Truth or dare

My boyfriend and I went skiing with a small group of friends. At the airport my bag got searched and embarrassingly when they opened it up on the metal table the end of my vibrator was poking out between my clothes. I froze and hoped to god that the the security person wouldn't take it out. He didn't, and I was convinced that I got away with it. But then three nights later we were in our chalet, one of the guys brought it up. We were playing truth or dare after drinking all night long. Me, my boyfriend and two of our male friends Dan and Tom were up but everyone else has gone to bed. It was my turn and I'd picked truth. He asked me if I owned a vibrator. I knew he knew, and I'm pretty sure I went red but being drunk and brazen I just answered yes. From that moment on, everyone one of my truths was about my d****. Max was next, he asked me how many times I use it per week. I told him it depends but on average 6-7. Even my boyfriend joined in and asked me what I think about when I'm getting myself off. I didn't want them to feel like they were making me uncomfortable so I just answered 'c***'. I started asked them questions too on their truths and it got more heated and honest. The next time it was my turn, knowing where it would probably lead, I chose dare. It was Tom's turn to make up a dare. He said "I dare you to show to use your vibrator in front of us right now". Not wanting to be beat, I stood up and went to go get it. My heart was beating like crazy. When I got back into the room the boys just stared at it. I told them they didn't mention anything about the lights being on or off. So I switched the light off. Sat back down. Took off my pants and switched on the vibrator. They guys went awkwardly silent. I was already wet from the s** talk. But this made me feel so so h****. I was half naked in a room with three hot guys with a vibrator in my p****. My boyfriend turned a small light on. Tom asked confidently (but was clearly nervous) how it felt, and I told them I needed real c*** already. They all got naked. I almost exploded as they all touched my body. I started sucking and wanking them off. My boyfriend f***** me as I had both Tom and Dan's c**** in my mouth. We all came. It was a hot, sweaty, c** drenched mess.


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  • Sounds like a good time for all. Good for you, you c*** loving angel.

  • Good times!

  • A very erotic evening, women are beautiful when sharing their s** with more than one man.

  • Sure that happened. Who's Max?

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