A mirror is not a book... or is it?

Sometimes, I feel like times are rough, life's unfair and my head is clouded and dull. I feel... too much? Is that even possible? Apparently yeah :) But then there are times, like right now, where I feel like I shouldn't worry to much,get loose in my own world and the one outside. I think of nothing and much at the same time. I want other people to feel the same. I want to write a book explaining the world from my point of view, through someone else. And even though I never really believed in authors mirroring him/herselves in a physique of an invented character, I always wonder why, in every story I make up, I have the urge to describe the person beside the main-character as tall, with piercing eyes and blue or white hair and pale skin covered with scars. I know it sounds weird :D but it's a dream of mine, a repetetive one too! Now I'm beginning to doubt the mirror thing...

But the weirdest thing is that when I imagine this character, I immediatly come up with sons of all kinds, with weird names and real childish personalities even though they are all between 14 and 30...

This sounds crazy, doesn't it?

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  • I'm 20, I'm in love with a 13 year old, who considers me a big brother, and who I consider (for the most part) a brother also... His older brother knows, and is helping me manage the situation, but it is totally doing my head in....

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