I'm a girl, and I'm 14. I've never kissed anyone nor I've been kissed, mostly because I'm shy.
It's not the first time that I dream that I kiss someone, but yesterday, I dreamt that I started to make-out...with a GIRL. The worst thing is that it felt so f*ckin' real, like I was actually kissing her. I even remember her face and everything. I can't tell anybody..if I do, they may think I'm gay or something...

Oct 16, 2010

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  • You can have full blown s** with another girl and it wouldn't make you a lesbian or Bi-sexual. Many adolescents experiment and have different feelings as they grow up. Most "gay" people knew they were gay but needed time to experience different things before they were 100% in sort of speak...If you ever choose to have a same s** partner, enjoy the experience if it is may or may not be for you moving forward but it isn't anything to be ashamed of.

  • there are no such thing as women who are born gay...its a choice for girls so do what makes you happy.

  • Wrong...It isn't a choice and it occurs in all mammal species at a rate of about 3%. That said it is a mental disorder and until the late 70's was treated as such...Political correctness took over and because being gay is mostly harmless, it became an acceptable "lifestyle" to all but the few that suffers depression and suicidal thoughts.

  • Oh, you ignorant idiot!

  • It doesn't matter what age you are..don't rush things. Even kissing! It will all happen for you in your own time. Dreams involving s** or just innocent kissing of the same or opposite s** (regardless of your sexual orientation) are totally normal - does not make you gay..and also not an indication that you may be gay. Whatever you do.. just be safe and smart especially when it comes to s**. NO ONE should touch you without your consent. Diseases are out there and very real. Learn about contraception and protection. Also find a guy you really like..your first times for anything is something you'll remember always. They should be special.

  • I didn't kiss anyone until I was 16. I'm 18 now and still with the same guy and trust me, when it happens, it's only a big deal for a while and then it won't even be important anymore.

  • ***2 weeks shy of 18.. Sorry

  • I'm 2 weeks shy and have never been kissed or dated........ Oh well it will happen.

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