Fun with wife and friend.

Last night my wife and I were out with a few friends of ours (male and female) and got pretty tipsy. Not full on drunk, but enough to cloud judgement. I remember my wife talking with one friend, Jason, quite a bit and he ended up staying at our appt since it was walking distance and he was to drunk to drive home. When we got back we decided to crack open a few beers (my wife made herself rum and coke) and watch a movie. The threesome scene of Get him to the greek gave the the drunken three of us an idea. My friend never penetrated my wife, but he ended coming all over her face and me in her p**** in a spit roast situation.

I'm feeling a little weirded out after seeing my friend eat my wife out, and I think my wife is as well. We talked and doubt we would do the same again, but it was a fun one time thing.

It's going to be odd seeing Jason next time though.

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  • How do i concadt your wife?

  • This sounds awesome. I would love to do a MMF threesome with my wife. Hope you get to do it again!

  • Nothing wrong with a threesome but he should have f***** her ass while you was f****** her p****.

  • How could you share your loved wife to someone else dude??
    I understand he is your friend, that doesn't mean that you got to share your wife's p**** to him. Its your property and only yours.

    And how the f*** did your wife agree to this s***??

    Then if your wife is drunk and I have a good d***, can i f*** her too??

    Whats the difference between your wife and a w****??

  • My god that guy is so insecure, that compared your wonderful wife to a w****.

    I think it's all about performance anxiety on his part or he wouldn't flip out that your wife experiences fooling around with someone else. PS: it's also offensive to use "w****" as an insult. Sheesh. He's a piece of work. Toxic "masculinity" on display.

  • why no DP ? or double vaginal ? it's always the most fun when you cross swords :D

  • How long do you two think it will take to climb out of the gutter?

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