She's going out of my mind

We used to be pretty close, until the baby came along. Now for the past 5 years she tries to avoid intimate contact whenever possible. Always some excuse or another. I have dropped many not-so-subtle hints that she needs to get her hormones checked or something.

Now after 5 years I'm finding that I'M not interested in HER any more either. And I've cheated on her twice recently. Part of me feels bad about it but I also feel like she's mainly to blame. I could fall back on the "Guys have needs" excuse but I think I really have just been doing it out of spite. And now I'm starting to feel like I enjoy this kind of arrangement better.

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  • Selfish Ass!! Stop thinking about your d*** and think about WHY she wants nothing to do with you. Try helping her instead of nagging at her and telling her there is something wrong with her. JUST what she needs to hear, one more f****** thing that is wrong with her, but not you!!!!!!! MAYBE you are making her feel that way get off your ass and do something for yourself, the kids and for her. There is nothing sexier to a woman overwelmed with kids etc, then a man washing the dishes!!!

  • rape is illegal always, you r***** lol.
    Stop cheating on her,
    either tell her all of this,
    or just end it now.
    Try to make her get help,
    it might not be horomones.
    Maybe she just hates you.
    Or maybe since she had the kid, she hasn't gotten her figure back?
    Maybe she's self-conscious.

    You're a really good husband btw.
    Cheating on your wife when you have a child.
    You're a p****,
    and she deserves better than you.

    She clearly has problem,
    and you're making it worse.

  • Has she cheated on you already too?

  • Dude it is her fault. And while cheating is never good it's perfectly understandable why you did this. Now she's just your live in maid.


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