Full Weight Sitting on Stomach

For those who want to sit full weight on stomach share your experience.

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  • Any woman near Matteson illinois, wants me to sit on their belly?

  • Any woman lives near Chicago that wants me to sit on her stomach?

  • Any woman or girl from kolkata?? to let me sit on her stomach ??

  • I'm looking for a young girl that would let me wrestle them then sit on their stomach

  • Leave your email if your intrested

  • I love you yo sit.

  • I am a man of 38 years and I am looking for a young girl that allows me to sit on her stomach. I'm from costa rica.

  • I'd love you to sit on me. My email is iwantanowndom@gmail.com

  • This knack for stomach sitting develops from childhood. I am a male 35. I can recollect several of my female cousins would sit on my soft belly since as early as 9 years of my age. I fondly remember one of cousins 18-19 years of age who would take me to secluded corners of their massive home at countryside and lay me down on the ground in order to sit on me, simply. I would savour the warmth of her ass on my belly and especially the intense weight of that 170 cms chick weighing 165 pounds. Trust me it was rib tickling. She sat on me for atleast 10 summers and winters many a times while we would visit her family. And as I grew up to the age of 19, I did get sat by other girls in my family. The best part of that saga has been though when the wife of my eldest cousin, she being 28 and myself being around 11 years, affectionately pinned me down to the floor in front of couple of others and put one of her feet right their on my chest standing besides. In the same spree, as I was not putting up any resistance, she perhaps fathomed my taste and sat on me mocking my physical strength in the inability to get her off me. I loved every moment of that Bella on top of me. These females bring with them a typical scent that guys would luv. Latest I got this 27 years old cousin and she wouldn't relent lest she gets to drink her cuppa tea sitting on my stomach. And the most embarrassing moments are when she does so in front of my wife. But I must confess I do like getting overpowered this way by females

  • I agree that the desire for stomach sitting develops from childhood. The first time a girl sat on me I was about 10 or 12 and she was about 17 or 18 and weighed about 160 pounds. I was hooked and have been ever since. Numerous women have sat on my stomach and chest. When I was a teenager my aunt sat full weight on my stomach. She was a large and heavy woman about 300 pounds. I like it when any woman sits on me but I really love it when a plus sized full figured woman sits on me and grinds her butt into my belly. The heavier the better and I've had numerous women weighing over 100 kg sit on my stomach. It is just something I like on a regular basis.

  • I have always had a desire to have a woman sit full weight on top of me. My wife on the other hand not so. She didn't do it. We split up, for a number of reasons. Then I met a Chinese girl named Anne. She was a business woman and spoke good English. I liked the attention I got from her and she gave good massages. I visited her a lot. Then one day I decided to ask a question. I asked her if she would sit on me. Why? She asked. So I explained my desire. Anne climbed upon the massage table hovered over me and heavily sat on my chest full weight. It was a real butt crush. You like? She asked. I admitted I did although I could hardly breathe and my heart was racing. I was out of shape. The feeling was at once intense and stimulating, chills were running up and down my spine although I was lying on a massage table. You like? She asked again. I nodded. I do more. She said. Anne got up hovered over me and sat down full weight on my stomach. I asked Anne how much she weighed.120 pounds she replied. She knew how to use every bit of it. Her butt sank deeply into my belly. It was intense and I struggled to support her weight but I enjoyed every minute of it. I met up with her several more times before she moved to Chicago. I've dated and been sat on by numerous girls since then. That was 5 years ago. I love it when a woman sits on me full weight..

  • Hey Im a girl of 20 years.. I love to sit on guys soft bellys.. 😍 and crush them under my weight .. love to sit on there stomach and chest .. love to feel they breathing hard under my ass and bounce on them.. who wants it?? πŸ˜‰

  • Will you sit on my stomach and chest

  • You can sit on my stomach

  • I do come sit on me belly

  • I want! Can you leave your email?

  • I'm a young girl and weight about 190lbs. I have a fantasy of a guy sitting on my stomach/chest. My email is iwantanowndom@gmail.com

  • I would love 2 sit on u x

  • I want to sit

  • I weigh 280 lb can I sit on your stomach

  • Uou cen sit on me ful weight two hours

  • Would love to sit on your soft tummy and feel the depth as I sink into your belly.

  • Hello I can sit on you

  • Where do you live please? πŸ™‚

  • Finland

  • Any pakistani male here.. koi jo meri chati pe pyar se bethay aur hurt na karay mjhe

  • I'm from India...but Mai chati pe nahi pet pe baithna chahta hoon... kumarsharmasanu@gmail.com

  • Hi I like to sit on soft spongy and comfortable stomach because I like to dominate and humiliated to that guy who's stomach I sit then if any boy or man need to sit myself on their stomach then please tell me I told you if I sit on your stomach for one time then you always want this from me. I love this i like this to do stomach sitting for long time with my full weight. Then replied me and admire to myself always.

  • You cen sit on me two haur

  • Ofcourse I really want to sit on your spongy stomach with my full weight for long time please email me it's www.upperlipsmelling@gmail.com and make ready yourself for sitting myself on your stomach.

  • Hi where are you

  • I am from India you can join me on my instagram account (upper lip smelling)

  • Hi there, my name is Fredy a love when women sit on my stomack for a long time, but I live in maryland.

  • Hey, if you are a girl, I would love that. How to contact you?

  • Very easily you can reach me my

  • Very easily you can reach me by my email it's (upperlipsmelling.com)

  • I am 20 years old boy,
    Email me on seat.20@yahoo.com.
    I can take your full weight for more for long time.

  • I really love to sit on your stomach for long time you just hold my weight and I enjoyed

  • Are you female?

  • Wow, that sounds cool. I want you to sit on my stomach all the time you want. I'm a guy 20 years old.

  • I'm a skinny dude that likes a big woman to sit on my stomach. bryan51077@yahoo.com

  • I'm looking for a young girl that would allow me to sit on their stomach for a long time, leave your email if you are interested

  • Mpppkh@gmail.com

  • Please sit on me,my email is iwantanowndom@gmail.com

  • I will sit on your stomach, I just emailed you, thank you for responding to my post

  • I'm a young girl and weight about 190lbs. I have a fantasy of a guy/guys sitting on my stomach. Please leave your email if you could do that for me.

  • Poluraj26@gmail

  • I will do it for you but you have to take my full weight for more than 1 hour ok

  • Ganesh.mokal101@gmail.com
    Hey I am too having fantasy to sit on girls stomach. will u allow me?

  • Ho r u

  • Daverichards247@yahoo.co.uk

  • Can do, are you in England ? mikebennqgmx.de

  • That should be mikebenn@gmx.de

  • I'm looking forward to sitting on your stomach ;)

  • Danielandresking@gmail.com

  • I also Sat on many Stomach

  • I Sat on many Women's Stomach with my Full Weight..

  • By calling some girls

  • HELLO HI ..!!!

  • Whether Sitting on women's stomach is painful for women? How much waight she can bear on her tomach and for how long? Sitting on stomach develops any stomach problem? How to make her always ready to allow sitting on her stomach?

  • Most women can take quite a lot of weight on their chest or stomach. I sat on a woman's chest one time and I weigh 200 pounds. She let out a gasp but seemed to like it. She took it for several minutes.

  • I don't know if sitting on a woman's stomach could be would be considered painful by her. I think it depends on the relationship she has with the other person. I know of women who allow their male partners to sit full weight on their stomachs several times a week for long periods of time. Even if the man weighs 100 lbs. or more than they do. And they seem to enjoy it. Otherwise why do they put up with it? I'm not a woman but I can speak up from experience. I have never heard of anyone developing problems from full weight stomach sitting. The human body is amazingly tough and resilient. The first time a grown woman sat on my stomach it was unpleasant but I really liked it...maybe because I really liked her. Now it's no problem. We are close.

  • In my experience most of those Females took my Full Weight, but few couldn't and mostly married Woman . But Unmarried Girls will take Your Full Weight and will let You Sit on their Stomach for long time !!!

  • In my experience most women most women can't take the weight of a man sitting on them for very long. Most men can take the weight of a woman sitting on them a lot longer. I was at a party sometime back when I met an unmarried woman who thought she very strong. I challenged her to let me sit on her stomach Full Weight. Surprisingly she agreed. I weighed about 200 pounds. I straddled her and slowly, and gently sat on her stomach. She gasped and made a horrible face. Then she asked me to get off - she couldn't take it. Another time I was at a friend's house when his girlfriend and I got into a wrestling match. I worked her to the floor and sat FULL WEIGHT on her chest. She gave up after 5 minutes. Jerry thought it was hilarious. I've had several women sit on my stomach Full Weight ( including some very large ones ) and I can support their weight indefinitely.

  • I have a 20lb medicine ball. I lay on the floor and put the ball on my stomach my wife sits on it removes her shoes and I lick and clean her feet even between her toes. She loves it and I love doing it.

  • When I was 19 I met a girl who told me she and her two brothers used to wrestle when growing up, and the boys always won. During a make out session we ended up wrestling. I ended up high on her chest in a straddle with most of my weight on my knees. She started mocking me saying Is that all you got? So I sat my full weight on her. I'm 6'1 and was 205lb then and she maybe 115. I felt her chest flatten under my butt and she starts grunting as the air wooshed out. Amazing she liked it! She kept struggling and cursing me for pinning her but it went on for several minutes until she gave up.

  • Sounds like she was re-living the wrestling experiences with her brothers. That’s pretty heavy on the chest tho, so if she could take that then I bet both her bros pinned her at the same time.

  • She seemed to be re-living it. Surprised she took full weight but clear she wanted it. She liked me laying full weight prone on her too. Would struggle and curse a lot bit it obviously turned her on. Weird girl. In shape and pretty too.

  • When I was 16 I used to cut grass for extra money. I had one customer the lady was divorced and lived alone. She was late 40's. She had been a customer of mine for about a year when one afternoon she asked me about making extra money with her. When she told me what she wanted I agreed but at first it felt a little weird. It started with her wanting me to sit on her stomach, so I would do that for a while until she had had enough but after a couple of months she wanted different things. The first thing we tried was using her coffee table with one leg of it on her stomach and me sitting on it. After a few times like that we used her bed, I would lift up the front of the bed and she would scoot under the bed and put a basket ball that was about half inflated on her stomach and I would let the bed down on it then sit on the bed directly over the ball, she wasn't able to take that very long but liked it. Kind of a strange relationship

  • I'm a female who loves when a guy sits his full weight on my belly and other belly play

  • I'm a guy and I enjoy sitting full weight on a woman. And I have done so several times. I weigh 200lbs.

  • Please sit on me. My email is iwantanowndom@gmail.com

  • I'm a guy and I Enjoy it when a woman sits full weight on my stomach. Several have. Recently a black amazon sat full weight on me. She weighed about 250. Her butt sank deeply into my belly and she sat there over an hour. It really turned me on.

  • Hello how long can u take my full weight on your belly ? x

  • What's your name i would love 2 sit on u

  • Where r u from i want 2 sit full weight on your tummy x

  • Where r u from

  • I would like yo meet you.
    I like sitting on women big or small.

  • Really where are u from

  • Where are you at I'm 6 foot 274 pounds could you stand me sitting on your belly full weight

  • I could take your full weight on my stomach sitting, bouncing, and standing

  • I could handle ur weight on my stomach

  • What your name & she r u from

  • If you have Facebook, can I have your name and email please? I am a man who enjoys straddling on women's stomach.

  • How old are u and where r u from???

  • I like to be sat on full weight. also like bouncing action

  • How old are you and where are you from

  • Where are you from I'm 6 foot 276 pounds would that be ok

  • My name is Comfytum. I am female w a comfy tummy. I would love for you to sit in me full weight! I live in Atlanta

  • Hi Comfytum,
    Larry in Fl at:klahm2@gmail.com. Have family in Atlanta area-I’m ready & waiting to move forward-please respond ASAP if interested? Thanks

  • I want to sit full weight on your stomach, what's your email so we can chat?

  • Klahm2@gmail.com in Fl-Women Only Please

  • Email me prasiddhac@gmail.com

  • I also enjoy full weight stomach sitting and bouncing as well. Iam a woman

  • Hi,
    Larry here . I love big, heavy women sitting on my stomach for hours. I’m 200 lbs-5-9 & live in Palm Coast, Fl.
    My E-mail is: klahm2@gmail.com.

    Come on Ladies, bring it on please!

  • I would like to sit on your belly,where can we meet

  • Where can I meet you,I like very much sitting on women'a bellies

  • I would love to sit on your belly very much

  • My name is comfytum! You can sit on it if u like

  • Sounds like fun - can i sit on your b**** too when i get bored ?

  • I would love to meet you

  • Email me: prasiddhac@gmail.com if u r in the ATL area

  • Hi, I live in Georgia and ill sit on you. How much do you weigh?

  • 215. please email me i want to feel u sinking into me. i love bouncing too. it intensifies the pressure

  • Once again comfytummy in Atlanta is looking for some full weight sitting/bouncing action. If interested email prasiddhac@gmail.com

  • I would love to sit on your comfy tummy, how old are?

  • Gosh men are so weak. A single woman makes a post and then they all just fall into fantasy mode. Make me laugh.

  • Everyone acts interested but no one emails.......

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