I have good charisma. I can talk to guys.

BUT NO GUYS LIKE ME. I don't want all of them to like me. Just maybe the ones that are like me.

Man, f*** high school. Stupid cliques.


Well I'm a wanderer. dsjkfhdkjhsfk I just befriend everyone.

And if that's not accepted then too bad! I ain't changin for nobody ; D

I'm white btw. Sometimes I type black when I'm angry..hahaha :D (AND A GIRL.)

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  • I'm 37 years now, and trust me; High-school has no signifigance in later life - it's actually a closed social system based on superficial laws that do not correlate to real life.

    After high-School, give it a few years; everyone will move on, and lose touch with one-another; there is rarely any true life-long loyalty founded in high-school.

    And statistically, a few of your class-mates will lose their lives to unseen circumstance or stupid decisions, others will be bonded into emotionally abusive relationships, and yet others will become homeless, or left in incurable credit card debt, a lot of pretty girls will suddenly become obese after their first kid, etc.

    A few will prosper, most will live their lives unknown, unseen; as if they vanished off the Earth.

    I'm teaching my daughter to be socially independent, being popular, or cool in high-school is such a waste of time invested because after High-school - the most popular along with everyone else become a no-body.

    So live your life for what its truly worth. :D

    All I've said, is no more than life doing its thing.

  • ^ Ignore that stupid comment above. Highschool is a crazy jungle, you'll find someone one day, I promise.

  • I know I know. I'm just mad because I want it to be over. No one in high school looks at the world outside of high school when they're in it.

    I wish more people did..

  • You're right. High school seems like the be-all, end-all of life. Hardly. It's a blink in the grand scheme of things. I'm more concerned with your propensity to "talk black." Are you mocking black people? That's not cool. If you find it a fun way of expressing yourself, then fine. But be prepared for some black people to take offense. Try talking hick. That can be just as rewarding. Good luck young lady.

  • >>"Try talking hick."
    Are you mocking the dumb kind of white people? That's not cool. If you find it a fun way of expressing yourself, then fine. But be prepared for some gun-toting hillbillies to take offense. (They ache for an excuse to be offended, almost as bad as SJWs)

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