My wife is finally turning tricks

I have been tring for a while and I finally got my wife to turn tricks. She has been out of work for quite a long time. And she has been feeling guilty about it. She doesn't know it but I make enough to pay all of the bills. I have been telling her for a while that I don't know how we are going to make it. I also told the building manger that I have been having trouble paying the rent. So after some hinting at he offered to let us not pay if could have s** with my wife. I told him I would talk to her about it. I told her things were really bad and we might be evicted. So she went along with it. But she said that I had to be present in the apartment when it happened. I agreed and told the manager. We set up a time and he came up. They went into the bedroom together. And after a while I could hearilure sound of my wife having a good time. I was very relieved that she enjoyed the f******. I kept her paying the rent for several months. Then one day the mangaer said that hwe had a friend that had seen my wife and would pay well to be with her. I told her and she admitted that she really didn't want to go back to work. So I told her it would be OK if she please this guy and maybe got two or three more clients. As time past she got several more clients and now makes quite a lot of money only working part of the week. and she doesn't need to return regualar work.

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  • After 12 years of marriage, all the excitement seemed to be out of our relationship. I approached my husband about letting me have some much needed freedom to have other men. It took some time but I finally convinced him that it would be a very good thing but I had to promise to tell him everything. The first man was my coworker who was 9 nine years younger. I was so excited when we met at a local motel. That was the best s** I had ever had and still is. That young man had a beautiful lean body and a very large manhood compared to my husband. After that evening, I knew what s** is supposed to be like! It worked wonders for our marriage and my husband was very pleased with my renewed interest in s**. My husband is not interested in being with other women but we agreed that I should continue my therapy with different men to build up my self confidence with s**. When I see a nice looking guy I imagine how he would be and it is time to start flirting. I have already had several men and I love my freedom and am careful to thank him many times for being a perfect husband!! I couldn't go back to my life the way it used to be. Monogamy is not my bag but I love it for my husband and he has met some of my special men. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good for you I offered the same thing to my wife. She did go out many times, I stayed home and babysit while she would go parking or meet at motels. I thoroughly enjoyed the s** when she got home, she always told me everything that happened it was a turn-on. Thank you I knew there were more women like my wife out there

  • My wife didn;t like doing johns on escort dates, but after awhile she began enjoying the dates and having s** with a few of them. It does not bother me and she makes good money. I guess you can say I am her p*** because I set up some of her dates.

  • I am 23 and Hubby and I often talked about a fantasy of him sharing me. One night it happened we went with a guy to his place, we got naked and got into it, his 2 housemates came home and well joined in, I had the most amazing time and now we do it quite often and I can't wait to see who I am going to be with next.

  • Thats hot i rent mine also she loves it we been doing it for free for yrs so the guys shes not into for free pay its a win win lol

  • I was only 18 when I got married and my husband was my first lover. By time I was 23 we were into adult movies, toys, and lots of s** and fantasizing. One fantasy was me f****** a stranger for money, just to try it once. We lined up a guy in a hotel bar. He was about 28 and cute and confided to my husband that he was in town for the weekend and looking for some good strange, even if it cost him. My husband said he had a girl that could take care of him I had a cell phone which I left on when I was in the guys room so my husband could rescue me if something went south. But he was a perfect gentleman and I told him I had lost a good paying job and was just doing a little entertaining to make ends meet. He was very talented with his fingers, tongue and c***. I was with his two hours, made $400 and had two intense o******. The rest of our weekend my husband and I were in bed reliving every detail and he got especially excited listening to how intense my o****** were with the client. Although this was supposed to be a one time deal, it was so intense and caused so much excitement between us for weeks afterwards, we now do this about 5 or 6 times a year with 4 or 5 customers a weekend. I am very lucky. I am 27. I love my husband and have enjoyed, with his full blessing, about 75 or 100 intense o****** with strange c***. It may not be for everyone but it works for us. It is hard to believe that 10 years ago, I hadn't meant my husband, and was still singing in the church choir. How times can change.

  • That is extremely hot I always encourage my wife to go out by herself we even had threesomes I think s** can definitely make a great marriage keep it up

  • What...the....f***....this is a joke Right? Tell me this is a joke

  • I talked my wife into working as a window prostitute in the Red Light District in Amsterdam, when we lived there for three years. She kept telling me not to get my hopes up, because she wasn't going to do it. But we weren't making enough money to be really comfortable, and one day she surprised me by announcing she was going to rent a window. She took to it like a duck to water, and was soon working two or three days a week, having s** with 15 to 20 men on a good day. In two years, she'd had intercourse with over 2,000 total strangers.
    Back in America, she worked in strip clubs, where a "lap dance" often included oral or vaginal s**. Then she worked in a series of brothels operating as "massage parlors". She would bring me home Polaroid photos
    of herself engaged in s** acts with customers, and sometimes I actually got
    to watch her with customers. It wasn't unusual for her to have o****** with customers.
    She worked as a prostitute for ten years, and had s** with nearly 4,000 men, all while working a couple of days a week. I loved every sordid minute of it.

  • My name is Tom and my wife Margaret started turning tricks in 2012 when our finances were in crisis. She turned tricks before when she was a full nude stripper in Tampa but this was the first time since we had been married. She really enjoys it and honestly I get super turned on by my wife being a w****. I definitely recommend it to any one!

  • I would agree with you, it's just s** she's in love with you there's a difference. My wife turn tricks had s** with anybody that had a c***. Many times we had threesomes. The more s** we had the happier she was, if it makes each other happy what's the problem

  • I've helped a number of women live out this fantasy, more than a few with husbands who knew. Each woman told me the first time she had money put in her hands, she almost came. Total power trip. especially true for this very mousey looking housewife who men paid extra for because she looked so mousey, prim and proper.

  • My wife turned tricks too, was awesome while it lasted. She made great money, but interestingly I was more turned on by how llittle she was willing to take for her p****. Best s** we would have was when she would come home freshly f***** and crawl in bed with me, best p**** ever.

  • That is great every time my wife went out with a stranger and came home I thoroughly enjoyed that p**** and I ate it for a long time not to mention the s** afterwards was great

  • I think that is great!! My husband lets me play with others. He was always there until I was offered money. I tried it for the thrill. But I love it!!
    I get to have fun, make some fun money and he enjoys it. Looks like I may make some p*** soon to.

  • That's fantastic keep it up if your husband is willing to let you do it go for it tell him all the juicy details afterwards

  • It's a good thing for wives to turn tricks. It helps a lot with the household budget, she gets s** all the time, her husband can watch her if he wants, several men get off on this. With the use of a tiny camera, any room can be set up to video the act.

    And the husband is proud to have a wife who is attactive to other men.

  • Bha. Keep turning her to pay the rent.

  • enjoy your upcoming STDs

  • After finally getting it in her Ass, he starts to shudder as he unloads his c** all inside her as she's saying oh baby c** in me. I go over and she deep throats me til i shoot down her throat......... Just a fantasy, prob never happen.

  • I am very open minded and would loveto see someone else may my wife c**. She's very secretive about her fantasies, and would resist at first, but id be so turned on watching her resist, then agree but lay there with a bit of unease, while another man pleases her. Shed be staring directly at me, and at sum point shed start moaning and saying a god baby I'm gonna c**, and as she c*** I expect the other person is about too as well. But inside he hammers right thru her climax, but pulls out only to turn her over and enters her from behind. As he begins to thrust in her and pull her tight Ass toward him, she begins to moan and motions for me as she wants me to let her suck my D***. I go over and she begins to lick my frenulum and tease the head, but the effects of being pumped hard at a rleepeated rhythym has her moaning and gasping so much she cant give me head, so i step back and watch as he makes her c** again. She's so wet and loose by now, but she wants him to c**. She looks at me and I tell her to ride him and make him. He smiles, lays back, and she firmly guides herself down on it. She begins to slowly grind it til its in as far as she can take it, then begins to flex her hips in a very quick bucking motion. Faster and harder until shes screaming out in ecstacy again. T he guy still hasn't came and her p**** is worn out, so she rubs her c** on her Ass and inserts him in there.

  • If you do in fact get your wife to do it you'll never be sorry. After he c*** in her p**** I hope you get the opportunity to eat it it is fantastic

  • Shidd aint nun wrong wid dat. She wanna turn tricks fo sum exra cash den shidd do dat... ^_^

  • That most be really hot watching your wife get f*****. i would like my wife to get f***** by at least two guys & sit & stroke my c*** watching her get pleased ! hot hot hot !

  • You're going to love it, even better if she comes home with her p**** full of c** and you get to eat it after freshly being f***** it is super hot. Don't be shy go ahead and try

  • If true, you are almost as stupid as your dumb ass wife!

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