Looking for excuses

Before I came out to my mother about being gay, I hoped and hoped she wouldn't accept me so i would have an excuse to commit suicide... less than a year later, I am still looking for an excuse. :-/

Nov 20, 2010

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  • Let me ask you this, if you had killed yourself were you going to leave your mother a letter blaming her?

  • I wouldn't ever blame my mother for anything... its not her fault im gay... I would think that her not accepting me wouldve pushed me over the edge though but no i wouldnt have left her a note blaming her

  • Hey, don't think like that. Keep your head up. I wanted to commit suicide cause of my ex. I realized it was pretty stupid to cry over a boy who doesn't deserve it. I also realized that I'm only 13 and I had my whole life ahead of me and I'm gonna be a teacher when I grow up. Don't let one little thing bring you down. Everyone deserve to be happy.

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