The one who got away, but is still around...

I don't exactly know how I feel, or how to say this. There's this girl (of course) I've grown up with who I've basically become best friends with since being at college. It sucks because everyone tells me I'll get over her and not to have a girl friend in college because I'll f*** it up. My history has been f****** up every opportunity I've been given, especially with women. But this girl is probably the one girl on the planet I can truly relate to. The funny thing is in the back of my mind, for some reason, I always knew we'd get along good. I don't know. It seems deeper right now than I can handle. I feel like she feels the same way. But in my mind, I think she wouldn't ever want to compromise a friendship like the one we have (which really is pretty awesome). I just want a sign or something whether to try and pursue the girl of my dreams, or stop before I ruin whats in front of me like everything else.

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