I think he is the one

So i met this guy at work and he is so amazing i fell in love with him the first time i saw him. i cant imagine him not being around but see, theres a problem...my parents wont let me date him because im 17 and he is 24. i can not wait for the day when i will be able to date him..he tells me that he will wait for that day, we will wait for me and that makes me so happy..i really think that i will love him forever he is just so amazing and wow i cant even explain how much i love this guy. should i wait till im older and then confront my parents about us dating or should i tell them right now how much i really like this guy and see if they would let me date him..?!?!

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  • I wonder if that 24 yrs old guy is my friend... Just the other day, he was telling me about this 17 yrs old girl at his work that he loves ._.

  • If you wanna have a guaranteed way of letting your parents allow you to date him, you'll need a few things. 1 liter of a highly effective knock out drug, a inter-neural transmitter, a totem, and high skills in lucid dreaming. First, knock your parents out with choloroform. Then, go take your knock out drug and the inter-neural transmitter. Inject about an amount less than 5ml into your parents and connect their neural transmissions with the neural transmitter. Then, let your boyfriend come with you to your parent's house and when you get there, tell him that there's no way back and you need him to help you. Tell him that when you go to sleep, he should wake you up in 1 hour. Then, let him inject less than 5ml of the knock out drug into your system and connect you to the neural transmitter. Then when you're asleep, plant an idea in your parents minds by visually constructing a wedding hall with you and your boyfriend being the bride and the groom. Then go through wedding ceremony and try to look as happy as possible in the process. Now the hour should be up. Put the neural transmitter back to where it belongs and your parents in their previous positions. Say goodbye to your boyfriend and that you'll see him tomorrow. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

  • So where do i buy a neural transmitter?

  • Love? maybe a really big crush. Are you dating him behind your parents back? Your parents are right to not let you date him. You're 17, you're not even officially an adult yet. He's 24. Find some one who's closer to your age, at least while you're beginning to date. That guy is in a different place in life then you are. Go to college and meet people closer to your age. Get some more life experience. Mature a bit more. The fact that you're writing this on a confession board just sounds like you're a bit young and need to mature a bit. If you are 18, and act like an adult I'm sure your parents would be more open to allowing you to date someone. Another thing to consider.. you work with him. If things don't work out, are you going to be able to work with him? Regardless, be smart and safe.

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