Helen R on my mind

Helen haunts me, we would be great together but she can't see it. I miss Helen R every day.

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  • Dear melissa, shut up as a counselor and listen more. you have not listened to my needs about needing a s** life and romance and dating. I need it my way which is not as a restricted thinking as yours. I need a interest and to meet people and a young man is right for me. My parents are not going mental or dying and nor am I in the next 5 years and I don't think you need to say that to your clients who come about rape. You don't listen. You wanted me doing baby baskets and I did that years ago and got no thanks for it. You wanted me knitting and I am not a granny yet. You want me doing things that are not me. You never ask what I want to do. Your so passive aggressive over the last 12 months. what has made you such a b****? I told you I wanted to lose weight and you help the other women and yourself but not me and then you tell me I shouldn't worry about my looks and its more about me not loving myself enough and I don't think I am worth it? have you been listening? what is going on in that mental old granny head of yours at that gym with s***, dear mrs macbarf!

  • Dear moron, shut up with your textwall copypasta on other people's confessions and go post your own. And we're sick of reading your tired old fantasies about the royals, too!

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