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I am a 16 year old girl and my biggest turn on ever is when hot emo guys make-out. Its soooo sexy :P

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  • Guy on guy is the hottest thing I have ever seen, i get wet just thinking about it.

  • Agreed. In fact, I am suing anyone who doesn't also get turned on by two men making out, starting with the commenter above who said it was gross. I suppose you also think black people are not attractive. If someone wasn't the same religion as you, I suppose you would be biased against them, too. Ugh. What do you think this is, a free country where you can just pick and choose what turns you on? D*******.

  • God...you people are ridiculous. How come guys can say girls making out are hot, but girls can't do the same. Such a double standard. And you should feel sorry for emo people. They are in a lot of pain and probably have dealt with a hundred times more crap than you people ever will.

  • OMG. Yes. Guys are allowed to say they like lesbians, wtf.

  • Yes. Yes. yes.

  • ugh gross - But 2 chicks making-out that rocks!

  • I don't get off on seeing others make out. I don't get why everyone thinks these things are hot. :/

  • I'm the same boat as you, lmao. This is also why I made a horrible weeaboo back in the day :'D

  • How about when you shut the f*** up? That would probably turn me on, I'm sure your big-ass mouth is sucking up all the oxygen anyway. So please for the rest of us, just shut the f*** up.

  • Isn't this site where people can tell their secrets without getting judged? I guess there is no such place.

  • yes there is ur right im a juggalo so im kinda programmed to hate emo guys guess i should use my sig.. .juggalo

  • i wish my lawn was emo that way it would cut itself .....emo girls r sexy emo guys r f****** weird

  • u mad bro?


  • Dude it's hot when emo guys make out. I agree

  • fark yes....theyre so sexy and the guy on guy makes so much more hots

  • No. Just - no. I bet you like yaoi too. I remember a friend trying to show me that s***. Ugh. No thank you.

  • i agree guys making out it icky, but i'm not homophobic, im bi, girls making out is sexy.

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