I like...

I like posting confessions on this site.
I like playing with small boats I fold myself.
I like chatting with strangers and convince them I like them even though most are perverts.
I like keeping in contact with them.
I like the fifteen year old French guy who spent time asking students infront of my school for my number.
I like all the SMS he sends me.
I like knitting because I know my best guy-friend can't do it.
I like my uncle more than my father.
I like the German language more than the French even though I'm of both nationalities.
I like to joke about my best imaginary friend Bob.
I like to cuss.
I like to wear boys clothes.
I like guys who obviously aren't perfect.
I like to compare my english-teachers a****.
I like shadow more than sun.
I like racist jokes even though I'm against racism.
I like to cuddle with a man ten years older than me.
I like drawing naked people.

And I guess I love life. :)

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  • Have a happy live hun <3 you deserve it

  • I like cuming in my own mouth! :)

  • ...How-? ... Forget it, I don't wanna know.

  • I like.....to lick you, f*** you and come in your mouth

  • I'm guessing you've never licked or f***** anyone outside of your imagination, and the only thing you've probably ever CUMMED on is your bedsheets.

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