I am 13 and hate my life. I am getting bullied by a stupid midget at school that I hate so much mentally. I used to be so popular and all my friends would fight for my attention and absolutely hate the midget girl. Now, they won't speak to me and adore the midget and I have absolutely no idea in the world why. My ex-friends always tell me that they like me more than her which is complete bullshit because they hang out with her all day and ignore me and backstab me all the time. I try and tell my parents , but they just don't understand and they think I am being ridiculous. I am wagging school right now because of the midget, she ruins my life. Please help me take control again or atleast get my friends back! By the way she is not actually a real midget but she is about 1 and a half feet shorter than me though so people usually call her that.

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  • Why would you want you "friends" back? They suck!! Find new ones...

  • You're 13. Life is not over, so start with not saying you hate your life. I wish you'd take a walk in others shoes and then see how people have worse problems than that. Start appreciating what you do have.

    And then, get better friends. Real friends. Maybe after you go through life a little more, you'll learn to differentiate between real friends and fake 'friends'. Good luck.

    And quit calling other people names...you can't expect respect if you can't give it. You don't have to like them, but you also don't have to demean them...that makes you no better than the people you are complaining about.

  • They said it all. But they aren't real friends if they hang out with the girl that bullies you. That's what you get for being popular.
    But, jeez, don't hate your life.
    Honestly, if you hate life (which loads of people do,) end it.
    Stop complaining to every freaking person out there.
    Some people out there would honestly want a life to live.
    Just swap yourself with someone in Afghanistan.

  • Popularity isn't everything..but having friends is. But I feel like there's some part of this story that's missing.. for instance..why were you so popular and now all of your friends are hanging out with this other girl..what went down? The only things you can do..is try to make it right with your exfriends or get some new ones.

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