Wow what happend

So i posted yesturday how i met this guy and how i was really into him but im 17 and hes 24 and my parents didnt want us dating. well i was talking to my parents and now they got so mad about the situation that they wont let me talk to him at all anymore..i dont know what to do about it..i dont know, maybe this is a good thing..maybe its a sign telling me that hes not the one for me and maybe they are trying to let me know that i will find someone someday that i will like just as much who is closer to my age.. i really dont know..i want to think this is a good thing, but its so hard, i really thought i liked this guy :(

Nov 18, 2010

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  • I actually saw your original post and replied. Good for you for speaking with them. Sometimes they do know best, even though when you're 17 you don't think so. But 24 is a little old for you. You'll get over this guy..You're going to find someone awesome. And your parents will like him too. Hang out with friends you're own age or go to college (if you're not already enrolled)...that's the best way to meet people close to your age. You'll have more in common with them as well.

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