My husband doesn't know.

A few years back, when my husband was out of town for work, I was invited to a small get together with 2 of my friends and their husbands. We all like to drink and have known each other for a very long time.

Well, the drinks were flowing and it got later and later. The guys went in to watch tv while us girls sat in the other room talking. I was feeling pretty drunk and having a great time with my friends.

Suddenly one pulls her ** out of her purse! They started talking about how they "like it" and I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable but participated in the conversation anyway. It did turn me on afterall. Before I knew it, she was pulling down the pants of our other friend, and inserting the ** inside her! She told me to help, which I reluctantly did. I couldn't help notice how moist I had become. I used the excuse that I needed another drink to leave the room, although I was as turned on as I had been in quite some time.

I went to the kitchen to get a drink. As I returned I was met by one of the husbands. He stood in front of my and grabbed my hips. Before I knew it his tongue was in my mouth. I kissed him deeply and his hands explored my sides. I felt pressure from behind and realized the other man was behind me, swelling on my **. He had already unbuttoned my pants and his hand was inside. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I was drunk and wasn't really wanting to say no. With one man's tongue deep inside my throat and the other's fingers as far inside my pants, I was moaning like I had never done before.

These men led me over to the couch where I was stripped of all clothing. I eagerly allowed each man to enter me while pleasing the other one with my mouth as he waited for his turn. My ** were as intense as I've ever experienced, and each man released load after load inside me.

I don't know if the wives had set this up or not, but we never talked about it, and my husband doesn't know.

Next Confession

He cheated once already

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  • To me you sound like a worthless ** of a wife

  • I hope to God that your husband does find out and divorce your ** **

  • My husband has very debilitating ED. He suggested that I get a FB, I don't know how to describe how I felt by him suggesting this. Is he serious, should I be insulted, I'm a bit intrigued. I gave him a very non committed answer that bordered on are you kidding. Now after forty years together we both had a few slips, but we have kept them to ourselves, and i guess that what made me feel hesitant.
    Keeping it short, a month or so later I was out with a couple of my woman friends, and I got picked up by this handsome younger man, ended up spending the afternoon having ** with him. Again, I am at a loss for words about this, the ** was fantastic, felt drained, invigorated, everything but guilty.
    weekend after, husband asked me how my tryst was. I acted like I didn't know what he was talking about. he just chuckled and showed me a video of my afternoon. He'd actually hired a gigolo for me.
    Bottom line is that he doesn't have to hire a stud for me. It doesn't feel weird. and we want to be intimate we watch my video as we are both turned on by my performance

  • When I was in the Army serving in Germany, my German wife and her sister went out for the night.My sister inlaws husband was away so my wife agreed to stay with her sister the whole night.When she didn't come home the next day ,I decided to go around the inlaws looking for her.When I got there I could hear moaning upstairs.My wife was in a bedroom with 2 guys her sister asleep in the main bedroom with 3 others.My wife was sucking one guy whilst the other entered her from behind.As I watched one of the guys who was with her sister walked past me naked to help ** my wife.She is all yours pall he said pointing to my sis in laws room.I stripped and joined her and the other guy for a 3som.All 6 of us guys spent the day swapping around them both.To this day I don't know how we never caught STDs,no condoms where used.Both of them took cumload after cumload.

  • ** story

  • My wife got gang banged by 4 guys one day after some heavy drinking. She came home with ** in all her holes including her mouth. She tells me about it every now and then and it always gets me hard ! Her ** were so sore I could not ** them for a week. The guys are still trying to get her back for another ** adventure but she is hesitant since several of them were very large and stretched her ** and ** so much that it was sore for over a week. Two of the guys were black and she said they had the biggest ** she ever saw !

  • Your keeping this from him you are a very selfish ** and i hope one day he reads this and throws you to the curb.

  • I introduced my wife to a younger man that she ** about wonce a month our marige has never bin better

  • I have to confess to encouraging my wife to ** with a friend of mine. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to watch, but could plainly hear them enjoying themselves. My wife was screaming obscenities as he ploughed into her. I was as hard as ** listening to them enjoying themselves. She came back to our bed, still trembling with the after-effects. I kissed her and caressed her and she pulled me on top of her, kissing me and muttering obscenities as she told me how much she enjoyed being ** by him. I told her I wanted her to ** with him whenever she wanted to. I literally slipped into her as she was still full of his **. It was the most intense sexual feelings I've ever had. His ** was the best sexual lubricant you could imagine. I told her to ** him whenever she wanted to. It lasted over a year before he was assigned overseas. I thoroughly recommend being a cuckold if you want intense, dirty **.

  • I love my wife getting it on with men. She can have as many men as she wants we are still counting a t 100 +

  • So your not in love with your wife you just enjoy her company!

  • Weak women like you are what make ** men

  • I tell my wife that she is a very ** lady with a small ** husband, and she needs to be satisfied with a huge ** and not my little **, she laughs and said OK,
    So I hope she is getting ** with a fat ** or **,
    When we go away for a dirty weekend I am going to ask our friend Adam for his help to satisfy my ** wife,
    I really want to watch as my wife is pleasered with another man who can make her **,
    I also want to lay down under my wife's ** and ** as she gets her married ** filled with his ** and I get to lick her used ** clean.

  • Good for you! Quiet honestly if my wife did this I would be happy for her to have had this experience and the only jealously I would feel is that I was not able to experience it with her. Being with two married guys is not as much as a threat to our relationship than her having a secrete fantasy that distracts her from our relationship. I would prefer that she could feel that she could be honest with me and tell me about it so I could enjoy the thrill of her excitement about it with her but certainly would respect her desire to remain silent so as not to hurt me. Even thought it wouldn't hurt me I hate that she may carry guilt when there is no reason to.
    Like I said....GOOD FOR YOU! We are only human and ** is a natural part of that as long as it is consensual. Offer no excuse drunk or not (unless you were or feel like you may be a victim of abuse of course). I only hope your husband would feel the same way for you if he found out the truth. Its not common but we should celebrate our partners excitement and happiness above our own...difficult at times but we should strive for that.

  • I know if my wife ever did what you did and i found out i would kill me wife

  • All swell and well for you. If you and your husband don’t have sexually transmitted diseases you might soon have.I am not knocking anything you did. I personally don’t give any excuses for my behaviour in anyway. He can be naive and stupid like some but not all men are. If he is a good man then you do not deserve a second chance or third or what ever. I hope he goes around and jumps a woman and he brings something back to you. Don’t get mad he was probably just drunk. Blaaa

  • Start talking dirty in the bedroom. Suggest this type of fantasy and see where it goes. Most men actually do fantasize about such things but only a small amount will admit it. If he seems to be interested, then go one step further and suggest actually doing it. You may open up a whole new door to your sexual lives.

  • Honestly it sounds like you regret it and could've been drugged. If you did anything drunk and didn't talk about it beforehand it's **. It only becomes unfaithfulness if you didn't tell him or continue seeing the "friends" you see that night. Cut off every friend with an and or confession to husband. Don't hurt him intentionally. Some things you take to your grave. But honestly those people probably set you up and ** you. If you did not consent while sober it is **. They could do worse next time so I really hope you never hang out with them again. For your sake and your husbands.

  • Just because your drunk doesn't make it **, guys get drunk too 😂 dork

  • She never said no, everybody was drunk, everybody consented....stupid to pretend its ** just because you had regrets the next an adult.

  • Exactly

  • If the husbands were also drunk is it still **?

  • How long after did he come home? Did he get sloppy or clean up any mess? Would you talk him into sharing you?

  • Hope u used protection

  • Doesn't sound like she did

  • I hope you tell him so he can leave and find someone better who can be loyal.

  • This happen to my wife one time and I knew about it. When we have ** she tells me how good it felt. I ask her if she would like to do it again. She said yes but she wants me to line the guys up. I ask how many she wanted ? She said she wanted me to line up six guys. So I said okay. We did it one Saturday night and I really enjoyed watching my wife get ** by six guys, it was really a turn on. My wife says she wants to do it again. I told her as many times as she wanted to. So now I'm a cuckold and enjoy doing it.

  • Weak man, aka cuck

  • No, you don't tell him. The only reason you would, is to ease your conscience. But by doing that it would be at his expense. That is if something like that would hurt him. Some husbands would be hurt, some would be turned on about it. Now if he falls in that category and you're sure about that, by all means, tell me him. But if not, keep your mouth shut and don't hurt him just so you can ease your conscience.

  • I agree with several of the posters. You use the excuse of being drunk, but yet you're remembering & posting this story, which tells me you knew what's happening... AND could've stopped it. Admit that you are a sl**. If you did it then, you did it before (maybe) & after (definitely). Just because you don't talk about it, or admit to discussing it, doesn't change the facts. You didn't write that this was a one-off. And the fact that they "loaded" you up means you just might have some diseases starting / growing in you.
    You're hubby doesn't know? Keep it up & he will. Have STDs & give it to hubby, he will. (And no, I've never cheated in my 30+ yrs of marriage. Looked? Yes. Touched? No no.) Women like you sicken me.

  • Clearly, you had "CFM" written on your forehead. Ladies love the drunk excuse when in fact you're really a ** trying to disguise the fact you want it bad with strangers.

  • That is the way it should be, private. Do it again if you can set it up.

  • My wife sucked on a ** at a party drunk . The next thing she new she was on her knees , she said it just happened. She sucked off over 8 **. When it was all over she said one of them carried her to a room where they all screwed her. Her ** were like cherries from being sucked on so much. They were tender for days, She said she could taste ** for two days in her mouth. I asked her did she learn a lesson, she said yes I take a ** to every party from know on. Oh and she did.

  • Sound like a good wife

  • Last year before the pandemic hit my wife had a similar experience. We were last couple at a party, and she was last female. We are in our mid 30s, married just under 4 years.

    She was drunk and flirting, my buddy and I walked into the kitchen to find Traci on her knees licking this guys c***. Buddy was shocked and thought I’d be ** but I knew Traci had fantasies we hadn’t yet lived out so I was thrilled.

    She almost freaked out when she heard us and saw us but I went over pressed on her shoulders and whispered that she looked so **. Long story short, she sucked the first guy off, let me pulled her dress over her head and we led her into the main room where the others guys were.

    We f**** my beautiful wife for a couple hours; 7 of us all told.

    We haven’t done THAT again but mainly due to the pandemic. Traci has agreed to continue to explore when things are better,

  • Love it let her be her

  • Go for it hard and fast

  • We all enjoy **, get few pics of her or better yet a video will last you all your life

  • Let me know when the STDs hit. If they're all doing it with your wife, they're most likely doing it with many others. All it takes is one time....

  • They got what you gave them you wanted it too. That won’t be the last time their wives know what a ** you are.

  • What a ** i hope your husband finds out kicks you to the curb news flash those arent your friends a real women would have called the police you are not a real woman but a closet ** i hope you get what you deserve

  • Welcome to the real world .women like to **. wifes have two faces . one goodie 2shoes when hubby is there and ** ** when he is gone . but you can continue living in your fantasie world .

  • So criminal behavior is okay according to you, for the same reasoning.

  • It should be the real world. That ls why the world is the way it is because there are too many people that have no integrity and even leas character. You can disassociate yourself all you want but the fact remains and by your own admission that is deniable… you don't care about right and wrong Nd even Championing doing the wrong thing: there is zero difference between you and a guard at Auschwitz you wouldn’t be saying anything there fact and child racists you may be able to fool yourself here and some like like you will deny it to yourself but you and everyone like you are why selfishness and evil will always exist because while any of your exist the other must too. Youre no different from them you are just a weaker minded verspb of those that ride the edge of what is acceptable but never forget that you are the same as them.

  • If it feels good do it. Nothing wrong with friends **.my wife and I have 3 other couples we ** regular.

  • Here's my account of last Saturday:

    we went out partying with our friends. it was great! we all flirted all night. at one point i went up to use the bathroom and when i started to walk out one of the husbands was walking in... we ended up making out and i had started stroking his ** but it ended quickly when we heard someone coming up the stairs. one of the girls suggested we play spin the bottle! i watched my husband kiss our friends and it was so hot. spin the bottle turned into that "7 minutes in heaven" game. we took turns going into the bedroom for 7 minutes! you'd be surprised what you can do in 7 minutes! after a while tho we just didn't keep time anymore. i know my husband got a ** from one of our friends. i had the most amazing ** while wrapped around her husband. we later sat around watching a movie. my husband drifted off to sleep at one point. he was awakened to our friend jerking his meat. when he opened his eyes he saw me as i was bobbing up and down on the ** of our other friend. he watched as i sucked that man and then let him turn me over and ** me. my husband loved it and ended up guiding his lover onto his ** to ** as well. when we got home, we made passionate love and passed out until noon!

  • Very hot..story got me stroking. I was at a party with my wife and a group of the people moved in close to see something iu was across the room. I saw a friend come up behind my wife and hump on her ** I just watched it got me so ** I went to bathroom and jerked off

  • Ever since that night, I've been working on him to lighten up and consider having ** with these ladies. We're all really close. He still doesn't know just what went on that first night, or any night after that, but last Saturday was incredible for both of us. I'll post some details later, but you can bet it was real.

  • Go for it. My wife went out for a drink with her girlfriend and came home with three guys in their car. She was in the back seat with two of the guys and was naked by the time she got home. Her ** were red and sore for several days, She had been ** in the ** and ** and had ** running down her legs when she walked in the door. She remembered getting in the car and one of the guys pushing her head down on this ** while the other one ** her, but she did not remember how her ** had gotten bite marks all over them and her ** were sucked until they were raw.

  • Your husband participated? Now I know you're full of **. Good story though, got me wet

  • I've slept with both of these men many times since that night - together and apart. Last weekend we all got together and my husband participated.

  • Total set up. Do you still talk to these people

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