I think I'm going to get fired. It's totally my fault. I said something really dumb. I'm so mad at myself...I want them to understand that that's NOT who I am and that I WANT to be good...but I know they won't.

I think I can find another job...but I love this job! What I do is good, and important, and I'm good at it, and just because I did one little thing wrong that everybody's blowing way out of proportion doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to do it anymore!

I'm so scared.

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  • Not sure where you live or what type of work you do. But why don't you put the freak out on hold until it actually happens. Most companies, although they can fire for any reason, usually have to create a case against an employee. So you may get written up. If you feel it necessary, apologize for your remark to those involved and just say it will never happen again. If you do, get written up be sure to write a rebuttal note regarding the instance so that can be placed in your file. But take a deep may blow over.

  • Agreed! Great advice :)

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