Bodies are weird.

I am in love. It's such a cheesy thing to say, but I am, there's no other explanation.

I am together with this person a year older than me and we both have expressed how weird love is. So many conflicting emotions and things that I want to do, but I'm too embarrassed to say what I want to do.

The really weird thing is that every time I spend a long amount of time the this person, if we kiss or make out, I almost always have a raging b**** afterwards. I mean it's so embarrassing! I want to hug her tightly when we part ways, but I don't want to creep her out by accidentally pressing my b**** up against her, so our parting hugs are always really awkward.

Why are bodies and emotions so weird sometimes!?

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  • Look, first you've been mistaught. Bodies are all different however nature did not make us weird. Nature made a man & woman to fit together as you know. You failed to state your age. You appear to be quite young & inexperienced to the emotions you speak of. That stated, yes, you may feel conflict & confusion however that is quite normal at first ; as normal as your raging b_o_n_e_r!!
    This girl hopefully knows or should know what happens to a man's genitalia upon passionate kissing & embracing him lovingly. If she doesn't, she needs to learn rapidly upon this adventure you two are undertaking. i.e. perhaps she won't be startled at all when she feels your blood engorged P_e_n_i_s against her. It's a natural part of you & she is aware of yours so there should be no issue.
    Most importantly, you appear to be approaching manhood, at least physically. Rather than remaining timid, a Man must be bold by nature & this is a perfecttime for that. The next time you make out with this girl & hug before parting, hold her fully to you making sure your hips & b_o_n_e_r are pressed TO her!! That is by way of nature a method of introducing your dominance as a man to her in a natural, loving way. If she has any proper approach toward being an adult, I doubt she will feel creepy in any way. Rather, coupled with your sincerity it will cover her for the first time with another flood of emotions & perhaps leave her weak for further sexual advances. The point here is to never be embarrassed by your manhood in any way. Instead, exploit it to reflect & sustain your dominance over a girl or woman!!

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