Wow, I dont even know how but I eneded up in bed this morning buck nude with my older sisters husband and he was wrapped around me cupping my...You know whats and had full morning wood pressing against my other you know what as he kissed my neck and whispered "Round two?".
Ok, F'ed up situation to start with, Waking up drunk, naked and h**** with your brother in law and he says "Round two?" and all I could get out was a little grunt which I suppose to him meant "Yah sure lets bang, This isnt weird at all" because he pushed forward and slid it in me and I was like "Ooohhh mike, Hold up" and he just held me, I said "Oh I don't think we should...Oh geezus", He kissed my neck and said "Hmmm, You like?', I nodded but said "Oh that's impressive but...".
I squirmed away and rolled over and we had a small...Discussion and apparently I agreed to this the night before and...Yeah, It's all starting to come back to me and wow, I don't know how, Or why this happened but yeah we laid in bed and He kept touching and kissing and carressing me for about 40 minutes before i finally got out of bed and he laid there watching me as I got dressed. I talked to my sister who slept alone last night and she is apparently all good with this which is what started the conversation about us doing this and now my brain is fried.

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  • Wow! That is hot.

    I will never forget the time I caught my older sister f****** my husband. At first I was madd but it was sooo hot watching my 1/2 sister riding his c***. She was with me when I first met my husband and she told me that night that she was going to f*** him.

    As she rode his c*** and began to o***** she said I told you I was going to f*** him someday. You have had him for 10 years. I just wanted to have have him for 10 minutes.

    We now have a little sleep over every year in December. She tells her husband that she is coming over to bake Christmas cookies and we do, but there is a little more extra curricular activities as well

    Can’t wait till December!

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