On the outside I'm that average, boring kid. The one who never talks, and their quietness is mistaken for niceness for some reason. You know what I mean? "Oh they're quiet and polite, they MUST be an all-around nice guy!"

I'm my mother's favorite (sad, eh, my mom has favorites? Hah). She's a hardcore Christian. They think I've never done drugs or gotten drunk. I'm just SUCH a good kid. I'm SO sweet and respectful. They just have no idea that as soon as I'm on my computer I go to places like nsm88.com etcetera. They have no idea of the things I believe in. I mean I KNOW racism is bad, but I can't f****** help it. I believe in all that Nationalist-socialist stuff, honestly, and I can't let anyone in my family know or I'll probably be disowned. Eventually I'm going to do something but for now I'll just sit here, pretending to be their good christian kid who loves everyone. F*** I hate being stuck here...

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