I think I got my wifes friend pregnant

My wife has a friend called Margaret. She is single and never really got into any long term relationships. She is a little plain looking but great body. She is in her early 40's and doesn't want to settle down so has given up looking. We tend to feed her cat for her when she is away and she feeds ours or rather, my wife sends me down to feed her cat. I tended to go through her underwear drawer and m********* with her bra and panties and stuff when I'm down there. Secretly I'd love to f*** her but never thought she would really go for that. When going through her tights drawer I found her vibrator. It's one of those douche ones with a bulb on the end you can put warm milk or liquid in. I started c****** into the bulb and had great fun thinking that she was squirting 'me' inside her. Later on though I started c****** in it when we were round at her house for a meal or a drink together. I would make an excuse to go to the toilet, grab the vibrator and c** in the bulb. It turned me on thinking that perhaps she would use it soon after we left and my c** would be inside her. You know how fantasies get carried away like that. Didn't even think of the consequences.Margaret came round 3 nights ago really upset and sobbing. She is pregnant but can't understand how. She hasn't been with anyone for over a year. She says it will destroy her life but she can't get rid of it. She doesn't know how she will cope. I can't believe that it might be mine. I don't know what to do. I'm going to watch her belly getting bigger and always think that it is mine. I know I can't admit it. Can I?

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  • What a bunch of idiots
    Urs sperm won't last more than 60 seconds outside in room temperature
    It should be either inside her for sperm to survive once out of ur d***.

  • That's not true. Sperm can last for hours outside the body

  • Why didn't you just f*** her?

  • Why would he admit it to her. all you idiots saying that hes gonna lose everything he has common sense and that means he wont admit anything. then again he is probably a moron and will admit what he did.

  • Moron?! Well, kiss my ass you dickfaced, fatassed twit!!!

  • And the ultimate in delicious irony is that she was probably fantasising about the original poster as she was using the vibrator, squeezing the bulb as she imagined he was c****** inside her. Which, unknown to her, he actually was!!!! Superb!

  • Actually, almost correct. Sperm can live up to 4 hours outside the body if the environment is correct. In air dry conditions no more than an hour. In an enclosed cup or receptacle (such as a rubber bulb or similar) anything up to 4 hours or longer. Unfortunately for the original poster it is highly likely his unfortunate recipient made herself pregnant if she used the vibrator within 2 or 3 hours of him leaving.

  • Ok please don't listen to this idiot, s**** on average survive in the female body that is under idea conditions 3-5 days. But when exposed to external environment, they dry out within a few minutes. Unless she grabbed the vibrator immediately after you allegedly did ur foolery, then this is a completely false. Come up with a better story.... Dr. in the building calls BS on this one

  • Ummmm you're not a doctor .... Or as much of a doctor as doctor Phil I call BS on your claim sperm can live in a cup for HOURS to kill yourself ... Your pathetic no need to lie

  • zzzzz. Yawn. Buttbrain!

  • How long do sperm cells live for heaven's sake?

  • Dude, thats amazingly gross and wrong. You have been unfaithful to your wife, and invaded someone elses privacy, and in a way sexually assulted this woman. After you tell the truth, you will probably spend time in jail or prison, as you should. Then I think you should get a psychiatrist and a therapist.

  • Bite my b****, butt boy!

  • first MOVE, very far away from every woman in your world and every gay man. Dude that was s***** and I have been a s*** but damage generally causes less blow back for the people involved. This woman is going to need your help and you need to man up to your sick little joke. Had your wife walked in and seen a w**** and you got caught, d*** in the w****'s mouth, in your wife's bedroom, SHE would be less hostile towards you than what you are going to experience once she learns this really CREEPY thing you did. S******* around with a w**** pails compared to secretly beating of into your neighbors s** toys and getting her pregnant. That is so CREEPY, your wife is going to get physically ill first and then angry and dude there is only one way you will be able to live with yourself, fess up. Or be a p****....

  • Blah, blah, blah. Kiss my twinkie, Dweeb.

  • well you have to admit. at least to her before she gets crazy.i can't believe you did that!

  • STFU, Potato Head!

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