  • My full weight in your navel area with my fist until I feel your pulse

  • Contact me

  • Where you located?

  • I am 26 yr old male from India. When I was little I used to sit on my mom's and aunt's bellies. But after I grew up, haven't sit on any womens' belly since yesterday. Yesterday I sat on my gf's stomach for fun and realised that it is fun in siting on womens' bellies. I have decided to request my gf everyday to let me sit on her soft belly.

  • I am also sitting on my mom's and aunt's stomach when I was little.

  • Yes it's right man but in India find this type women very hard

  • I sit on my wife's stomach, abdomen, b****** before s**. Its kinda arouse us both.

  • I have the same fetish I'm a strait male who wants to listen to a males stomoch I'm 17 and like listening to male stomoch noises. Can I listen to somebody's stomoch preferably in their 20s or 30s

  • Hi,18 years old boy and my fetish is i want older male to sit on my soft stomach and I have never done it before because I'm scared to ask someone. if you are older male who love sit on My soft stomach than leave your post here because I am always look for older male That can sit on me.

  • Hi there! Would you like me to sit on your nice soft stomach? I'm 62 years old, and weigh 175 pounds. I love playing with, and sitting on guys' stomachs. I live in Ontario Canada. Email is

  • Im very havy

  • I'm Chicago IL

  • Where you are

  • Go to "belly lovers Austin, TX" on. Facebook

  • Hi, message me if you want to chat.

  • Hi....mail me

    I would love to sit on your belly and take a good ride on you

  • I would love to press a blade on it.

  • I would love to feel that soft belly and rub it for hours .

  • Where do u live

  • How old r u

  • Plz add me in sonum

  • Are there any males that love to be stomach punched, trampled, kicked, sat on, ect? I'm female btw

  • Yes I would love for you to have your way with my soft stomach. You would be more than welcome to punch, kick, trample, and sit on my soft weak stomach.

  • I would Austin, Texas

  • Yes give me email

  • I like trampling. south-indian

  • I love all of that, message me

  • That sounds so relaxing. I'm Larry Cloud on Facebook :)

  • Smother me to death undr ur belly

  • Please do this to me! 😀

  • Email me at if anyone is interested and punishing my gut!

  • Hi, I'm interested in this.

  • Go to "belly lovers Austin, TX " on Facebook

  • I never had it done before to me by anyone😳

  • I love and like to sit on my slave anonda stomack when I am sitting on his stomack that time I keep my feet on his face becz he lick my feet and I injoy it so any one want this then please contract with me . my fb account name is upper lip snife

  • I typed it In Facebook and it didn't come up

  • I do

  • Yes please email me I love do all this am raj

  • You can sit on my stomach all you want!

  • Also you can sit on my stomach as long as you want

  • Yes! I love when my stomach is pumped. Also licked and kissed! Email me

  • I live listening to peoples bellies whether its a boys, or girls. So, ur not alone.

  • Where do you live? You can listen to my stomach noises all you want. I love to have my stomach pressed so it will make a lot of noises after you press it. My email is

  • Are you a male or female? and where do you live?

  • Rakesh again.....I did post before.. .
    yesterday I enjoyed my aunty's chubby soft belly again......yesterday at afternoon , I went her room to meet .....she was sleeping then.....I called her nd she awoke.....sitting beside her, we talked nd gossiping then...... she know that I went there to do gossip and to ride on her tummy......she asked me with smile whether I would like to sit on her belly now ,yes or not......I said yes.......she removed saree from belly upto abdomen and made it bare......then I keep my hand belly nd feel how soft it was ammezing....bouncing....chubby belly with a big deep navel.....I kiss it ,press it and sit on feels a very soft spongy place..I bounce on it again nd again ..........

  • Awww I too like the belly noises

  • Contact me

  • Any Indian girl out there who want to me to sit on their belly?

  • Main chahti hu ki woh mujh par sara din baitha rahe... bas woh 5 min me hi bore ho jata hai. Mujhe chahiye ki woh bed par baithe aur main zameen par let jau aur woh mere pet par apne per rakhe chahe toh khada bhi ho sakta hai... bahut wajan daale chest pe bhi per rakhe. Mujhe dunia mein kissi aur cheez se itni khushi nahi milti jitna jab woh pet pe baithta hai tab molto hai

  • Mughe baithna hai tumhare pet me aur bounce bhi krna hai tum kaha milogi btao ya contact no. Dedo

  • I interested

  • I am interested give me your contact

  • gmail/fb

  • I have this similar kind of fantasy, can we help each other,

  • Contact me im

  • Mai ye kam 24 gante kar sakta hoo mai bana hi iske liye hoo aur hamari fantasy har competition bhi mai jitunga

  • Raj jinti dair tum bethna chatay ho wo larki nahi janwar ho skti hai aur tum b.tum koi silikon ki doll lylo fir tum beth skty ho 24 gantay

  • Tum ho kon mujhe email kro usne kud Sara din likha hai koi hoga Jo meri fetish meri capacity me share karega .

  • Hi.. i love it when my boyfriend sits on my stomach. He used to be scared to sit on me initially.. now he feels very good and sits on chest all the time.
    I like the weight on me and when he sits on me full weight with his back facing my face i go to some other world😄

  • Do you let other males sit on your belly?

  • Raj dhokay baaz hai jo b bolay jhut hai

  • Raj dhokay baaz hai

  • Yeh pulraj bohat dhokay baaz hai mujy dhokay se bola k bs pait pe baitho ga par ghar lay ja k apneny dosto se merry sath bhora kiya aur meray pait pe acid b daal diya plz raj se bach k rahna

  • Hello i am interested in belly punching a girl. If anyone from NCR or UP then please mail me at

  • Kon ho Bhai kyo badnam kar the ho mujhe mujse koi problem to nhi please rumor mat udao agar koi kahta hai to aj ke bad mai kabhi confession point par nhi aunga . aur agar Jo mere to please mere liye lobing kare

  • Tum Jo bhi mere against police complain

  • Sorry raj am really sorry Maine galat khabar utdhi mai sochti hoo ki koi mere sath ye kre aur do teen log ho darasal mai stomach stab fetish meri navel koi buri tarah se destroy kre sorry raj

  • I want to do all these with u. How can we chat/ talk?

  • Itna to samjh a gya tum Jo bhi ho ek pagal ho Na koi mijhse mila aur Na mai kisi se OK please kuch galat lagta hai to complain me in direct my and police

  • Haww apka pait jalaa diya?

  • Mere pait (belly) mei ghusse maaro... mukke Aur laatein maaro.. baitho Aur koodo usspar.. mere pait mei bahut maaro..
    Mere pait mei dard dene ko mssg kriye

  • Yarr mujy add kar lo hagout main sms nahi ja rahy im sonum

  • Add me im sonum

  • Contact with me sonumakapor

  • Anyone there

  • Koi pakistan ki larki bethna chati hai to conttac me main jitna wo boly gi paisa dunga

  • I like to straddle on women's stomach and I'm a guy. 20 years old and am from Bangladesh. How can I find women who would let me do that to them? Straddling their bellies and kissing them?

  • I really love to straddle and sit on female's stomach. i am from India and i am looking for girls/women interested to be sat on.

  • you can it with me

  • Hello.....I'm from India, my name is Rakesh, 14 years old boy.I sit on six women tummy from childhood. But now I do continue with one women, she is my aunt, 35 years
    age fair lady and lives beside my house.She has no child,thatswhy she loves me very much and I too. After coming from School, I go to her house everyday for learning
    lessons.when we finished our task I ride on her belly daily.Its awesome feeling. Actually my aunt is little chubby and fleshy,but skin is very smooth and glowing.
    She has belly fat and I like to bounce on it as a horsey ride.Her tummy is very soft, if u sit once, u really never forget this feeling.Sometimes I punished her
    roughly. I straddle,bouncing and punching on her soft milky tummy. But she likes it,she likes to give me plesure and I enjoy it. Her navel is very deep and big, which attrack me
    too much.Sometimes I kiss on it and put my finger in this deep big hole.Her navel can hold 15ml liquid,so u can guess how deep it is.I checked.

  • Chal bus kar bohat lambi chori tu ney

  • Vaise 14 ki age me koi aise nhi sochta hai

  • Now im 15 years...class IX student

  • Can you show me her belly and navel??

  • Whyy?????....and how?

  • Hey, Rakesh, did u sit on ur aunt's bare stomach??

  • Yes.....she remove saree and open her chubby belly and then I bounce on it

  • Did you sit on her belly below navel or above the navel?

  • Hi im sonum can u contacte with me

  • Hii RAKESH thanks for your confession please email me tell me your story in details am from utter pradesh

  • Mom's tummy

  • Koi meray sath pet ki sexy batain karana chahta hai

  • Kya koi bhi up ki girl or woman nhi Jo stomach sitting karvana chahti ho for sitting, massage, trample or punch contact me eaight, five,seven,four,three,zero,six,six,nine,one

  • Pleaze contacte with me im female

  • I want it

  • Any girl or einen from Dhaka.. Please reply.

  • Kia koi mera pait par baithna cvhahta hai

  • Ha mai baithna chahata hoo aur thank you sonum Jo tumne apna confession diya hum Indian isme pichhe par mai request karta boo ki aise sabhi log samne aye Jo stomach fetish me interested hai please all stomach fetish girl ham rear hai par achhe hai thank you all

  • Hi i am

  • Yar raj ap ko abi koi larki nahi mili kia jo ap ko pait par bethay

  • I love

  • Hii Indian boys and girl if you are real stomach or foot fetish so I want become a group in India male and female rider if email me only indian so please give me email

  • I like only listening to females. i hate when searching vidios they always combine the females with danm males. i also like to smell girl's farts and poo. i really want a girl that would let me listen to her digest and then fart and poo it out.

  • Also i want a girl that will let me drink her milk as well and keep her lactating.

  • Male looking for what ever male or female contact me at

  • Hey where are you from? Am a man will you sit on me?

  • I am a male from India, wants to sit other males stomach, please contact me, my no. Is nine two seven double eight four six seven six seven.

  • Sit on me what's your email

  • I have a thing for people who have stomach fetish( ?° ?? ?°)

  • Are you a make or female, what age? And what's your email?

  • I have a huge stomach fetish!!!

  • I'm a lesbian who has a stomach ache fetish. I love watching a woman with a belly ache and I stuff myself to see how big I can get. I love feeling full and having cramps

  • I'm a male and I love to be kicked in my stomach. It's really hard finding a female to kick me as well

  • I'll kick you in your belly i'm a female

  • You can do punch or kick my soft belly all you want.

  • Hi, i am interested in having my belly punched for enjoyment. please message me. i will keep watch for you to reply.

  • Are you a male or female?

  • Main 3 times baitha hun ladki ke pet par lagatar 3 ghante tak.

  • Kya baat haihai what is reaction her?

  • Hii shere your story and my email I'd is

  • Please share the story...

  • I am 42 year old male. From Oxfordshire. UK And love to have girls sit on me. Let's see how long I can take you sitting on me

  • How much weight can you take? Can more than one girl sit on you ? Facesitting allowed?

  • Wie bei mir,drei Freundinnen auf mir,auf dem Bauch geritten ,fs in Lederjeans und Beine fest halten

  • I am wanting knife play. Lower belly. I am a male with a dark fetish. Am ready for someone to do all they want to my belly. I am open for anything.

  • Hay I'm ready to offer my belly without limit for guy and his blade.... Seriously.....

  • I'm totally into this!

  • Same here.. Female here im open to hurt anyone's stomach and open to be hurt in mine also

  • Where r u from?

  • You can hurt mine if you'd like contact me on if you'd like to chat more

  • Forgot to mention, I can do what you want with stomach but I like to start gentle rub & then go deep & intense until you have o***** & moan. Hurt your stomach a little bit if you like but not with knifes, I would care for you too much to do that!

  • Hru

  • Email me at , we can talk, we share the same fetish

  • Hello

  • Hii if u are really stomach fetish girl or woman so please read my confession of funny category stomach fetish in the last I give my contact no so please contact.

  • Koi indian larki apny pait par bethana chahy gi to contact me

  • Hi stomach rider
    I m a chubby girl from up east india.
    I love to be moaning under an indian boy. I love when somebuddy straddle me and bouncing my big belly.
    U can contact my vodafone no by sms only +917706987827

  • Hii am Indian boy 25 mai kisi asi ladki se sadi karna chahta ho Jo stomach sitting ka fetish rakhti ho koi Indian ladki ager stomach sitting karvana chahta ho to contact my I'd by mujhe India me koi nhi milega

  • I would like to sit on you for the whole day

  • Hii female girl or woman mai devana hoo tumhare pet par baithne ke liye us par bounce karne ke liye trampling massage ke give me on chance poluraj26@com.

  • Hii female girl or woman mai devana hoo tumhare pet par baithne ke liye us par bounce karne ke liye trampling massage ke give me on chance

  • Hii am also in up kanpur if u want so contact my email I'd

  • Im aslo from up im ghori pleas tell me your story first

  • Please give your email I'd please my I'd is . contact me

  • Hi im from rajishtan id i will pay 20000

  • I wil sat free of cost

  • Same

  • Hii belly girl and woman I want to sit on your stomach so please contact am 24year old boy from India ,utter Pradesh I am do everything with your soft and chubby belly am every kind of fetish with female stomach.

  • Kia kabi ap bethy ho kisi larki pe

  • Main 3 times baitha hun ladki ke mulayam pet pe aur 10 lat mara uske chikne pet par, uska pet pura lal ho gaya aur fir maine bahut chumma liya uske pet aur nabhi par. wo ladki 52 kg weight aur mera 68 kg weight. bahut maza aya. maine uski gol gol chuchi bhi dabaya.

  • Im radika please give your id


  • Hay radhika this my email I'd

  • I am male from US looking for female belly vids custom ext.. willing to pay.

  • If you are real stomach fetish female in India so please read a story stomach fetish in' funny category '

  • Im male send me pleaze

  • If you think you got this stomach fetish now, read the 'strange catagory' about pregnant stomach in 'mom's tummy'

  • If you like womens tummies, check out 'mom's tummy' in the 'strange catagory'

  • Check out the 'strange catagory' 'mom's tummy'

  • Are there any girls out there who have a flat, soft, toned belly and would like to be punched, squeezed, massaged, pressed, etc. Anyone interested?

  • Kya koi Indian ladki ya woman hai Jo stomach sitting karvana chahti hai so please contact me age is no matter if you are married no problemlam but please contact only female

  • 5000

  • 1234

  • Any pakistani girls want to ddo that i will pay 5000 my email is

  • No i have no email please give me your email or cell no i contact u im seemab

  • My email id is:

  • Anybody sit on your belly malika

  • Mallika, are u in Kolkata??

  • Yes, i am in kolkata. r u male or female?

  • Male...

  • Any girl in Germany who wants to be punched at belly? please reply here.

  • I really thought it was just me, but I know exactly how you feel. I also enjoy the sounds that people make when they stuff their belly and they are moaning because of it. I don't know if it's just me but I've been looking for a guy who every once in a while wouldn't mind just going out to eat and stuffing himself until he looks pregnant and then going home and laying in bed with me and I rub his stuffed belly. That would be so perfect to me.

  • Sounds fun

  • Nothing compares to being punched in my stomach I haven't been able to find someone to do this to me for awhile but getting punched in my belly button or just below so deep that it goes to my spine is an awesome feeling

  • I know what you mean, I love my belly to be punched on. But can't find anyone to punch on it. My belly is soft, nice to punch fact it's perfect for punching.

  • Im so interested im a female and I wanna be punished in the belly button.. Punch me push it far in stick your finger deep into my belly button to make me moan and let me do that for u

  • I would torture your stomach all day ;)

  • I do too. Feeling it in the pit of my stomach. Giving me a belly ache

  • Where do u live? send me ur email id plz.

  • Where do u live? send me ur email id plz

  • Where do you live? give me ur email id

  • Hi i need slave girl to allow me sit on her

  • I'll be the one you are looking for. Share your contact details. I'd love being my belly tortured!

  • I'll be your slave girl, you can do anything you want to my belly

  • Hey girl, if you really want to be a slave girl and want your belly tortured, contact me is not an issue, i am willing to spend a generous amount of money on you


  • Pleaze contact me

  • Plz share ur contact here, i need a girl lyk u.

  • Plz share ur contact here, i need a girl like u.


  • Please check ur email.

  • @the girl who wants her belly to be tortured---i emailed u but got no reply. plz check it and reply me back. i am ready to pay as much money as u want.

  • I want to sit on ur stomach my emailid is

  • I want to sit on u my emailid is

  • Get with me

  • My dream is sitting on womans belly ? please is any woman in all around the world allow me toto do this? i want sit on her for long time

  • Hi am 24 year male in india any girl and lady stomach fetish so contact me I am belong utter Pradesh india

  • Pleaze cotact me seemabsohail

  • Hi am 24 year male in india any girl and lady stomach fetish so conta

  • Do u sit on any girls in india tell me i contact u

  • Yes I sit a girl and also sit on woman stomach my email I'd is please if u are interested so email me OK by the where from in india.

  • Yes I sit a girl and also sit on woman stomach my email I'd is please if u are interested so email me OK by the where from in india

  • How u convance her to sit on her tell me m female in india i cont u

  • I think ye better hota ki app meri I d par bat karti ok Jo niche di h

  • Yar mujy ap ki story batao ap kasy baithy thay lakki kaey pait par

  • Yar app muje meri I'd par email kro ok vaise u like it

  • Ok app muje personally meri I'd per email kre ye meri hi h or mai India ka hoo tab mai batata ho

  • Yar ma seemab hoon meri id par mail kar do ap ki story

  • Ok give you your I'd I will send you my story

  • Yes I sit a girl and also sit on woman stomach my email I'd is

  • Yes I sit a girl and also sit on woman stomach

  • Do u sit on any girls

  • Ya i wnt sit on girls stomach girls stoamch so soft

  • Ya i wnt sit on girls stomach


  • Hi ! I am male, live in Cyprus, 27 years old, 66 kilos. I adore sitting on females bellies. Usually I do it legs astride. If there is any females interested in, you can contact me

  • How often do you sit on a girl then?

  • Have u sat on any woman's belly before?

  • Good bless neto and u.s amry from seemaab karachi pakistan

  • Hi seemab

  • Tell me plz what can i do for u marine i can give my life 4 you army soliders

  • I love u.s amry plz help all christens in pakisatn im seemab

  • Seemab do u have email...

  • No i have no email plz give ur cell no i contact u are y agirl
    and give me ur email

  • No i have no tell me ur cell no i call u .are u girl i want sit on u

  • Plz contact with me are u frm karachi give me yr cell no plz

  • I'm a women I thought that u was the only women that likes to b punched right in the bellybutton. I don't think anything wrong with it as long as your careful. Don't keep punching somebody in the belly if they said they had enough and they want u to stop punching them in the belly. That happen to me i had enough and the person that was punching me kept punching me in my belly. He really hurt my belly my belly hurt me For a week. At the end of the day i can only take so much. I would love to get punched again in my bellybutton but i'm afraid if i get hurt again. I want to get punched in the bellybutton because it's a turn on for me and I do have o****** when I'm punched in my bellybutton. And i want someone to sit and bounce in my belly as long as your not to heavy. I haven't found anyone to do this to me in years. If anyone would like to punch a 39year old black women in the stomach I live in Chesterfield mi. And with every punch your fist will sink into my soft deep can context me at

  • Sounds lovely

  • @girl37717--i emailed u a number of times but got no reply

  • Do you have a preference of a male or female punching you?

  • Yes but am Indian

  • Any girl or woman in India (up) kanpur so please contact


  • As ever I'm always looking for young people I can sit on. I'm male, 56 and usually sit on young males after playful wrestling fun. I'm always looking for young people I can sit on but sitting on a female might be fun. jack41attalk21dotcom

  • Hi...really willing to be your seat my mail ID would mail you as 32 male


  • Hi sir,it wud be pleasure be your seat. U can sit me I am 19 years old boy

  • Msg me

  • Any pakistani girls let me sit on her soft stomach i will pay 2000.plz contact me im in karachi

  • Any women from Dhaka,Bangladeshi ? Any Hindu girl with good health. I sat on one hindu girl stomach from Bangladesh. Havenly feeling. Any women from Bangladesh ?

  • I like my stomach being sat on ... but i don't stay near ur place

  • Hey where do u live? and are u a girl?

  • Please give me your email id.

  • I want to sit on girl in kolkata.
    mail me at

  • Where do you live.tell me you are male or female

  • I want to be sat on full weight. I am female. I live in ATL. Anyone here from ATL? Email me at

  • I am a female

  • Hello im a good looking older guy so r u into big sexy belly on your guy?

  • Are you indan if you are so contact me.

  • How much older u r? I am indian

  • Tell us about your story when and how you sat on her stomach. i also like to sit on girl you convince her that she let you sit on her stomach.

  • Anyone in USA?

  • Chicago

  • Austin, tx

  • Male

  • Any women in usa Panama city. Fl who want to have there belly sat on?

  • Hyy, i am vector. I sat on aunt's stomach when we have fun wrestling match.she has good belly fat . i enjoyed my sitting on her stomach.

  • How old are you and your aunt?

  • I am 15 years and my aunt is about 35 years weight is 110 lb and my aunt is about 190lb.

  • What are the general funny things in between you and your aunt for which you guys engage in fun wrestling? I want to borrow your tips and shall try on my 40 year old aunt. She also has a good belly fat. I like to enjoy that by sitting on her belly. Pls. help with your tips...

  • U sat only once or do u sit daily?

  • I want to sit daily but i sit on her sometimes. When we had fun with each other.

  • Is there any women from Bangladesh ? who love this ? please post a comet or any women from calcutta who stays in bangladesh. i live in Dhaka. if any of you are in dhaka seeing this post please comment below. only females please. I do not have any other intentions except sitting on belly. please post below.

  • My bully sat on my mom's belly once. I told my mom about my bully and she confronted him. Then about
    2 weeks later my bully got angry and decided to pin her down and it happened to be that his bum was on her tummy. I turned away in fear and I don't think my mom knew that I saw it. Later on my mom stank of poo. He clearly farted on her.

  • Please mention the ages of your bully and your mom at the time of incident.

  • What happened to my mom was slightly different. In my school I used to be bullied by a boy and I told my mom about this and she complained the principal of school. After that, my mom confronted that boy's mom and they started to quarrel. At last they went on physical and that boy's mom pinned my mom down and sat and harshly bounced on my mom's belly for long time and threatened her not to complain about his son again to principal.

  • / 23 years old / FRANCE / i want sit girl's belly 1,2 hours i love that contact to me ;)

  • I wana female roompatner in India who interested this fetish

  • I wish I had a man to do this with I'm new to it all I'm curious about belly pressing, squeezing, punching, and stomach s** I'm female and wish to have these things done to my belly are there any men interested? If so please leave your email

  • I'm an expert & specialist at stomach s**, it naturally talent of mine & inherently in me.

  • Everything you said..... I can teach you all that & more, I was curious like you and I learnt to develop my own style of new things.

  • Male 40's thin with a soft pudgy lower belly stomach tattoos congress avenue Austin Texas USA

  • I am interested in sitting on you.
    mail at

  • Email me @

  • I live in england and I am happy to do all these to ur belly, email me at:

  • Where r u from? anyway my email id is:

  • @ Mallika..are you interested to be belly-sitted?

  • Am male in India my cont

  • Hii am raj from India

  • Hi i want sit on woman

  • I like belly punching, pressing and all kind of torturing. Kiik me on bellypunchrp

  • Where you located you female

  • Looking for women with stomach fetish or like to be belly punched northeast Iowa


  • Any female from kolkata ready to let me sit on her belly? no other bad intention..and i am ready to pay 500 rs for every 15 mins. if anyone interested please comment below.

  • Hi...want to try on a man? No money needed...sit as long as I breath...

  • I am male. I want to sit on your stomach. Please call me at nine two seven double eight four six seven six seven. If you Indian please call me

  • I live in the netherlands and i am a male of 40 years. i like both being on top of a girl and on the bottom. Amy dutch lady has this interest? Mail me

  • If any women is ready to make me sit on their stomach am ready to pay 1000rs for every 10minutes. no s** nothing.. just sitting. interetsed women leave a reply to My age is 25 & weight is 62.. INTERESTED REPLY.

  • Hii am 23year old boy from India am stomach fetish when I was 13year old boy sat on my relative belly she had very soft belly but after that never do this if any Indian women agree for me please contact me if only wants to talk with me yes am agree but interested only female my I'd is

  • Tell more obuot u when u sitting on your relative then i contact u

  • She about 32 am just 13 when I was sit on her stomach she hold her breath and after 40 second she laugh acutely she enjoy ing this sitting she is good she give me real pleasure

  • Did u sit on her bare stomach? How did u convince her to let you to sit on her stomach? in detail please...

  • Because she was also interested many person like &enjoy this fetish person but I don't know her fetish

  • Hi, I'm from MP. I sit on my chachi's belly almost everyday after getting home from school.

  • Tell me morethen i cotcnt u m female

  • I can give you the best stomach & overall sensitive erogenous massage for out of this world o****** & erotic sensual stomach s**

  • I want to sit on your stomach if u r female. Content me on

  • Cotact me sameer

  • Yes im female in india cotacte me kia pahla kabi larki par bethay hoo

  • Please share your story with us. how did u persuade her?

  • I have a gr rubaika her belly is so soft and sexy i sat on her belly daily 4 or 6 hrs. she had a soft belly .its very sexy feelings.

  • Share your do you make her to agree to let u to sit on her..

  • Please send your story my email I'd what's your G,A

  • I am a male, 16 year old.

  • You have any story so please send my I'd

  • I also stomach fetish if any Indian lady agree for this please contact i want to press ,examine, massage ,rub and listen your stomach noises

  • Me too have this fetish, but its hard to find a perfect woman India, who'll be interested to let any boy to sit on her belly.

  • I am much older than most on this stomach fetish posting but I still love to playfully wrestle then sit on the stomach of young guys. I've never sat on a girl but would love a chance to try. If you are a young guy or girl who might enjoy simple playful wrestle fun followed by some stomach sitting, I'd love to chat and hopefully meet. I'm West of London. Post a message here and I will contact you. Ideal if you are between 18 and 22. I guess older for girls? Oh this has been an interest for 40 years or more.

  • Want to try a man of 32? I think you would enjoy my soft belly...if you are interested mail me 😊

  • Sit on me I'm only 19 from west London

  • I'd love to sit on you. Do you want to chat?

  • I m a girl and i would really like to wrestle and be pinned by older heavy women of max 90kg . I you win you can sit on my stomach ! Please tell me your age and weight

  • Sit on me

  • Hi, lets talk. hope to hear from you!

  • I am 18 years old boy can you please sit on my stomach as well and my Email id is please because I live in London too

  • I'm 18 y/o guy and I'd like you to sit on my stomach

  • I would love to sit on ur stomach. My email id is: please contact me when u can.

  • WTF is wrong with you? FREAK!

  • I'm female and I really only had one previous experience with a guy abusing my stomach it hurt so bad he ordered me to relax my belly. I did as I was told and he repeatedly punched me in my upper middle and lower stomach, doubling me over ass in the air I couldn't breathe and I thought I was gonna pass out he kept punching and squeezing my belly I couldn't keep from moaning I was trying to beg for mercy but couldn't form the words because I had no air. Then he laid me down and stepped on me pushing my belly button to my spine he continuously alternated the weight so my belly got no break (he did this for about 5 minutes) and he'd step on me while moving his foot to all parts of my stomach while keeping the intense pressure on causing immense pain. I thought he might burst my belly. I pleaded with him to give my belly a break even for just a second. I guess he took pity on me because he got off and I managed to crawl to the toilet on my hands and knees and threw up. He came behind me and squeezed very hard right in the center of my tummy making me puke more and more. He held in my belly as a puked and when I was finished he kicked me very hard in the pit of my belly 3 times. He flipped me to my back and rubbed my belly deeply then sat on my lower belly until I blacked out. I wish had someone to do this to me again preferably a man.

  • I would like to do that. are u an indian?

  • This clearly isn't a victim from the past - this is a fantasy posted by somebody, i think a male. I'm reading several stories, and i'm actually getting the idea that most stories are the work of one man who identifies with the stories, but not as a cautionary tale from the past but confessing a current fantasy he feels guilty about.
    I think you need to be braver, mate (shed your fake concerns), and get some consenting girlfriends/boyfriends, rather than whine here and feel guilty.

  • Here

  • Please post your email so I can contact you

  • I am a 26 year old women I love laying on my friends belly and listening to people's belly growl when they are starving

  • Sounds relaxing

  • I'm a 20 year old female with a belly fetish I want everything done to my weak soft tummy. Punching, sitting, pumping like CPR, deep pressure, trampling, belly rubs, ect I love it when a punch or pumping is unexpected that way I'm taken by surprise and it hurts a lot more doubling me over holding my hurting belly with both hands a** up moaning how much you've destroyed my stomach. Is there any male interested??

  • I m also interested ...

  • Mee

  • I would love to have a chance to talk to you

  • I have a female Belly fetish (I'm a guy), and would love to pump/punch your soft belly!

  • Yes, I'm interested, my email is

  • Yes I am interested in sitting on your stomach myemailidissouvickbhattacharyya43@gmail is

  • Yes I'm souvick

  • Yes i am..mail at

  • I like giving it to pretty girls in the stomach.......hard, making them hurt and double them way over cuz I have ass fetish too!

  • What's your email I'd love to get in contact with you I'm female


  • My email is


  • Hi am interested to sit on you soft stomach. I will sit on u till u say stop. Please text me in mail

    Or call 7741071525

  • I'm a male and interested in doing this to you.

  • Do you have kiik. ?

  • Can you post your email?


  • I'm interested! Lets chat!

  • How can I contact you? Post you email

  • I have the same fetish. I am male 48 with Ceribal Palsy and the one thing I love is anything to do with my bare tummy, Like physiotherapy.


  • Yes I can do it for you

  • How can I contact you? Are you male?

  • Certainly wish I had some one close by that wanted to rub my belly. And help my stomach digest by pushing into it when it's full.
    If my stomach is empty I'd love you feel some fists pushing deeply into my bare belly pushed out in wait.
    Anyone want to role play.

  • When I was a boy, my older teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach a good inch to two inches deep. She often did this openly right out in front of our family, and it was secretly affecting me in ways nobody (including probably her) ever recognized. But nobody ever thought anything of it, in fact they usually paid no attention to the peculiar way she was holding my stomach in.

    This led to me getting my babysitter to hold me on her lap the same way, only with her hands kept pulled back into my stomach much, MUCH tighter. So tight it felt like she was going to snap me in two. She was a big brawny farmgirl, and I think she found this a simple way to keep me entertained, and keep me held silent and still whenever she was watching TV. I loved it, though I know I would have died if anyone else had ever seen the strange way she held my stomach back in so excruciatingly tight, lol!

  • I love having my belly pressed, I always like the idea of having someone's huge fist sunk in my belly and i writhe under his fist in pain. I also like to be punched in my lower belly where the fist would sink deep in my belly.

  • Are u female. wanna talk more find me at

  • My hub loves hard stomach trampling. He does it quite often. Even I have started loving it so much that so many times, I have almost blacked out when he stands with both his feet on my stomach or when he is sitting and bouncing very h****** my stomach. I sometimes feel that I'll faint but none of us is ready to give up on it.

  • Nice couple. indian?

  • Weird j*** off!
    today, was a kind day. kind because, i met a lotta people and i made out with one of them. i met ma childhood friends Erythia and Sam. then we went out for lunch and played some games in the park. then after they left i browsed some toon p*** and masturbated to it. it was also the fact that Erythia had turned into a beautiful woman, with nice burgundy dyed hair and nice and firm looking b**** and good amount of ass topped with all her white skin. i was in awe, when i saw her after(must have been around 4-5 years) a long time and was thoroughly overwhelmed to notice how curvaceous she had become. so basically i was jerking off to Erythia, watching hentai. how weird could it be! But wait, it ain't over! i dunno i must've been on a s** frenzy i guess. it was raining today and it felt quite cold. so i was wrapped in ma blanket and was feeling cozy and everything, when ma cat Mori jumped in the bed and started rubbing herself off my face. i dunno the warmth of the blanket, superimposed with the nice furry touch of my face and plus Erythia's voluptuousness, all in all made me go for one more shot. and so i came. i felt good and had a nice nap thereafter (as i had fallen asleep with all that buttery snug and intimacy). so i got up to find my hand inside my undies and all coated with the stickiness of the whitish cream and who esle but Mori sleeping beside me. but even after waking up i still had the image of Erythia's tight nipples and round bums in my mind. And yeah! she's got a tattoo down her waist which i had seen while she hauled herself down the see-saw.

  • LOL - lots of people have irrational things that turn them on. This seems to one of yours. Accept it and enjoy it!

  • If any of you have belly fetishes we can talk here bellypunchrp :D

  • Where we can talk? please add email id is:

  • My kick down there

  • Hi wgats up

  • Sitting or standing on a woman's stomach is immediately refreshing and destressing. Come back after a long, hectic day and sit on a woman's stomach for 30 minutes quietly and you will see how the mood changes. Bouncing on the stomach destresses even faster but the fastest destressing occurs when you stand on the woman's stomach alternating partial and full weightt

  • I am 43 yr old male. I also regularly sit on my wife's belly. Especially, on those days, when I feel a little tired after long day's Office work.

  • I'd love it if someone did that to me!

  • Men would be more than ready to do it to you. Most men love trampling, the harder, the better.

  • I allow my man to stand full weight on my stomach or b****** for a few seconds but I don't allow him to wear shoes when he is standing on me.

  • Men who have been regularly sitting or standing on women must have felt the destressing effect quite often.

  • Desire to sit or stand on a woman's stomach or chest is so normal that it can't be labelled as a fetish. Most men and women don't go for it because they are scared of injuring the woman. It is a harmless practice. A well cushioned mattress is needed and weight on the woman's stomach or chest should be gradually increased, first sitting and then standing.

  • Any pakistani women here who like this stuff

  • Hi kick me at bellypunchrp ;)

  • Hi I am 18 year old boy and I have been sitting on many women's stomachs. But, I could not be able to sit on any woman for long hours. Once I sat on one of my friend's mom's belly for maximum time i.e. only 15 minutes. Please, suggest me,how can I convince other women to let me sit on their belly for long hours.

  • Please describe in detail how you persuaded her doing that.

  • This incident happened almost 7 months ago. Me and my friend's mom had a fun wrestling match. She was a big woman with long fleshy arms and a good 140-145 lbs. body weight. She was wearing a off white saree and arm cut blouse or something I don't remember now. After few minutes I forced her to lay on her back. I straddled her body and stood up over her midsection by grabbing her fists. Then, I took her both fists in my one fist and with my other hand I removed her pallu from her belly and lowered down her saree far down her navel and made a quite good space to sit on her belly. I figured that she had gathered a good amount of belly fat. I targeted her navel area and sat down on her bare stomach by spreading my knees to the both sides of her body. I realized that her belly fleshes around her navel and abdomen were very soft and puffy and it really was soothing to me as I was sitting on it. As it was a fun wrestling I started tickling her and I could see that she was taking my weight on her belly pretty easily, not like other women who are complaining constantly. So, I kept on sitting on her bare belly and kept trying to pin her arms on bed. I tried to convince her that I was stronger than her as I was sitting on her belly by pinning her. We kept talking like that and were having jokes on each other and I was still sitting on her stomach. Actually, I was enjoying it. But after almost 15 minutes I was a little out of mind and she could be able to dislodge me from her top. After being dislodge I tried to gain my position once again on her top, but I failed. So, that's the story.

  • I badly used to want to sit on my best friend's mom. I had few chances, but couldn't make it. She is almost 50 now, but still I would love to ride on her fat soft bare belly, if she allows.

  • You are lucky guy any woman contact me in India my I'd is

  • You can sit on mine if you want. When I was a child, a school friend pressed my tummy in, several times when I was standing with my back to a wall. The pressure on my tummy caused me to wheeze out air each time. She did it several times, and walked away with a pervy look on her face .

  • I m frm kolkata..can u mail me at
    i wan to sit on fem stomach


  • How can I contact u am 23year old boy

  • Want to sit on a boys stomach

  • I would really love to sit on you. i am 22 now and so can't sit on any lady. i sat on a girl's tummy last time was almost a year ago-it was my girl friend's belly. but since we broke up (for some reasons) i found no other girl to sit on. i am dying to sit on a girl's belly and i am ready to give you anything if you let me sit on your belly. please let me know your email id. thanks in advance.

  • I wud love to sit on u

  • How can I contact you?

  • Write me up at

  • Bellypunchrp * sorry

  • I'm 18. I do on girls.

  • Please contact me for SF I want woman ho do this

  • When he wants to focus on my belly and b****** both, he makes me lie on a cushioned mattress. Then he ties a cloth on my eyes and ties my hands above the head. Then he sits full weight on my stomach. Now using my b****** as punch pads, he punches them moderately hard. A bra with light padding is must to avoid damage to breast tissue while too much padding kills the sensation.
    The other pose is somewhat intense.Here, he comes on all the fours on my body in quadruped style, both his hands on my b****** and both the knees and shins on the stomach. Both b****** and stomach take his entire weight.He keeps it varying by sometimes putting more pressure on b******, sometimes on stomach. He also churns my stomach hard with his knees one by one. The pose is exhausting but gives intense pleasure. When he grabs me on the bed and pounces on all the fours on me, I never resist. I deeply enjoy it.


  • Punching the stomach is great but kicking is awesome too. I like my stomach and my b****** getting kicked hard. When I am lying on the floor and he is sitting on the bed or chair, he keeps his feet on me. Then he churns my b****** and my stomach hard with his feet. He then sometimes lifts his feet up in the air and then brings them down on my b****** and belly with force, giving an awesome kick and getting a big " aaaah" from me.
    Churning the stomach with knees or ankles is also awesome. For using ankles , again he has to sit onthe bed and poke his ankles hard and deep in the belly or b******.

  • My husband used to stand by putting some weight on my belly and b******.I am thin and he is 45 pounds more than me. Sometimes, I lie down on the floor. He removes my shirt and sits on the bed.Then he keeps his feet on my b****** and belly and applies partial pressure on them in a semi standing pose. Yesterday, he stood full weight on my brests but I could take it only for a few seconds.I felt breathless and feared that my ribs would crack. Though being stood on with partial weight is a big turn on.

  • My husband keeps a pillow under my lower back so that my stomach is arched upwards. Then he sits full weight on my stomach. He also bounces hard. He sits full weight on my b****** too.Though I enjoy being sat on the b****** but I can't take b*** sitting for more than 5 minutes. Also, no bouncing on b****. Are there any women who can take b*** sitting for long? I can take stomach bouncing on hard floor as well without the pillow.

  • I will sit on your B****

  • And not only sitting and hard bouncing, I also like when he stands full weight on my stomach. I am very thin and my navel is almost crushed down to my spine under his weight. I black out many times but I love the feeling of my stomach getting crushed under his feet.

  • I sat on many belly and i love to sit on the soft part. all women love it, will you allow me to sit on your belly.? my weight is 65 kg

  • Please sit on my belly!

  • If u are from kolkata thn mail me at
    i will sit on u

  • I would really love to sit on your belly. i am 22 now and so can't sit on any lady. i sat on a girl's tummy last time was almost a year ago-it was my girl friend's belly. but since we broke up (for some reasons) i found no other girl to sit on. i am dying to sit on a girl's belly and i am ready to give you anything if you let me sit on your belly. please let me know your email id. thanks in advance.

  • Yeah....all women love it. Though girls weigh a lot less, somewhere close to 50 kgs but they can bear full sitting weight of men 20-30 kgs more than their weight with some practice. 65 kgs is not an issue. I weigh 51 kgs and my partner weighs 75 kgs.

  • Hack admin –>

  • Trying to simulate the feeling of being punched in the stomach is a challenge. As is finding a guy that would focus on my belly, and punching my stomach

  • We are all a rare breed, lol

  • I would love to punch you in the belly

  • Pleas call me

  • Let me know number.

  • I love the feeling of deep pressure in my belly as well. I like idea of role play a doctor that wants to give me a belly exam. Then pushes into my full stomach, feeling the food move as it is pushed deeper. Pumping my stomach as I push my belly up for more. Moaning about my stomach ache.

  • Kick me at bellypunchrp so we can role play

  • After a few days of our relationship, he told me that my waistline is so thin that he fantasizes to crush it under his feet. Seemed strange but I agreed. As I lay on the cushioned mattress, he placed one foot on the mattress and the other one on my belly. Then he started alternating the pressure between the two feet. Gosh..... I became mad with excitement. Then he placed the other foot also on my belly and stood with his full weight sinking deep into my belly. Never felt so much excitement before.

  • Are you a girl?

  • Yes.

  • Mail me at
    i want to trmple ur stomach

  • My fantasy is to be tied with my arms up, and to have some pillow under my back so my back is arched and my stomach is up. I want a man, or a woman, to punch me but more than a punch to knock the wind out of me I want his/her hand to sink deep and slow, in the upper stomach, in the center, in the lower stomach.I want him/her to crush my throat . I want him to kiss me and when I'm distracted punch me, not leaving my mouth gasping for air while still sinking into my stomach.
    I want him/her to sink his/her knee into my stomach.
    I want him/her to sit on me full weight.e7a4

  • I love that too! We can talk on kick bellypunchrp

  • Hay am Indian boy I also stomach fetish I want punch to stomach I want to sit to woman stomach &riding ,lisning ,pressuring stomach please contact anywoman

  • How can I contact you? My belly needs you

  • My email I'd is

  • Hi im

  • Send your contact no

  • Send your I'd

  • You can contact me. my id is: i am an indian, 22 yrs old and 130 pounds. i would love to punch and ride on your belly.

  • Hello. I'd love to be punched and sat on please talk to me on kick bellypunchrp ;)

  • All Indian women love men who sit on their stomach or chest. With some practice, they can bear a man standing full weight on their stomach for few seconds.

  • Any woman who do this for me in India I feel am lucky am 23year old boy any women contact me age is no matter am good belly sitter

  • How to increase girl's stamina to bear my weight on her stomach for a long time?
    Please give tips, tricks, experience etc...

  • Practice makes perfect. Start out with her lying on a soft mattress. Straddle her with your knees on the mattress supporting all your weight. SLOWLY let your weight down on her stomach and only as much as she is comfortable with. Only do this for 5 minutes and lift your weight off her. Tell her how much you enjoy it and praise her. Let your weight down again. This time a little more for a little longer. Again praise her. Over time she will build up stamina. That is the way it should be done. My experience was a lot more rocky. I'm a guy and I enjoy having a woman sit on me. About 5 years ago I asked my girlfriend to sit on ne. She was willing and only weighed about 120 pounds or less, and I don't think she realized how heavy even a small person could be to a person unused to supporting another person's weight. AND I was lying on a hard surface. She sat full weight on my chest and stomach for about 45 minutes. She asked me if I enjoyed myself. I told her yes even though I was having difficulty breathing and my heart was racing. It did feel good and over time I built up strength and stamina. Now I can have a a 250 pound woman sit on me for an extended time no problem.

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  • When I was a junior in HS I started driving I had a part time job in addition to cutting a few yards. I had one customer a female then mid 40's who would pay me to sit on her stomach. She was an attractive lady who obviously had a fetish and used me to fulfill it. Its a long story as to how she went about asking me, I knew her for a long time and was very comfortable around her and before this started she used to make those flirty comments that women her age often do. Anyway, about once or twice a week she would call me to come over and do this for her. The first time it was just sitting but then after sitting for a while she would take my shoes off and start smelling and kissing my feet. I felt really weird at first but then I started to enjoy it. After about 6 months she asked me if I could talk my girlfriend into coming over with me and participating. Now keep in mind I did this for gas money she was also offering to pay my GF, so I told my GF and she was in disbelief. I had to take her to the woman's house and prove it to her, so the lady explained things to her and she thought it extremely strange but because of the cash, finally agreed . So my GF started going with me on Friday nights, we would take turns sitting on her for about 30 min. at a time until she had enough that varied from 2-5 hours. She particularly liked the smell of my GF's feet. After a couple of weeks things got a bit more strange..............
    This lady with what I now know as a foot fetish wanted me and my GF to both sit on her at the same time, while making out, so we did, this is what she wanted, I sat on her stomach backwards and my GF straddled my lap facing me. My GF then with her legs wrapped around me kicked off her shoes and started making the woman smell her feet while she was kissing me. This was a HUGE turn on for this lady, she said she liked hearing our kissing. We did that for her two different times the lady gave us $100.00 each.

  • I want this type of woman. i do not need any money but if she let me sit on her belly as long as i want that would be all. my email id is:

  • IWant this type of woman context me

  • HI I AM ALI i sit on my gf Evry day

  • How girls can bear a man's weight on her stomach? isn't it harmful?

  • I have a similar story.

  • Please share your story with us.

  • I have heard of this before but its is most often two females sitting on a male.


  • My wife and her best friend have sat double on me before,

  • I am 19 years old from Niagara falls Ontario Canada and I love bellies and belly button especially deep ones and want to find people near me that have the same type of fetish as me I also love being tickled so if ur into this stuff please message me

  • I am French, I have 14 years and I like to hear rumbling bellies mostly men (I am not gay ...) ... so if you could make video of your belly to me would be great! (but free !!)
    if you are interresser contact me on kik: love growl
    thank you :)


  • Sit on my stomach

  • I am ready to sit your belly

  • Please let me sit. are you female?

  • Hi can i sit on you

  • I'm female and have a very soft tummy please use my belly

  • I wanna to sit on your ssoft belly ...

  • I want to sit on your soft belly

  • I have this fetish too, can contact me on, male 40 years from South Kolkata

  • I am souvickbhattacharyya. I wanted to sit on your stomach my email I'd is

  • Pleas contact me

  • Soft tummies are so sexy

  • I want sit on you please let me do it .how can i contact with you

  • Please let me sit are you female

  • Please let me sit on ur tummy. my email id is: me please asap.

  • How it is possible for 2 hours?

  • I am a 17 years old boy of 125 pounds and i am looking for strong heavy women who will agree to sit on me and try to pin me down in a straddling position

  • Im a 19 year old male with a love for stomach noises
    i also like when females listen to my stomach as well so to some of you girls on here i could be potential boyfriend material lol
    Any females want to chat about this fetish email me
    would like to meet someone in NYC with this fetish

  • I am a guy and I am 16 years old. I love girls stomachs and I am attracted when a girl has a stomach ache. I find this fetish wierd but still. Anyone interested to talk with me may give me their ID or kik.

  • I'm blond with skinny belly and i'm coming from France... In my country this kind of fetish isn't normal that's why i need to come here... i still hope that my bf. Will put his ear on my little gurgling stomach because it's turn me so on . ..!! I never had problem to find a boyfriend.. They told me that to was beautiful and sexy but No one share my fetish. Today i'm too shy to speak with my boyfriend. it's seems like i am the only one who loves it in France and i'm so sad about it, Tummy noises are so sexy i just love it... When i was little a friend of mine used to fall asleep on my belly. He told me that my hungry tummy wanted some food but that he doesn't want me to feed it because he wanted to stay on it and listen all my weird noises. I was 10 but it was so exiting...! I remember that i could felt my stomach searching some food in me. It was growling so loud...I always wanted to meet someone to do that again with me and make love with me after that .. ?

    Sorry for my English..!

  • Can I sit on your stomach as well?

  • I would love to do that, email me at

  • Can i contact you? Im a girl

  • Where are you?

  • Contact me at for stomach sitting

  • When my hubby sat on my tummy first time, I was scared a lot. But I could manage for some minutes. Then he made it a regular practice. Now I can bear his full weight for one hour. He does it daily. I am also habitual of it. He is doing it for last 20 years. Now we both are 55. Still I can manage his weight.

  • Good

  • Age is not a matter. I am 62 and my husband is 64. But He still sits on my stomach almost daily, since the first day of our marriage. I can bear his weight without problem.

  • Does he like to sit I. Your bare belly? When I sit on a woman I love to lift her shirt up a bit. Bare belly is always warmer!

  • Please share more experience.

  • Its new for me

  • I have sat on many women. When I was a chil a next door neighbor would let me sit on her. I would lift her shirt up and sit on her bare belly, wiggling and going up and down. Please share a story with me and I'll tell you more

  • Ohh i had similar experience with my mom. i always used to push her saree aside when i was going to sit on her belly. then i grew up and my mother refused to take me saying that i was too heavy for her. but whenever i see any other kid in my family sitting on her i get real angry.

  • Contact me

  • Tell me your story are u Indian because u used object saree

  • Iam seemab i was sitting my gf stomach last 1year .it really sexy feeling.

  • I want to sit on your big ass mom

  • I had my bf sit on my belly during foreplay a couple of times. I lifted him up and down a little bit. It felt amazing to have him sit in my belly and ride me. usually he would then move up to sit on my chest. he did not have a belly fetish.

  • I wish you were my gf. we both could enjoy then.

  • Does anybody else like to sit on a woman's bare belly for the warmth?

  • Yes. I do like much.

  • Hi all "belly girls and woman's" I like very much belly fetish. I am 40 years old man. I like to find some new friend's who has a same fetish. I like to role play over internet all kind of belly play. Send e-mail to me.

  • Yes am same fetish I mail u very soon

  • Wanna RP here?

  • Kick me at bellypunchrp

  • Hey i have the same thing can we talk more through email?????
    i'm on fb my name is john bills my pro pic is skull with cross bones

  • Some girl who lives in iceland who wants to get her belly squashed?

  • Eihnhver stelpa herna á klakanum sem vill lát kremja sig?

  • I'm a nice guy I am 24 years old and are looking for people who would like and they give pleasure being trampled, punished and may even jump on their stomachs. fantasies and pleasures if you like that look for me on this email address and there and maybe we can talk more and meet me

  • Are u Indian?

  • You would like to do this to someone? or you would like them to do it to you?

  • I would like to have all of those things done to my stomach

  • Where r u?

  • I do a lot of stomach growling videos. Here's an example of one

  • Do you have kik? Mines aqcgago
    kik me please!

  • I do a lot of stomach growling videos. They are at

  • I'm a 42 year old guy and have had a female stomach fetish all my life. I always fanaticize about sinking my hand or fist into an attractive woman's abdomen when she is not expecting it and knocking the wind right out of her. Just so I could watch her bend way over holding her belly in pain. The deep noise she would make and watching her bend way over. I find that a huge sexual turn on.
    But I only made this fantasy a reality one time. I was 22 and my girlfriend was 25. We were fooling around and I lost control. I punched her hard in the middle of her abdomen and I felt my fist sink really deep into her soft stomach. She was shocked and in a lot of pain. She went OOOOHH !! Then slowly hent all the way over holding her belly with both hands. Her mouth was open and gasping for air. Her eyes went cross eyed from the severe pain in her stomach. I watched her whole reaction and was so turned on by her that I never forgot it.
    Another time recently, my girlfriend new I had a female stomach fetish and she liked it. I stripped her down to her underwear and bra. Then I had her stand sideways in front of me. Then I placed my left hand on her back for support and pushed deeply into her soft relaxed belly with my right hand. I would feel her guts on my hand and watch it burry into her sexy soft belly. This one time I pressed too hard and buried my hand too deep into her soft abdomen. She went OOOOOHHH, and doubled way over in pain. She said to me as she doubled over, "OOOOHHH you buried my stomach in". When she folded over she said, "OOOHHH you knocked the wind out of me honey". "OOOHHH my stomach, I can't breathe".
    She was so sexy and had a very full body. I watched my hand sink into her sexy soft belly and then watched her ass go up in the air when she doubled all the way over.
    So this is my true fetish story. Women have beautiful and sexy stomachs. It's so sexy to feel your hand sink deep into a beautiful girls soft belly and watch her bend over and go OOOOHHH !!

  • Please do this to my soft belly!!!

  • Are you sure about that. This really happened and she was not acting. I punched her in the stomach and knocked the wind out of her.
    Do you know how that feels? My ex-girlfriend just held her belly and the pain really made her bend all the way over and moan, "OOOHHH my stomach, OOOHHHH.
    It turned me on watching her hold her sexy hot soft belly and make a deep noise in pain. She also said to me, "OOHHH god you sunk it all the way into my stomach hon."
    She was really in so much pain and doubled over right in front of me.
    But it turned me on so intensely. Her body was so sexy and I never forgot how it felt on my hand when I sunk it deep into her relaxed soft abdomen. It was the softest thing I ever sunk my hand into. Send me a message on yahoo IM. My ID is rac7139. We will talk sexy.

  • Wow. We can talk on kick here bellypunchrp ;)

  • I'm a girl who would love that . Fist in my soft belly. Making me moan, "oh my stomach ". Pushing your hands into my belly very deeply. Making my stomach hurt. Pump your fist into the pit of my stomach.

  • No I don't babe. I would get on it if we could touch base again. I didn't expect any girls to reply to me about my female belly and navel fetish. I would be happy to give you my email address and Yahoo IM ID. Yahoo IM ID is rac7139.
    I got into the belly punching fetish fantasy long after my regular fetish for female bellies and navels started. I remember that a boy in school hit me in the stomach one day and knocked the wind right out of me. Girls were around in the class and I tried not to show how much pain I was in. But he knocked the wind right out of me and I just ended up holding my abdomen with both hands and bending way over forward right in front of the girls. It was embarrassing and I remember hearing comments from some of them as I doubled over. Like, "Oh he hit him right in the stomach, OOHHH he is in so much pain. Oh he just held his stomach and bent way over in pain."
    Then I was teased by a few of those girls for a long time after. Like if one of the girls saw me somewhere, she would look at me and say to me, "OOOHHH !" Then pretend to double over in pain.
    But I wanted to see a hot girl get socked in the abdomen and fold over in stomach pain. So I sucker punched my girlfriend in the abdomen one day and watched her reaction. Oh my god was that sexy hot !

  • You have a Twitter?

  • No. Yahoo IM

  • Would enjoy this in my stomach

  • Hi I'm 18 and I'm a girl I'd like to talk to you btw my names Sally

  • Sure Sally. Yahoo IM and my ID is rac7139

  • Email address Sally? Will ride our stomach. 75kg

  • OK Sally, I'm the guy who wrote the story you replied too. About how I punched my ex girlfriend in the stomach and watched her bend over holding her belly in pain, and how I accidentally doubled over my ex girlfriend when she let me sink my hand as deep as I could into her relaxed soft belly. Would you like to email or IM me?

  • You can also talk to me am Indian boy

  • I also have this fetish, and I'd love to have a girlfriend that would allow me to listen to her stomach. I've never really gotten the chance to but it would be amazing.

  • I'm a 15 year old guy and would love to have a girlfriend who would let me lay on her stomach and listen to it and I would love to let her listen to mine

  • Kik me totmason15

  • Memememe

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • Because everyone hates them, but the real people the suck are the russians

  • Too many of anything and it sucks.

  • I am a male and I love listening to a females stomach growling. I was wondering if there were any girls out there who would like to set challenges with me to see what cool noises we can get out of each other's stomachs. Reply to this message with your kik/email if you're interested

  • I am 19 years old and have been with my boyfriend for over a year. I didn't even think about stomachs or my own as anything sexual before. My boyfriend came to me very shyly with his confession. He has a huge fetish for punching a girls stomach. Not to hurt them but there is something in the way I sound when the air escapes me that gets him going. I told him it was fine and that he can do it. I love to please my man and it doesn't hurt. I soon began to like it and now beg for it. It brought a lot of life to our s** life and really helped our relationship. I don't think I could ever be attracted to a belly gurgling, but i love when he can take a hard punch and see him squirm as he makes moaning gasps. His fetish has grown more serious now because i can take his hardest hits and get pleasure from it. It's best in the middle of o***** having your naval punched. TRY IT!! You'll thank me later ;)

  • ....doubled over stomach holding which can be faked, pretended or acted out easily with no real pain required. So that's my first stomach fetish.

    The other has to do with the hitting of girls in the stomach. It is derived from the first stomach fetish and is really just a means to the end of bend over stomach holding. I am highly sexually aroused by the thought of pretty girls being hit by any means in the stomach. Their reactions and eventual doubled over stomach holding plays right in the first stomach fetish and just like the first I used to actually punch and hit girls in the stomach in varying degrees of force and impact but I again grew out of the actual need to hit finding that being playful with lite hitting, pretending, acting out and faking. Is far more stimulating than actually punching girls in the stomach. Though it's still a fantasy and I still like seeing girls get hit and hurt in the stomach in specialty videos and pics, etc. Just like my total obsession with doggy style a*** for so long before actual experience taught me that it's rather impractical and I didn't really like doing it, but I still think it looks scorching hot seeing it and fantasizing about it.

    So those are my two stomach fetishes and how I believe they came into being for me. Pretty girls doubled over stomach holding and pretty girls hit and hurting in the stomach. Faked, pretended and acted out as in foreplay. There are some girls into having real stomach aches and also some into getting punched in the stomach. But there are far more into pretending to have a bend over stomach or play act getting punched in the stomach. Even if not into either of those, it relatively easy to talk a girl into them versus waiting for them to have real bend over stomach pains or punching them in the stomach for real.

  • ...,TV wasn't as explicit as it is now. I did see some women get shot or arrowed in the stomach and that intrigued me but wasn't ideal as they usually died. I began to imagine my teachers impaled on things like huge pointed cones and other things that would cause them stomach pain but would not kill them. This went on for years even into pre-puberty. I didn't know then but I found out later that I got erections when fantasizing about my pretty teaching hurting and getting hurt in the stomach. This started in fourth grade. We had a really attractive teacher and she wore short skirts a lot. And bent over what I thought was a lot and we saw her panties often. Of course, when she did that I imagined it was due to her hurting in the stomach for some reason. Or no reason. I still didn't know what was what until years later but I started getting erections then. I just thought that "that thing" did "that" sometimes. I had no idea it was connected to what I was seeing and imagining about the bending over and the stomach pains and me comforting a pretty teacher/woman who was hurting in the stomach. Again, at that time I knew nothing about s**. This must be where my s** wires got crossed, because as I hit puberty and I did learn about s** but still not intimately familiar with the female anatomy to the point where I knew where everything was exactly, I figured since I was already getting sexually aroused by women bent over that I could only have s** with them bent over i.e, rear penetration. That brings up why I had such a fascination with doggy style a*** s** for so long. I eventually go over that but still prefers doggy style vaginal rear entry strictly based on the bent over position. Explains my extreme fetish for female ass. But my particular stomach fetish explained here is about bend over stomach pain/stomach holding. Real pain used to be a requirement from early on and for quite some time until I realized that my fetish had to do basically with the visuals of the......

  • I know it's weird but I'm not alone. I have two separate and distinct stomach fetishes though they both end up having the acme effect on me. A guy and I've had a fascination with pretty girls bent over and holding their stomachs in pain since I was very young, way before I had any idea what s** was. I mean like since I was 3 or 4. I don't know how it started. If I saw something on tv or what. But I know it must've had something to do with me thinking at that young age that I could get a pretty women to like me if I comforted them while they were hurting in some way. Why that needed to be stomach pain is a mystery but may have been due to my fascination with women bent over. I guess I learned early that women would bend over if they were hurting in the stomach. So I wanted to comfort them while they were hurting in the stomach. It was very innocent. I simply wanted to comfort a woman in pain in hopes that she would then like me. When I started school I of course had crushes one teachers. I always imagined them having stomach aches and stomach pains. And it really distracted me if they ever bent over for any reason. I always imagined it was due to stomach pain. I would carry these images home with me in my mind and continue to fantasize. I did this with my moms friends that I thought were pretty and the women I saw on tv and in movies. Oddly I only fantasized this way with grown women or girls way older like teenagers. Never girls in my class or my age, though I thought some were cute and liked them, I never imagined them bent over with stomach pains. After a while, maybe by middle/end of 1st grade I noticed wen didn't have bend over stomach pains a lot. Or so it seemed to me they didn't. So started to imagine was I women could be hurt or injured/wounded in the stomach to cause it to hurt them. Still, this was all intended for me to come to their aid and comfort them in their stomach pain. I was short on imagination about such things at such a young age and tv wasn't

  • Stomach is a passion of many.

  • I would love barefoot trampling on a relaxed stomach, foot gagging, foot on throat choking, throat sitting, throat standing....

  • Do you want to sit on and stand on someone? or do you want them to sit and stand on you? are you male or female? (I am female and fantasise about someone doing this to me!)

  • I have this similar fetish; I am male 40 years from South Kolkata, contact me on

  • I am a male of in delhi. I want to sit on males stomach. If anyone interested please call me. My number is nine two seven double eight four six seven six seven. Is there anyone guy that I can sit on his stomach

  • I would like to sit on their stomach for long time

  • I wan to do this..mail me at

  • I love too do it for you but am a Indian boy if any India girl love to it call me

  • I would like :
    - Chest and stomach sitting. Fullweight ofcourse (legs extended so that all weight is on the ass)
    - Butt-drops on chest, stomach and face if you can handle it.
    - Getting squashed underneath the leg of a chair or similar. The perfect furniture would be a bar-stool with just a round base, instead of legs. Have her place it on you (chest, stomach or even face) and have her sit on it just like normal.
    - Face-sitting.

  • I'd let her sit on my belly, my face, my lap, my nuts h*** anywhere she wants to sit on my body it dont matter with me.

  • Enjoy hard fullweight chest sitting on the floor

  • It really feels good to fondle and press the stomach of girls. it is our routine foreplay. during this i sit on gf stomach. it gives high level sexual satisfaction. my some friends do such play. we share our experiences. only sitting is also good but straddling stomach is awesome. riding stomach can give pleasure for long time. it is harmless fetish. it is too much enjoying that once one started doing it shall continue it.

  • I love sitting on a woman's stomach too. I love to lift their shirt up and get the full warmth and softness

  • Is it stomach sitting dangerous? My weight is 50 kg and his weight is 80 kg. He always sits on my stomach by putting moderate pressure. But he wants to sit with full weight. I fear that it will harm my stomach or create some abdominal disturbance. Can I take his full weight?

  • I am 117 pounds and he weighs 156 pounds. I am thin but I can take his full weight when he stands with both his feet on my tummy. It feels great when the tummy sinks deep under his weight. Only need to do that on a cushioned mattress till one develops enough stamina to support the entire body weight on hard floor.

  • No danger in getting sat on full weight.. Just relax your belly and let the weight sink. You'll see it gets easier if you practice this a few times.. So don't worry about "just sitting" on your belly.. Pull your legs up as backrest en let him place his feet next to your head and enjoy eachother

  • Yes you can take his full weight, if you really want to...It's not dangerous.. It's just the weight pressing your belly flat..It's not like there is some one jumping on your stomach..
    Just relax, don't try to use your stomach muscles to make it easy or do not tense your stomach muscles... If you do that you won't last long.. So relax your body..
    If you relax and do it right you feel his weight sink into your stomach and that's the best feeling for the sitter because you will feel soft he even can feel your heart beating...
    And then learn to breath through your chest so your belly remains relaxed. For me this works.. I sometimes sit on my wife for a long time.. I have to say 3 hours is very long.. But an hour is possible.. My wife can take it a long time.
    So the weight difference should not be a problem for you..It's your state of mind.. Change your mental state.. then you will discover that it is possible...

  • It is possible to take a lot of weight on your stomach. I regularly allow my wife to sit on my stomach while watching tv. I find that it feels very good, sometimes I even get her to put a ball ( about half the size of a basketball)on my stomach and sit on it. She usually puts a couple of pillows on top of the ball before she sits on it.

  • But gf must be able to bear or handle a pressure on her stomach. how much and how long she can handle the pressure on her stomach.

  • Make sure you lay on a comfortable mattress or something like that..
    If after a few minutes the weight is pressing your stomach in try to relax your belly completely. Now the sitter is really sinking in and you will feel allot of pressure.. This is the moment you have to hold on...remain relaxed... After 15 minutes the "pain" feeling is gone, and you can be the best chair there is for a long time now. Breath through your chest.. The sitter will be pleased because your stomach is so soft and very comfortable to sit on for a long time.. If you can do this the only feeling you will get is that you legs become numb..
    I think it's one of the best ways to have a really long bellysit...

  • We can have lot of pressure on stomach. In the circus it was a common show that a man or woman lay on the floor. wooden planks kept on his/her stomach and an elephant made to stand on it with all his four legs. That is a capacity. But weight of your partner is too much less than an elephant. Little practice will help a lot. Lay down. Keep your stomach relax and flat. Let your partner press your stomach. Take breath through your chest. Means chest will go up and down, stomach will remain relax and flat. Let him put maximum pressure. After that Let him sit on your stomach. Let him allow to increase his weight. With little practice sitting with full weight by a man of 200 kg is not problem at all.

  • Also sitting on the b****** is good experience. for me it is no problem. we have this practice. it gives soft soothing feel. more weight on the breast is also no problem.

  • I am a male of 35 and I like to sit on the stomach of women. Generally I do it on my wife. Earlier she was resisting but now she is adjusted with the sitting on. I do it in the night as it is free time for us. We do it for 1 or 2 hours. Is there anybody who sit on wife for the sexual pleasure? If so what is your experience?

  • How to increase partner's stamina to bear my weight 140lb on her stomach for a long time? She is of 85lb. She thinks that streight sitting for long will harm her. Is it true. If not how to end that fear? How to increase (our) male stamina to sit for 1 or 2 or more hours without e**********? Please give tips, tricks, experience etc...

  • Yes I also sit on my wife, but has I get great sexual pleasure from it I e******** very quickly whole sat on her stomach. I am amazed you can sit on your wife for hours.

  • When I e********, I use to rub my b***s and **** over the soft fleshes around the navel area of my wife's stomach. We do it on almost every night. It gives us both a heavenly pleasure.

  • Have a little vodaka

  • Suggestion: have the sitter sit different ways (forward, backward, side) instead of just 1 postion.

  • I did it with my maid. she was comfortable with my full weight. i did it 4 time for about 1 hour each time. now she went to other city. my wife is not comfortable with my sitting. i do not press her very hard. i can not tell her my experience. but i hope she will allow me what i want after some practice.

  • If your wife or gf has fear of taking heavy weight on her stomach ...
    Firstly massage her stomach with palm. She will feel good and erotic...
    Then press it and increase pressure gradually...
    Then lie on her stomach. Apply little more weight at each time...
    Then try pressure with foot. Increase pressure gradually....
    When she can take sufficient weight then sit on her. Do not apply full weight in the beginning. When she will have practice of taking weight, you can apply full weight, straddle vigorously, churn up and down on her stomach or do all many other play of stomach fetish. She will have no problem, no complaint at all. Any woman can take as much load of any man. Just you have to give her sufficient and regular, continuous practice.

  • Show her stomach sitting videos. It will show her how to get a heavy load on stomach comfortably, without any trouble. It will abolish her fear of stomach sitting if she has. Once she is trained in relaxing her stomach, breathing through chest then it is very easy for you both.

  • Where it is available?

  • I do it in the night as it is free time for us. But if possible in the day also. I like to sit on upper, lower, middle stomach, waist and b****** also. It is also good feel of squeezing b****** while sitting on. I put bearable weight or more weight also. I also straddle it. She like to be laid down and let me sit and straddle. Rarely she be on me. We do it for 1 or 2 hours daily, sometime 3-4 hours also. At times we do intercourse also. It is about 8 years we are doing it. Earlier I was thinking that it is just odd to me. But by the time I found many persons having such habit or fetish of sitting on stomach. But they are reluctant to disclose it.

  • Suggestion- have the sitter sit different ways (forward, backward, side) instead of just 1 postion.

  • We all must share our experiences. It will help each other to enjoy further.

  • My hub, a fairly big man, sometimes throws me down and sits on me like that on the hard floor, and I can tell you it is really painful with his weight pushing me down on the unyielding hard floor. I can hardly breath and I usually beg to get off me. Sometimes instead of sittiing on my stomache or neck, he throws me down so that my stomache is on the floor and sits on my back. That is just as painful, and even more painful when he twists my arm behind my back. Even though I really don't like it when he is doing it to me and want him off me, I get so excited thinking about it and even find myself wanting him to sit on me again. I do not mind sitting on me, but it is painful on the bare floor. He can do it on soft foamy mattress. But he like bare hard floor. That is problem.

  • Yes... Foamy makes all the difference.. With foam fullweigth is easy..

  • Can I sit on you

  • I have similar fetish . i enjoy sitting on girl's belly. i sit more than 1-2 hours. its wonderful.

  • How old are you. Because I can help you with that.

  • I'm a 21 year old female, 5'4 and 120 lbs with a very tone and flat stomach. One night I went home with a guy I had met a few times after we went out to a bar. We started hooking up, and I definitely think he had a stomach fetish. All of the sudden he handcuffed my arms above my head to the bed and tied by legs to each of the bed posts. In this position my stomach was basically concave and I had not eaten in about 5 hours since we had been at the bar. I told him I was hungry when we left the bar and he told me we would get something to eat on the way home but we never did. As we were in the bed he started to rub my concave stomach and then pushed deeply into my stomach with both hands. He kept doing this in a pumping sort of motion and I kept moaning. I was so hungry my stomach continued to gurgle and my stomach continued to sink flatter and flatter as time went by and I wasn't given food. For about an hour he pumped my stomach so hard and then untied me. He then took me to the bathroom and tied my arms to the shower curtain pole and kissed me while holding my back with one hand and pumping my abdomen gently with his other hand. It was painful but at the same time turned me on. He was so hard just from putting so much pressure on my flat abdomen and knowing that he could do whatever he wanted to me because I could not move. After about 20 minutes, I was exhausted and my stomach began to cramp up. I thought we were done and I was ready to leave, but being weak from not eating, he picked me up and laid me flat on the bed where he began having intercourse with me and with every thrust, he would push into my stomach deeper and deeper each time. He insisted that I sleep over that night, and hold off on eating until the morning. He laid by me in bed that night and grabbed my concave, hourglass figure and pulled my body toward him by pushing my belly with his strong muscular arms. He rubbed my D cup b****** and then impregnated me that night

  • I would love to sit on you.

  • Kik me I would like to talk to you, I have some questions!

  • I'm a 15 year old guy and would love to have a girlfriend who would let me lay on her stomach and listen to it and I would love to let her listen to mine

  • I would love a boyfriend who would lay on my stomach and listen to it when it's all rumbly and hungry! I would also love to listen to your stomach, whether it's growling because of hunger, or gurgling because it's digesting! Just thought I'd say that. I have this fetish too!

  • I would love to caress your belly for hours, I would like to devour it

  • I don't know if you will see this message, but how can I contact you?

  • So glad I am not the only one with this fetish. I love it when girls push out their stomach make it look like they're pregnant, their stomach sounds (feels like I'm being digested, and when a pregnant stomach moves, well it turns me on (it feels like it's moving like Alien) Anyway, yeah I have this fetish and I'm ok with it. :)

  • Hey, I'm a 14 year old girl, yeah. I Have a fetish for mostly girls doing bloats and inflations. I noticed I had this fetish when I was around 9 or 10.. No one knows about my fetish. I've done bloats myself before also.

  • Seemabsohail7@gmail

  • Will you let me sit on your belly when you will bloat it? contact me at

  • I have a similar fetish. I'm a 15 year old bisexual girl, and I have a girlfriend. My fetish is strangely pointed at guys more than girls, so I don't really get to see any of my fetish stuff up close, but whatever. Anyways, I have a fetish for guys who are thin and sexy, but eat a LOT. Like, who eat like pigs. I've come to the concusion that nearly all men are like this, with the help of a male friend. I just love the thought of a guy eating tons of food. I also love it when a guy's stomach growls, that really gets me going, too. And I also love force feeding and overfeeding guys, too. As well as teasing boys with food when they're starving. Which would be hunger torture, right? And it's even better when the guy actually likes it! I also like laying on a guy's flat belly and listen to it growl when he's hungry. And on the flip side, I love laying on a guy's belly after he's eaten, and it's kind of swollen, and listening to it digest. And then I like it when a boy has a bellyache, because I love belly rubs, too. I love belly rubs anytime anywhere. I also enjoy putting really hard pressure into a guy's belly, weither he's hungry or full. I also like it when my girlfriend presses on my belly. It's really arousing. I also enjoy same size, non-lethal vore. I just love the look of a guy's huge belly after he's eaten. It just turns me on to no end. I'm squirming around while writing this.

  • Wow that's pretty much the same things that i like!! I'm glad to know there are more people that feels the same way that I do.
    I turns me crazy every time that a guy eats to much, or meations how hungry he is, or that his belly is growling! If you ever want to talk about it you can call me on snapchat

  • Hey please kiiikc me on bellypunchrp

  • Kik me @ jeff.m1

    I would love to talk to you about this

  • @BlueMonochrome: Hit me up on kik-bellyboy91

  • Hi, I'm a guy and I would like to say that I rly enjoy a girl putting really hard pressure on my stomach. It feels so good! You can also lay on my flat stomach and listen to the sounds. I would like to talk to you more about this! Do you have a Kik? Mine is Jeff.m1

  • I'm the right one,
    girl, 20 years old, froma london..
    how can i contact u?

  • Oh my.. we are like almost the same, i like guy's flat stomach, and i really like to put more pressure on his flat stomach to flatting it more, and then see his face expressions xD. and sitting on his stomach and bounce until he can't take it anymore.

  • I like that! Kiikc me on bellypunchrp if you want to do all this to my belly

  • Hi, I'm the same guy as the above response. If you would like you could press my flat stomach in to flatten it more! And you could also bounce on my stomach.... I love the pressure! You can kik me at Jeff.m1 I would like to talk to you more.

  • I have a giant belly fetish I love when people just put their hand on my belly it feels really good but the best thing is a really big belly rub

  • I love belly, I have a retracted abdomen. There bowel sounds. You can touch the intestines. Push in the navel. _______________________________________________________________
    My photo

  • I share your fetish, and have since I was a kid. What I like to imagine is a sick stomach that I can rub to feel better, a gurgling belly under my hand, and throwing up noises and mostly the uncontrollable reaction of the body to heave and spasm while puking. I would love to watch someone fill their belly on purpose, then antagonize it until you induce puking, and listen to the food as it erupted. I get off on someone being weaker than me and needing my support while they're sick. I don't know if my hubby notices, but he gets lots of s** when he's got a bellyache... I love to hear people talk about their stuffed bellies on youtube, but rare is the stuffing video that actually leads to vomiting. I love the taut feeling of my hubby's belly after I give him a big portion for dinner, and he moans a little when I rub it, which turns me on and gets me ready to lay close and evesdrop for digestion sounds. I would love if more youtube stuffers recorded the noises their stomachs make after a meal. I also like air bloating, because you can see the immediate discomfort of the person doing it, and their body will push it around for only a short painful time before pushing it out.writing this just makes me want to search again now- even though everyone's starting to look familier.

  • I am a 15 year old guy who loves the sound of other guyes stomach. I've liked this since I was 9, and incase you are wondering, yes I am gay. If there is anyone who shares this feeling, you can get in contact with me through kik: sequence98

  • I have this fetish too! in fact I've just opened a site for this:

  • Nice..and I love listening to people's stomach gurgle I listen to my brothers all the time and he doesn't mind. I'm 12 years old

  • I'm a guy, and I always enjoy a flat stomach roleplay. Just touching. Not squeezing or stepping on. If you're interested, email me:

  • I am a 21 year old male, I'm fit and I go to the gym 5 days a week. I would like to know if there are any girls out there that would like to press my stomach and sit on it?

  • No it's a male here. If u like

  • I'm 20 year old girl, from london, how can i contact you?

  • Sadly I'm old compared to many here, 56. But I still enjoy sitting on the stomach and being sat on. I sit on younger males and am usually successful in finding those willing to have a go. Sitting is usually preceded by playful wrestle fun then a prolonged stomach sittting session. I'd love to sit on a younger girl, just to try it.

  • Sit on me please it would be pleasure.

  • I have the same fetish, i like to listen and lay on a girl's stomach and it makes you relaxed

  • You can lay on mine

  • Cool

  • I wish I could lay on a girls stomach as long as she has a flat stomach!

  • I also like to lay on her. but i also like to sit on her stomach. i like both flat and bulgy stomach to sit on.

  • I have a soft larger belly please sit on me

  • How much large

  • My belly has some cushion you'd sink right in down to my spine if you punched it my tummy would look like a crater. I'm overweight but not gross looking.

  • I will sit on your belly. let me know where are you from.

  • I actually have that same fetish...

  • Kik Skipps217

  • Well I'm a girl, bisexual (though I like guys more) 22 yrs old and I have a thing about stomach.
    not in a sexual way, though. But I have a thing with a guy or girl having a stomachache, or touching (moreover) rubbing someone's belly. My previous boyfriend have a nice tummy, a bit pudgy (though he's not fat) and I love to rub and touch it whenever I can. I have this unexplainable euphoria whenever we're cuddling and touch his stomach. I still hope I get to soothe some any guy or girl I like's stomach when s/he got a stomachache

  • I'm an attractive 37 yr old guy with a burly stocky powerlifters build. However I do have a soft pudgy belly and I love it when a woman touches, rubs, massages, pokes, pinches, or punches it. You can contact me at

  • Your the same age is I am also 22yrs old but I am a guy and I understand that your bisexual to me it is a turn on when.I find out your bisexual I get a h****** my d*** gets really big and I love to have s** with any girl that is
    bisexual I do have a email that you can hit me up at.And I completely understand you do have a boyfriend but I just do care at this point I would also love to meet with you somewhere I do know just anywhere would be fine.Maybe we could meet at motel or somthing and lay in the bed talk about alot stuff perhaps s** you know I enjoy taking long walks on beach and listing with female haves to say thats type of guy I am I also known to be a gentlemen towards a lady. So if you like me I have a email you can reach me at phone number 562435-7863

  • I am a guy you can touch and rub my belly oh I love bellies or stomaches.

  • Can i sit on you guys stomach

  • I like when I push on a female stomach and I love to rest my head on their belly, but their just one problem when I rest my head on a girl's stomach I close my eyes and begin to go right to sleep on them.While I'm laying on their stomach.

  • I like to put mu butt on her belly.

  • I really like that too

  • You do I am wondering are you a guy or female just asking.

  • I am a girl I will loved to have my stomach rubbed. My name is Laura I am 21.

  • I am a 22 year male and i can do that. where are you from?

  • I dont mine rubbing your stomach Laura infact I love rubbing on girl stomach.

  • ^do you have a kik?

  • NO but I have email

  • Whats your email laura?

  • You can press mine!

  • Ok I'll love to

  • Male 16 from florida here, love girls bellies, stuffing them and all that, comment on post with a response if interested.

  • I wud let you rub my belly anytime. its round and juicy xD

  • R u looking for a bf to rub ur belly

  • i'm a 15 year old girl who loves to make my tummy look big, pregnant even. i've loved pretending to be pregnant since i was little and now i'm currently doing an imitation pregnancy, making my belly look pregnant and pretending i am pregnant. i LOVEEE my belly held, touched, rubbed, kissed, ad talked to as if i actually was pregnant. i am currently single and i love a good roleplay.. if any guy wants to get in touch with me, see my belly, hear it, and roleplay with me, please see my blog: or my youtube

  • If you want to stomach roleplay, send me an email:

  • I have a similar fantasy that you do. I'm a guy, 16 years old and I love to rub a girl's tummy that's bloated and pretend they are pregnant. It's just so sexy. I tried to find you on YouTube but it didn't work.

  • Ilove to sit on someones stomach..

  • I love it too

  • I also love to sit on female stomach. one of my friend also do the same with his wife.

  • Plz sit on my stomach

  • I want for you but if you female

  • Are you male or female?

  • Yes male how can I contact you

  • I am male. I would like to males stomach. R u interested with it. Then leave e message to me

  • You want sit on my stomach?

  • If you are Indian. then call me, my number is nine two seven double eight four six seven six seven

  • I want sit on your stomach. If you r a male. I am from India. From where you are?

  • If any paki girls wants to let me sit on her belly pait pls conact me im from karachi

  • I'd love to sit on a woman's bare belly too to feel the warmth and to feel it move up and down as she breathes I find that a sexual turn on especially when she moves her belly muscles like a belly dancer.

  • Email me please i want sit on you for a long time

  • Yes

  • I love sitting on female tummys but sometimes I'm in a b*** sitting mood :-)

  • Nice

  • Do you have a flat stomach?

  • I could really use a stomach rub. Fill my stomach until I am about to puke, then push deep into my stomach

  • I would!!

  • I'd love to push into your stomach until you threw up! Then I'd hold you from behind and squeeze as tightly as I could until I pushed everything up and out of your tummy! I'd press in so hard I could feel it heave and churn with sickness under my arms! And I'd press my ear into your side while I was doing this so I could hear your tummy lurch, and gurgle and heave up all the food that you are stuffed with! Then I'd lay you down and massage deeply down into your tummy guts with my hands and head, and listen to your now empty belly beg for food, and growl at me, until it was sick with hunger!!! :) Then Id make you drink beer and liquor till you were about to explode and felt sick to your tummy! Then I'd grab it on both sides and shake it, so I could hear the sloshes and upset and churn your tummy, and press deeply into it until all the liquid came spewing out as I pressed my head and hands deeply into your tummy so I could listen to the nausea churn, and slosh!!! :) Id do this to anyone who would let me squeeze their stomach into puking, lurching sickness!!! :)

  • PLEASE message me I'm a female you needs your hands deep in my tummy!!

  • Mmm thats so hot! Please kiek me on bellypunchrp ;)

  • Hi my name is Stephanie I'd love to get in touch with you btw I'm 18 and female

  • Kik me parris_parris123

  • Do you put your all weight on her stomach...

  • Full weight sitting. no harm to lower partner. have some practice. gradually increase weight. after some practice 100 kg weight is also possible.

  • I have a similar fetish, how can i get in touch with u btw im a female

  • You are Man or female?

  • I can be man or female (i mean be more femine or manly i dont mean change my sexual orinataion whenever i feel like it)

  • I have always wondered what people who don't have this fetish think of it. It seems that only people who have it would know.. Now, I don't think it necessarily has any reason behind it, people just have these. It might be rooted from when we are in our mother's womb and hear her heartbeating as well as her tummy, sounds unsettling for a moment, but it's just true and natural and it perhaps became a comforting sound that was implanted in some people. The only concern is how far someone will go to satisfy themself. Like, people who do the "stuffings" I worry for...They could rupture their stomachs :/
    But, at least it's just a natural occurrence and relatively harmless fascination. However, I think only adults should post videos--and comments disabled or monitored for approval-- because some of us lovers get too graphic lol...Anyway... I'm quite sure that it likely isn't associated with an eating disorder--which I heard someone ask once unless the person is the one creating these videos and overdoing it. But to keep the natural growling you'd have to eat regularly so I wouldn't worry too much...Anyway, I film my own tummy now...I feel conceited, but I get more satisfaction with my own rumbles these days lol although it's not necessary--I would like a guy who's into it or at least one who doesn't mind me resting near his belly. I wonder if I finally meet a guy into it only to find he's too much and makes me starve all the time or is bossy haha--of course I'd tell him that I am "Soooo hungry" and give him puppy dog eyes lol I don't know and how sexy it would be if he fed my belly--do it little by little to tease it--rest his head on my belly and fed me when I answered a question correctly--some sort of game. that I'd be okay with ;) *cough* anyway...Take turns, I'd handcuff him while he slept---when he wakes up starving, he'd discover that he can't move and I put food on top of his tummy---blindfold him---only I am okay doing it because I know I won't overdo it and really let him suffer--20 minutes. Lol anywaaaay *coughs awkardly*

  • That is definitely something I'd be into ;) Do you post your videos anywhere?


  • I'm a 33 year old male and my wife as a stomach ulcer that often hurts her so I get plenty of chances to hold her aching belly I love it when she complains about her stomach ulcer hurting and unzips her jeans and rubs her belly pains , her tummy produces too much acid so there are lots of noices coming from her stomach when it is hurting her she sometimes lets me listen and it sounds inside of her ,its amazing all the growling and rumbling going on inside her stomach she's also got the cutest navel that goes deep into her tummy .

  • Im a guy and I would like to know if there are any girls out there who have a flat stomach and would like it pressed?
    Let me know and we can talk

  • Hi I'm an 18 year old girl and I've a real flat belly, I would like to talk to you

  • Flat or bulgy... both are good to press on it. even i like to sit on her stomach very often. even daily. she can bear my weight. i am 130lb, she is 100lb. but she is habitual of taking my full load.

  • you could press my stomach when it's full, make me puke.

  • Kiek me on bellypunchrp

  • Are you a guy or girl?

  • How can i get in contact with you?

  • you're not alone man. i have had that same thing since i was younger and i am not ashamed. it is just who are you are and there is nothing wrong with it.

  • Oh... earlier i was thinking that i am alone of such stomach fetish. but there are many who enjoy sitting on tummy.

  • woah my stomach fetish is i like touching my stomach or kissing it. its rlly a turn on one time this girl in straddled me in the hallway wen it was empty and started grinding. it was so hot im a girl btw

  • I like to straddle tummy of girls.

  • Hey does anyone no what websites there are 4 this fetish


  • and youtube is great

  • YouTube only show man. Well, more men than girls. I want to see girls get trampled

  • I was thinking about posting a vid of me rubbing my stomach. I have this problem that makes my stomach bloat and i start to belch... Not normaly. It kinda bellows and it feels good after i let them go... Anyone who would enjoy this? ;)

  • ya its feel so sexy stepped on a girl belly and pushing it so long time as she feels s** i like it

  • For me also.

  • i would love to do that to a girl

  • You can do that to me I love my belly pressed hard or when I'm laying on a mattress and you put one foot on the mattress and one foot on my tummy and go back and forth with the weight pumping my belly

  • Wow, i didnt know there were so many other girls out there like me.I always look up videos on youtube of stomachs gurgling. I dont know why, but its a major turn on. I dont prefer anything, or gender or person but i just like it. None of my friends like it though, i wish at least one did. Sometimes when im home alone, i chugg strawberry milk, and because im lactose intolerant, it hurts a bit, but causes ome major sounds, and it feels really nice.


  • i always imagine a guy pushing my stomach in and me moaning. i get so wet

  • I will also do it.I will pin you down on the floor (straddle you)you will be able to feel my hot b**** and pulsating shaft pressed hard against your belly and you can moan whilst you are wriggling and writhing about underneath me. Does any of this appeal to you?

  • I love thiis! Can you kiek me onn bellypunchrp

  • It appeals to me! SummerStorms (female) I love being belly ridden.

  • Would you also like to have another woman sitting on you ?

  • ILL DO IT FOR U IF U WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please sit on my belly

  • I wud sit on u if u are a female. please mail me at vhisperinthevind at yahoo


  • I love stomachs the are really sexy and cute I think that girls eating is pretty darn Hot. I always felt weird thinking this way.

  • i also like it

  • i have a confession to make.ive always liked the human body its interesting ever since i was little.but there was one body part or section i liked the most....the stomach.i was edicted to it listening to it on youtube a seeing whats inside of it like i grew up with it im 12 and i thought it was a little strange.i thought i was a freak and i was the only one out there so this website and others helped me realize im not alone.for some reasons i only like younge male adults so i was scard that this was wrong but im not gay i love girls but when it comes to stomachs i prefer i get so duspret to hear a growl it turns me on.its so bad i sneak a growl in which means in school i find someone thats intresting alot are my friends and if there like sitting or sitting in a good postion i look to see if i can get in without them even thinking about it and i listen and sometime i get lucky and hear one it works i get so exited i sometimes put my ear on it and they dont even notice im so suprised so thats my story im scared to tell them but im afraid there think im weird and strange and they wont like me anymore so ya thats me.if you have any suggestions on ''how to steal a growl'' or tell them i would be glad see ya

  • I've never heard of someone liking the sounds of your stomach. but I love when a cute girl has a sexy belly, not 6 pack but just fit looking. idk why just do..

  • hi anyone want to talk?

  • um ew...

  • If I am ever puking, I love it when a guy comes be hind me and sqeezes my stomach in. I puke more and more, then when I am finished he gives me a stomach massage and keeps my stomach churning. He uses a stethescope and listens to the sounds and gurgles my stomach makes. I love when he pushes on my stomach, I look forearwd when I have to puke.

  • Seriously sexy

  • I love this too! Do this to me on kiiik bellypunchrp

  • That's sexy as h***

  • Yes, turns me on immensly

  • I love when my guy pushes really h****** my stomach. He loves, loves to force feed my stomach and listen to the upset stomach sounds, after a while once it digests a little, he presses down like he's giving cpr. I only puked once, but even then he kept pressing my stomach making me puke up the contents more.

  • Me to, I love it when my boyfriend force feeds my stomach to the puking point and squeezes my sick stomach. He listens to the stomach sounds and makes my stomach pay. He loves pressing down deep into my stomach, whether im sick or not, he will hold my stomach while i puke. In order to make me have an organism he has to massage my stomach and press deep, and hard as if he were doing stomach cpr. We also role play that hes the doctor and I am the patient with a sick stomach that needs to be pumped.

  • I'm a 30 year old male and I love having my belly pushed and pressed on really deep like i was recieving belly cpr too. I have done this numerous times with a gf of mine who is more than willing to explore this fetish with me.
    The first time she did this to me I honestly went to another place...
    It was the second time we were together and she asked me if I wanted a back massage and I said
    "would you give me a belly massage instead"? She said "sounds good" so I rolled over onto my back so my body was stretched out on my bed and she kneeled down beside me. I taught her how to push on my belly the way a wanted to for a few minutes and after that she was good to go.
    She began pushing straight down on my belly just above my navel for a few minutes. Going up and down like whe was performing cpr on my belly. Just the visual aspect of watching her bobbing up and down beside me with every compression was a wonderful sight to behold. I was paralized with pleasure at this point but wanted more so I remember just wispering to her "deeper" and she proceeded to push about twice as deep as she had been doing.
    This is when I started to go to another place. My man hood was hard as a rock at this point and I grabed on to it with my left hand and began to gently fondle it through my underwear. I could feel pre-c** travelling thought my p**nis at a steady rate from this point onwards. I could feel her overlapped hands squishing shrough all my guts with every thrust and hear food sloshing around in my stomach. I had my head propped up on 2 pillows so I had a good view of the action. Everty time she sunk her hands into my belly a big wave a flesh from my lower belly would ripple down towards my p**nis. The biggest visual turn on though had noghing to do with watchng my was watching how both my feet would kick up a couple of inches every time she puched deep into my belly. The whole freakin' bed was bouncing she was pushing so deep.......................

  • ...........this went on for a few minutes and it really took me to another place. I was in a state of absolute bliss.
    My gf realized what was going on and just whispered to me "ohh yeaah" while continuing to knead my belly as I watched her hands disappear inside of my belly flesh. I remember taking a huge breath of air that filled my lungs and belly and I came down from my plateau.
    After she stopped belly cpr on me I sat up a little bit and that's when I noticed the HUGE wet spot on my underwear. The entire left side of my underwear was soaked with pre-c**!
    My gf has performed belly cpr on me numerous times since then but nothing has come close to what we achieved that first time. Want to talk more about this? enail me @ nostrandvan180 @ ho t mail . c om

  • I find it good to know others have this belly fetish, but wish I could find a stomach ache partner to get some hands on this soft wide open belly.
    I fill my belly up so a stomach ache will be obvious; much better for a belly rub. I lay back and look at my full stomach. I push my belly out and suck my stomach in. I can feel my belly sloshing and the stomach pressure gets going. I put both hands on my belly and push hard into the pit of my stomach.
    Oh I wish I had some one to do this to my belly.

  • I'd love to do that for you for hours :)

  • I will do it for you

  • Hey you sound beautiful, 'anonymous'. I need some loving. I'm female so if your female sorry for creeping you out. too bad your probably never going to read this again. and too bad you probably don't live close to me either.
    i like it when my tummy is full and bloated-ish but sometimes my stomach/intestines seriously do hurt and it'd be awesome to have someone to just rub my belly. i'd seriously love that.
    but no. no ones ever rubbed my belly it sucks.

    I'll go on with my weird fetish with nobody to share it with.
    It feels like it'll always be like this.

  • You're not alone. I live in Austin, TX and feel the same way :)

  • Feel the same way i can never find anyone wit a stomach fetish sometimes tho one my female friends will let me play with hers and that helps

  • I can do it for you

  • I'd do it:3

  • ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I also enjoy deep belly pressing. I like to feel pressure when I have a stomach ache, or not. The nerves stat stimulate sexual organs root on spine in top part of the belly. So hard pit of the stomach pressure works.
    I find it hard to get some one to give my belly that kind of rub. I try to push my belly out and make a stomach ache complaint. Then if a belly rub is happening I ask to push harder almost to the point of pumping my stomach.
    How do others get some one to press into your stomach, or rub your belly?

  • Omg i love that too, i pile pillows and blankets and lay stomach down and pretend im getting im stomach pumped. When that is finished i lay on my back and press really h****** my stomach and continue the stomach pump process. It feels amazing and it makes me sexually excited. I havent told anyone about my stomach fetish and wat i do to feed the fetish until now. I'd love to have a husband who will press deep into my stomach causing it to have a heart beat.

  • Can I press your stomach, I have a stomach fetish and I want a to press a girls stomach with my stomach I cant find no one to do it with.

  • Please can you do it to me! I have a 240lb belly I would love to do that.

  • Im a young lady and I have a stomach fetish. I love having my belly pressed in to the point I feel my intestines moving underneath that persons hands. I love listening to my intestines gurgle while they press extremly hard in my stomach

  • How can i contact you? anyway, if you want to contact me, here is my email id:

  • Yes how can I contact you

  • I will press your stomach for you.I could pin you to the floor by straddling you.You would be able to feel my hot b**** and pulsating shaft pressed hard against your belly and you could wriggle and writhe around underneath me until i c** all over your body.Does any of this appeal to you?

  • Can i press your stomach by step or stand with my barefeet

  • Do that to my belly I have a very soft belly and would barely be able to resist with my weak ab muscles. Make me moan!

  • Contact me. my email id is:

  • Me too. My stomach is extremetly thin and I pump my stomach every day. It's a fantastic feeling and the different sounds are really a turn on.

  • I agree, my stomach is only about 3 inches thick and it's great to press in really deep just above the belly button and between my pointy hip bones. Sometimes I can feel the intestines moving around and the sloshing and gurgling sounds are amazing. Once I managed to pump it all day long. It's lovely to see all my ribs expand and contract when I pump in and out as well.

  • Im a young man how also has this problae i like too lisen to a girls bellie and hear her stomach i some times image myself in a girls bellie it's hot.

  • Iwish I can hear those noises =/

  • I am also a young lady (straight)I too have a stomach fetish. I would love to have a boyfriend but I think I am too young...I love it when someone gently hugs you around your stomach but I also love it being pressed on deeply, but this is no fun alone..
    I adore the feeling of being stood on by bare feet as the b**** of bare feet press inbetween the intestines.

  • I guess you're old enough to have a boyfriend now :P

  • Contact me at

  • Have you ever been punched in the belly and doubled way over from the pain?

  • Yes and a beautiful woman was watching .......she got off on it ....she told him to punch me in the belly until she walked away as i fell to the ground i could see her beautiful sexy legs just walking away all the time my belly was aching . i would love for it to happen again ...i hope to find her one day but then she would probably pay someone to punch my belly just so she could watch

  • I love this, can you be my rest or step, but how old are you?

  • how onld r u if ur around my age or younger i will do it to u if u live in bradwell or gorleston

  • I would love to press your belly. Where do you live

  • Please press mine

  • I love when someone presse h****** my stomach like cpr. I also love watching videos of people stuffing their stomachs, I want to push on it

  • Oh i am the same way, I love it when My stomach is pressed on

  • I do too I love when people touch my stomach and I love listening to them gurgle to. I love it when people rub thier stomachs and I'm not sure why all I know is that I think it's great.

  • well i love to press h****** a girl flat slim stomach

  • I love getting lost in a flabby navel

  • I love it when a guy press in my stomach and it starts to gurgle

  • I love when a guy touches or listens to my belly. I'd totally love if you did that to me.

  • And i would love to listen to your belly !

  • I love to sit on cute girl stomach...

  • I also love to sit with full wt on any woman stomach. it is good sexy feeling. even i'd love to sit for hours.

  • Sit on my stomach
    stand and jump on my belly
    press deeply

  • I was also a stomach fetish since my childhood even though i never get a chance to ride a soft chubby belly.
    luckily i tried it on my gf but she was not interested at all.
    would you try to give me a chance...

  • Are you female? then i am interested in doing so. my email id is:

  • Me to, i like sit on skinny stomach girl, for long time and pess untill flat her stomach

  • But sit on fat girl. it is more enjoying. try and you will love it.

  • I have a few extra pounds (not obese) I'd love it if you'd sit and ride on my soft belly. You can also punch my tummy and other stuff how can I contact you?? I need your weight deep in my stomach. I'd like to contact anyone who would do this for me. Please!


  • Alia1365

  • Alia give your id pleaze i will pay u 1oooo

  • Are you a female? then i am ready to do that too you. i am a 22 year old male weighing 130 pounds.

  • I love sit on sexy girl stomach...

  • I love to sit on desi girl stomach...

  • Yes I also

  • Hi im a straight female aged 34, and ive always liked sitting ontop of other females and holding down there arms, i dont know why but i just do.

  • If you are strong and heavy enough you can try to pinme down, i am 23 years old at a weight of 110 pounds

  • I am a girl who loves to be sat 8n by other women. Just tell me your weight and how we can meet eachother ?

  • My weight is 130 pounds. if you wish to contact me, here is my id:

  • I am a heavier female, I weigh 208 lbs., and would love to meet. I love sitting full weight on soft stomachs and feel the strain of my weight sinking deep into a stomach when I stretch my legs out and relax. I love sitting for hours too. Where do you live?

  • Am in india.

  • You can sit on me

  • What about a wrestling match with you starting on top, sitting on my stomach or straddling my b******. I will try to unseat you, remember you are about 75 pounds heavier than I am ! What to you think do you accept the challenge?

  • I m a girl of 21 years old and I would would be very happy if you sit on me and hold me down for a long time. Even heavier women is no problem, just tell me you weight. Are you sitting also on the b****** ?

  • I want to sit on your soft belly ...

  • I like

  • 98kg full weight - siting on your belly and riding then sitting on your b****** and feeling them squish under my bum :-)

  • DO IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im 245lbs please!

  • I am as you know a woman of only 55 kg but anyway i would you to sit on me just in order to see if i am capable to unseat you. What do you think are you strong and heavy enough to make me submit?

  • Contact me mam to

  • Is there any girl or woman in salt lake, kolkata who liked to be sat on their stomach as i love to sit on girl's stomach

  • Pleasze give your id

  • R u female

  • R u female

  • R u female

  • R u female

  • R u female

  • I want sit on you , I,m 27 years old boy from iran

  • Salam manam az iranam..dokhtar 24 sale 172 ghad va 60 vazname..kheili doos daram yeki roo shekamam beshine .. shoma inkaro anjam dadin tahala?

  • Chy shod khanomy chera javab nemidi

  • Salam ali hastam az iran mishe beshinam rot

  • I m a 23 year old girl and i like sitting on other female b****** pinning her arms with my knees then i i hope to remain seat3d as long as possible. My weight is aboutn83 kg how long can your let me sit on your b****** ?

  • I would like to know how heavy you are ? As i told before i like, to have a lot of pounds sitting on my stomach or, even on my b****** if you know anotherwoman with the same intrests you can sit both on me. A combined weight of 300 pounds is ppossible for me, I did it before with two other women and they enjoyed sitting 8n me for more than an hour.

  • I m a woman, of about 130 pounds and i like to be straddled by women much heavier than myself what is your weight i can easily take some 200 pounds or even 2 women at the same time

  • Yeah i used to do that to other girls all the time at school,and most of them used to like it, they must have becouse they just layed still and let me sit on them, i always held there arms down but they never struggled, and one time i sat on one of my friends called pam for about one and a half hours,im in my fourties now but still think about sitting on people. sandra milton keynes uk.

  • Hi I am a male in Banbury Oxfordshire you can sit on my stomach and chest for hours how do we get in contact

  • Hi m seemab frm karachi i like sitting on girls belly and navel

  • I m shehzad from lahore. I wud sit on u

  • Give me yor id shehzad main karachi say hoon seemabsohail7@gmail

  • Hi sandra, im Hayley, i live on grange farm in milton keynes,im 36 with a family now, but i still have a fetish for being sat on and pinned by other females,i havent been sat on for a few years now but seeing your ad has got me thinking about it again,do you fancy trying it again ? ill be your willing seat,and im local to you,and my place is free most week days,so what do you say, i am straight by the way. Hayley

  • I'm a guy and I would love to sit on your belly.

  • Did you allow male to sit on you
    i want sit on you

  • Hi Haley, what about being sat on and pinned down by 2 young girls one being about 165 pounds heavy the other about 185 pounds , we did it on my aunt who challenged us for a wrestling match, I was straddling her chest while my friend was sitting on het stomach, we held her down for more than an hour and had a lot offun before she gave up !

  • I've enjoyed sitting on people for many years. I'm 55 now but still manage to regularly sit on males from around 18 to 22. I know it's strange but its something I just like to do. I've never sat on a woman before and that would be so interesting to try. I live in Buckinghamshire, UK

  • Sit on mine I m 20 years old male

  • From where you are.

  • Hi, I've allways been sat on by boys, now I would really like that a woman would sit on me , age is no problem , I m 25 years old with a weight of 125 pounds, I agree that you are a lot heavier, tell me about yourself and how we can meet ?what is your preferred position and do you know other women who would like to sit on a girl ?

  • I am a girl and interested in sitting on you. my email id is:

  • Hi Hayley I m a girl, aged 21 and I will like to sit on your stomach or b******, as you prefer, my question is how long can you take my weight ? I m a tall girl with big thighs and a weight of nearly 185 pounds. I m waiting and hoping to meet you soon . Of course I will not come to your place to sit only a few minutes on you

  • You can come sit on me for hours

  • I would like to sit on the girl's stomach who having height more than 180 cms

  • Hi i like girl stomach sitting and i want sit on ur bare stomach anytime

  • Sitting on the stomach is awesome. I'm male, 54 and still love to sit on people. As a favourite I'd always love to sit on the stomach of males aged 18 to 22. I do get my opportunites. Something I have enjoyed since about 10 y/ol.

  • Sit on me I'm 19

  • From which country you are?

  • I am of 65, still sit on my w***. We do it since much long from 40 more odd years. We are normal for it and completely habitual of stomach sitting. We do it 2-3 times in a week. Enjoy...

  • I an of your age. but i like to sit on female. and for 2-3 hours. whenever i get time i sit on her stomach. enjoying.

  • I am 28 old boy from tehran i love sit on womans belly IF any one want me i,m redy

  • Sit on mine! How can I contact you? I'm female

  • Plz email me

  • Hey lady with country you are

  • I am in tehran . where are you

  • I am also in tehran ، plz how can i contact you?

  • I like to lay my ear on a slim girls stomach when she is hungry and hasn't eaten in a long time and listening to her stomach moan

  • Hi im a 53 year old married male from milton keynes, i love the whole subject of people sitting ontop of eachother, my wife does not share my intrest at all, so id like to talk to and meet others who like doing it,, is thier anyone out thier please !!!!!

  • Hey We have same fetish let's talk about it

  • I have a fetish for flat tight tummies. mids lad for chat with others

  • I would like to sit on the girl's stomach who having height more than 180 cms

  • I'm 167 cms would you consider sitting on my stomach? I'll let you do literally anything to my soft belly

  • Hi pelase email me . whih country you are

  • Please contact me. i will like to do a lot of things to your belly. my id is:

  • Hi how i can contact you , i am a big fan of stomach sitting

  • Man aliam az tehran . har dokhtari az iran dost dare beshinam ro shikamesh man hastam . ghablan ro dosdokhtaram mishestam 182 ghadame vaznam 80 kilo

  • Hi am raj

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