I don't understand

I have been living with my BF for the past two years. When ever we watch p*** he always picks our gang bang p***. He has also been telling me that I should od a gang bang. So I finally agreed and told him it would be for his birthday and that he could plan it.
Last friday evening he had five of his friends over and I had s** with all of them. I did every thing that the girls in th eporn movies did. It last all of Friday evening and well into Saturday. I was so suprised when they left. Because my BF started an arguement with me and called me all kinds of bad names like w****,s***, c** dumpster and more. I don't know what I did wrong,I fulfilled his fantasy and get miss treated for doing it.

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  • Tell him 2 kis ur hole

  • Bad choice of boyfriends and I would set up a hidden cam for the boss, sexual harassment is a money maker. Get him to make demands on video and beg him to not do that. I had a gf who was married, ended up f****** her husband's boss to get a promotion. The company president, very handsome guy, learned and offered her a job at twice her husband's salary to handle Special Customer Relations. So now you have a few options. Pick the one that works best for you. I would trade the bf in for an upgraded model. He probably hated you enjoyed yourself. He sounds like a little girl.

  • Of course you should have s** with your boss, becuse if you are dumb enough to bang 6 guys you are obviously really really dumb and more than likely bad at your job. But congrats on being the biggest most depraved c*** lover in your s***** little town. Oh and one more thing your boyfriend is a f***** anyone who wants to be in the same room with 6 other boners banging his wife is also a huge cumdumpster.

  • Op
    My boss called me into his office. He told me that I could be fired for what I did. He said that if I were friendlier to him that he could keep me on. I asked what I had to do to keep my job. He told me he would be over to visit me Friday night. So now I will have to have s** with my boss in order to keep my job. And I bet it will be more than once. I also have figured that I just might as well make the best of it. I am going to have an upbeat attitude about it and enjoy it as much as I can. I also told my B/f to move. Things between us were done.

  • First tell your boss to show you the contract that says he has control over your private life!!

    STOP taking orders from men! Take control over your own life! Respect your self. Have some dignity.Tell all those bozos to go to h***!

  • Thats because you are a huge f****** s*** and a w**** and your boyfriend is a douchebag. You have the power to say no. That makes you everything your boyfriend called you

  • ^^Lmao that goes hard

  • C** dumpster LOL . I LIKE THAT ONE .

  • You were just trying to please your BF. I can understand that, but at the same time you really did a great disrespect to yourself. That is OK. We all make mistakes in our lives. The question is what to do now? First of all make sure you did not catch any disease and that you are not pregnant. Next you need to talk to your BF and find out if he could ever respect you again. If not maybe you need to move on and start over fresh.

  • Having s** with 5 guys is what's wrong!! How stupid are you? Most men want just what your bf wanted and you were so dumb you gave it to him. Now he does NOT want you! Would you want him if he had s** with 5 of your friends? Grow up! Have some respect for your self!
    OH BTW.... All 6 of these guys will be talking about you for a very looooooong time.

  • OH BTW.... All 6 of these guys will be talking about you for a very looooooong time.

    OP I hate to say it but you are right about this. I live in a fairly small city and it is already all over town. It has already put me into a bad situation at work. My boss wants to have s** with me. And with the job situation the way it is I actually have to consider it.

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