Full Weight Sitting on Stomach

For those who want to sit full weight on stomach share your experience.

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  • There must be some women on Tyneside who would sit on an older man.
    I am willing to pay her for her time if she does not do it for pleasure.

  • I'm 25 year old Indian boy i want a girl who is sitting on my stomach or chest no matter where are you from in India

    my what's app number is +919712088356 or my Gmail topwrestlingmovments9639@gmail.com

  • Same I want also girl siting on my stomach from india

  • Are there any heavy ladies, who think that they can step n stand full weight on my stomach and bounce all there weight on me for as long as I can handle it. I like testing my limits to see how much weight I can handle. Any takers ladies? Email me at, blu_thunder2012@yahoo.com

  • Can I get trample by little kids on my stomach with their barefeet

  • دخی از تهران بیاد بشینم رو شکمش،؛ شمارم صفر نهصد و دوازده دویست چهل و هفت شصت و یک سی و هشت

  • Once while taking care of my nephew, he asked if i could play with him and i said ofcourse since i had the day off. i asked him how he would like to play and he answered that he want to fight and defeat me. i said alright as tried to tackle me but i picked him up and held him in a pin to which he said it was not fair and wanted to do it again. this time i decided to let him defeat me and dropped down. he quickly came up and grabbed my hands and counted to 10. he went on about how he was so strong, i thought he was done playing so i tried to get up but he stopped me so i laid back down as he dropped himself on my waist. i lifted him up and down as he bounced over my hips which was hurting me so i asked him to come on my stomach which would make it easier for me to play with him. eventually i got tired of lifting him up and down so i said he could play however he wanted. he came up between my ** and stomach and played around with my face while bouncing up and down. i asked him if his mother was better at this or me, he said his mother to which i asked why. he said she would let him do one more thing that i didnt, so i said he could do it since i thought i could handle it since he was light. he got up, stood to my side and took a quick jump on the lower part of my stomach which kind on hurt, so i asked him if he could do it only on the stomach. he took another and stood right up as i felt all his weight directly on my stomach and i ask if this was better than his mother and he still said his mother.

  • My son also does that to my wife's belly.

  • I asked what she would do better, and he said that she let him jump from a higher place. i felt i could take a higher jump since he was 5 and i barely felt weight when he even stood. he climbed the sofa near me. i told him to do only a fall to see if i could take it. he jumped as i closed my eyes and gripped myself, felt a huge drop on my lower stomach area which didnt pain a lot but gave me a bit of thrill. he asked if i could do it while showing my belly, i said ok and rolled up my dress to my lower chest and showed him where to exactly jump he climbed up again. as he was about to jump, i braced myself and saw him leap up and come down right on my belly button and allowed himself to sink down which didnt pain me since he landed on the softer belly rather than my waist and hips and i relaxed my stomach as i asked him how many times he would jump on his mothers stomach. he replied that she would let him do jumps for an hour which shocked me since could only take about 5 even when he was light, so i told him to take his final jump and he could sit and stand on my belly since i was tired from the jumps. he asked if he could do a big jump, i said ok since this was his last and kept a pillow under me so the ground wouldnt hurt. he took his last jump which was not high as i had expected and felt all his crash right down on my stomach, he then from his standing position but dropped which i wasnt expecting and started playing around while sitting and would in between stand and again sit down. this became a thing for him whenever i would take care of him. if anyone wants to ask me anything about belly sitting can ask tho i am not much experienced neither am i looking to experience anything.

  • My son sits on my wife's belly regularly. But when I sit on his mother's stomach he gets angry

  • Regular sit on wife belly

  • Can the 5 year old boy stand on my stomach

  • No, he only prefers his mother

  • May I ask you how much weight you think you can handle on your stomach ( only sitting so that it won't hurt you much) i am 70kg btw

  • I really handle but what ur location and u are girl
    So you sit on my stomatch
    7057198124 text me

  • He was barely 15-20 and i could handle him, but i wont take anyone on me

  • علی هستم یه سری یه ساعت و نیم نشستم رو شکم دختر عموم که پنج سال از من بزرگتره ،؛ دختری از تهران که پایه باشه بشینم رو شکمش،؛ پیام بده
    شمارم : صفر نهصد و دوازده دویست و چهل و هفت شصت و یک سی و هشت

  • I am a young girl from india. I like stomach sitting.

  • Dear I wait your response

  • You can sit on m stomach for as long as you want to

  • There is no one around who will jump or bounce on my stomach, such a disappointment

  • Can you share your stomach sitting experiences? Thanks

  • And make me sit

  • Girl who wants me to sit on her stomach in Colombia between 18 and 45 years old, skinny or half fat, write to me at luisdanielramirezlopez81@gmail.com |

  • Some girl wants me to sit on her stomach in Colombia. Who is between 18 and 45 years old, thin or a little fat. Notify me at daniel-ramirez0218@outlook.com

  • I am an 88 year old male who loves to have ladies sit on my chest, but have difficulty finding someone to oblige'
    Any interested ladies?

  • I would want a guy or girl to sit on my stomach and chest and me be their cushion for as long as you like. Email me at sits10132@yahoo.com

  • Hi I can sit on your stomach and chest for you

  • Sure. Soon, Delhiguy ;)

  • I am a young 19 year old guy low-key wanna okay wrestle with a hole girl and sit on her stomach dominating her. If you’re a young girl leave your email so we can chat

  • Where do u live?

  • I live in the UK but am Able to travel around. What about you? Are you a girl?

  • Well my experience was a bit different. So i got into contact with a women who was called mistress. At that time i wasn't really into kinks and only liked belly sitting. But then she said to me are you ready to be my seat. So i sent here a picture of my big bloated belly snd she said perfect. Then we were gonna meet up at a park and she gave me a adress of a hotel. I went there and she was sitting there in leggings and a crop top. Sk she said Come and be my seat. I thought that she just wanted to sit on my belly but no. She sat with her head to me and bounced saying that she loves bouncing on big bellies. She sometimes stood up so she could sink in me belly again. Shd sat on my belly or hours and just switching sides and bouncing. She then came on my chest and i played with her belly and we did this a couple of times before she went back to her own country.

  • I have had a similar experience. I love for a heavy woman to st on my big belly for extended periods of time. And I found one that was willing to do it and I was willing to pay her for her time. It was a win-win situation for both of us. She is a ** who weighs about 250 lbs. We get together about once a month where she sits and bounces on my chest and belly and will do a full weight barefoot trample on my belly. At first, it was painful but I get a lot of pleasure out of it. The feeling is so intense. And as crazy as it sounds I just love it. I keeo coming back for more.

  • I could never be that lucky!

  • I am a 36 year ole man from Mumbai, India, we have many spas here that provide extra services.

    Initially I was too scared to ask for happy ending as I was shy, but started from paying for hand jobs as I got used to massages.

    One time a very beautiful girl with nice figure offered full body to body massage and happy ending in any position I wanted. She was used to men getting off her in **.

    She didn't allow penetrative ** though.

    I asked her if she lets anyone to lay over her, to which she replied that she did since the client was paying.

    I asked how did she dealt with fat/heavy guys, she said she has gotten used to laying under men of different weight class and that her body can take it.
    To which I asked if she would let me ** ** her, she said ahe had never done it but wouldn't mind since I was paying for a happy ending.

    So, I just asked her if she would let me ** ** her. She had never done it before but agreed as I was going to pay.

    So I straddled her stomach and started ** her **, I used to lean back on her stomach from time to time to rest.

    I asked if she my weight was painful, to which she said she has dealt with lot more on her.

    So I just relaxed on her belly and slowly allowed my weight to sink in. I can't express the heavenly feeling of having her soft belly under me. I asked her to ** me off in that position and she obliged. I saw in a mirror next to us, her stomach had sank in completely under my weight.

    Since then I meet her couple of times in a month and she is very happy to please my fetish. I have tried the same in other spas as well.

    I plant to keep doing it for a long time to come.

  • I do that too with my wife. Quite relaxing.

  • I m from Mumbai too

  • How much do you weigh ??

  • I weigh 78kg

  • If it is possible can you help me experience this heavenly feeling, as I haven't sat on any female since 7 years. I am from Mumbai too

  • If you want to sit on a woman you have to interact with her first. I know I've been involved in belly sitting for many years in fact since I was 16 years old. Quite a few people indulge in this pastime and enjoy it. The first time I sat on a woman she tried to boss me around and I wouldn't have anything to do with that. She was 4 years plder than me but I weighed 20 kg more than she. I wrestled her to the ground and sat on her stomach. It felt good and I enjoyed it. Since that time I have asked many women if I could si t on them and over 40 have said yes. Recently, I told a woman that would like to sit on her stomach and she responded that she wanted me to sit on her chest too. It didn't bother her that I weigh 127 kilograms.

  • Wow where do you find such women, where are you from?

  • Where do I find such women? Actually, it is quite easy. Mostly on the internet and personal ads. There are a number of women who have a fetish about being sat on and are not afraid to say so. But you do have to talk to them. Like I said I weigh 127 kg, nearly 300 lbs. but my weight doesn't bother her at all. Even women down to45 kg. can take my weight which is surprising. Oh, I live in the eastern US.

  • Oh I see you are from US. I am from India, it's very hard to find such women here.

  • I have found that women from east Asian countries are eager to please. Countries like China, Korea, and Japan. They are the ones most likely to offer a happy ending.

  • I am female weighing 52 kgs. I have this fetish too. Initially, i used to straddlr men but once, one man asked to reverse the process and he sat on my stomach. Since then, i am loving this feeling. Till now, heaviest man that I got on my belly with full weight was weighing 102kg. He even slept on me for complete night with his full weight on me. And, m from mumbai too.

  • My email is devendra4939@gmail.com

  • I want some femal for siting my stomatch

  • I am from Mumbai, contact me at rahulvedh98@gmail.com

  • Yes I would like to sit on you, contact me on rahulvedh98@gmail.com

  • You can email me at sben51245@gmail.com
    I am from Mumbai too.
    If you are serious reply me back.

  • I'll be perfect for you. Contact me at delhiguy97@rediffmail.com. I'll only share my personal details there

  • Email at delhiguy97@rediffmail.com

  • U can email me

  • You can contact me at rahulvedh655@gmail.com

  • Last week my mom and step dad went out together and left me and my stepsister alone in the house. My mom said leave your sister alone she’s gonna invite friends. I said of course I’ll be in my room if she needs me. Her friends came over and after like half an hour she came in my room. I asked what happened. Nothing she replied and plumped on my stomach. I was on my phone and asked her what the ** are you doing. She said it’s comforting. So she called her friends to my room and surprisingly they didn’t look alike at all. My stepsis is pretty thin and not so tall. These girls were obese. They were toying with me. 1 holding my arms and the other holding my legs. And they took turns dropping and plumping on my stomach or chest. My stepsis wasn’t that bad. We wrestled before and she pinned me down earlier for more than an hour. But the other 2 were very heavy. At least 250 pounds. And they dropped standing with their ** on me. They bounced on me and straddled me. After a while the 2 fat friend came together on me and that was almost unbearable. After an hour the 2 Friends left and my stepsis said I had to else they would do it to me. Now everytime my mom leaves the house they come in my room and murder my stomach with there fat butts.

  • I m a 20 year old girl and my stepsister whos 2 years younger than me likes to often catch me offguard and get me on the ground and straddle me. one day when i had returned home and was sitting in my room when my my sister jumped me on the bed with me lying on my back. she got up on the bed and said and took 2 steps towards me. i knew she wanted to sit as usual. she then put her foot over my chest and gave a look that told me to be ready. she then stood on my ** then step by step stood on my stomach and lowered herself down and sat on my thigh and then started a conversation about her week. after a few minutes she got up as i had caught my breath and stood up on my legs and took one step on my stomach and pushed down continuing her talk. then she got off me and sat on my chest and unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my stomach and tickled me.
    she then with a small jump got on my stomach and bounced up and down and talked about how soft my stomach is. she then stood up near the belly button and lifted my shirt over exposing my upper belly and ribs and stood for a minute and lowered her ** slowly sitting down again. i asked what it feels to sit on me. she said that she will show how she feels and laid down beside me and took off her shirt and told me to ease the weight.
    i got on her stomach felt going up and down to her breath and felt good. even tho she sits and stands on me, she herself sometimes offers to be the seat but her being small and light i let her be the one sitting

  • What was it like having her sit on you, also do you still do it and do you enjoy it

  • It would be quite difficult if she stood but when she sat it would be ok. it would be fun making her go up and down by breathing and she enjoyed it too.
    she still does it now and probably will in the future. i didnt enjoy it in the start and would take her for hardly 2 minutes but now i feel happy for her and sometimes enjoy

  • Aw yeah that sounds cute and fun I think sitting is better to handle cause then the weight isn’t concentrated on one area and instead more over the entire stomach.

    Sounds like a pro now by the sounds of it, maybe we can try it together once we got to know each other better?

  • Lets try it. I am female weighing only 45 kgs. Tell me what all you can do.

  • Hey what’s your email so we can chat. I’m the person who wrote that btw

  • Lets chat here!

  • Hey , delhiguy97@rediffmail.com

  • Email me at @ delhiguy97@rediffmail.com

  • What do you think?

  • Umm no

  • Oh how come?

  • Nooooooooope

    ** **


  • I'm a 50 year old man now. I prefer chest sitting, being sat on, by fat women. I've liked being squashed under fat women ever since I was a little kid, like 5 or 6 years old. No a grown fat woman never sat on me when I was a kid but I certainly wanted them to every time I saw a big fat woman. The first time I was squashed I was under a fat girl my own age, but she weighed more than twice my weight. She used to show me how much she weighed on the scale every time I went to her house to play. We would spend hours alone in her house when her parents were at work or in the field behind her house, out of sight if they were home with her sitting & standing on me as I lie on my back gasping & grunting under her. I loved it. I've been squashed a few times by various fat women in my adult life. I've even paid a ssbbw to squash me.

  • I'm past 65 now and I enjoy being squashed by fat women or any woman over 200 pounds. I have enjoyed this since a fat woman sat on me when I was still a young boy. It felt so good and I have actively been seeking to have this desire satisfied for years. I enjoy the sensation of lying on my back with a large woman on top of me and I'm gasping, grunting, and struggling for breath. Sometimes for hours on end. I often pay women to sit on my chest and stomach the experience is so awesome!

  • I even got married once to a ssbbw who weighed 588lbs the last time I went with her for her doctor appointment. We got married on a whim & of course it was a bad idea that didn't work out. We were close friends before we got married & remained close friends after we got divorced. She was a web model though & she used to sit on me a lot for her web content while we were married. Otherwise we were in conflict much of the time as our personalities did not mesh very well as a married couple.

  • Does she still sit on you? I have a ** who regularly sits on me at least once a month or even more often. I love being squashed and she loves to see how long I can take her weight on my belly. All 350 pounds of it.

  • Story pt2. - I woke up at 7:30 and she was already awake and on her laptop. She said hey you’re early. I asked what is the work I have to do. She said sign this contract it was exactly the same as the first one only with this one I’ll earn money. So I agreed. She said your work is to be my seat. I was so confused and asked if I heard her right. She says yeah my chairs and bench don’t sit that well after a year and sitting on someone while working feels nice and you have company. I had to lay down under her for 8 hours. I had breaks when she had but still. She was a very handsome lady. She was 5’6 but a little skinny. She was 130 pounds. I was shocked when she wore a top only and she had a little hanging belly. She said breaks over and she sat on my stomach for hours and hours everyday. I loved here for 3 months and she paid me more than 10k in those 3 months for only being here seat. But not only at work. When she was watching a movie in the living room she asked if I wanted to join her and she sat on me and didn’t stand up until the movie was done. Her ** was going from stomach to chest over and over. But my 3 months in New York I spent being a seat for a Random lady. But I got the most money out of the whole class with my work so that’s something positive.

  • Story - I went to new york for my study but I didn’t have a home where I could stay cause I didn’t wanna stay in those little houses with someone Else of your school. So I asked people if they knew someone. A friend of mine said there is a 25 year old women who would let you live with her if you did what she asked. You didn’t have to go outside but things in the house. I thought why not.He said I didn’t know more I thought it was sketchy. Then I texted her (I got the number of my friend). She said you can come tomorrow at 12’ o clock. The next morning I arrived there I little earlier but it was fine she said. She told me to sit down and we’d talk about how things would go. She said if you agree there’s no way back. At that moment I thought it was sketchy too. But I asked what the things were that you should do for her. She showed me some kind of agreement or contract with everything that she asked you to do in the house you have to agree with as long as you live here. I agreed. So she said bring all of your stuff here and we’ll sort it. We did that and she said do you have school or work tomorrow. I said no after 3 months then I have to go to school and I have no work. She said you can work for me if you want I’ll pay you and you can stay here and keep the money to yourself. I agreed without thinking after hearing keeping money. She said okay starting tomorrow you’ll work for me.

  • Story part 2 - After those 4 hours my parents texted me saying we’ll be back in 2 hours. The women said you’ll sit here for another 1 hour and 30 minutes and tomorrow your coming back or else I’ll tell your parents. So she kinda used me to sit on me and i was used to play with her belly.even when we were swimming. If I went to the slide you need to wait before the other go. Then she came to me she sat on my stomach and chest area every time I went of the slide. It went like this for almost 2 weeks but some of the days I went with my family. the other days she sat on me for more hours and bounced too cause I wasn’t here the other day. But that was my vacation. Getting sat on my chest en stomach by a 23 year old women weighing almost 180 lbs. if you want more stories send me a text or email at bolleslang@gmail.com

  • Story - I was on a vacation less than a few months ago. I went with my family but I stayed at the house most of the time because I didn’t wanna go shopping and walking everywhere. So I stayed back home. I grabbed the key and went to take a walk. And then I bumped into a lady who then dropped her phone and it was broken. I said : ‘oh sorry how can I make it up’, because I didn’t have money on me or anything except for my own phone And keys. She said if you have no money you have to come with me and do something for me in the house. I said oke I’ll do it whatever it is if I don’t have to pay I’ll do it. she had a very curvy body and a little hanging tummy. She brought me to her house and I asked : ‘’are you going te let me clean your house’’?. She said go into this room. I said oke and as soon as I entered she closed the door and locked it. She said take off your shirt but I had wore something underneath. I thought she wanted to do stuff women do with their men (I was 16 at that time). She said :’’lay down on the bed on your back’’. I did it cause I didn’t want my dad to find out. Not a few seconds later she came onto the bed and sat on my stomach. She was 5’7 and she was 172 lbs at that time. I didn’t know what was going on and I couldn’t breath. I hardly asked if she could stand up so I can take a good breath and she did. Not even half a minute later she sat on me again en unbuttoned the Lower part of her shirt. She said play with my belly . I did what she said. She liked it a lot and eventually she came sitting on my chest with her full weight. She said touch my belly button, lick it and play with it. I was shocked at what she asked but I still did it. She liked it so much that she kept sitting on me for hours. More than 4 hours have past and she switched from stomach to chest and said to play with her belly.

  • I love it when women step n stand weight on my stomach, heavier the better, Are there any ** or ssbbw women who think that they can step on my stomach? I dare any ladies to step n stand full weight on my stomach and bounce all there weight on me. Email me at, blue_thunder2012@yahoo.com

  • Does anyone know a girl in the Netherlands who could sit on my stomach or let me sit on their stomach (or if you are from here yourself)

  • Are you a boy or a girl?

  • Fantasy story- I was playing with a friend at her house. It got a bit boring so she started teasing me for no reason and i tried ignoring it but couldn't help teasing back, after a while she hit me on the back and i did the same. Not long after we both were friendly wrestling and she pinned me down. She then tried to annoy me and kept calling weak.(i just wanted to see how far she was gonna stretch this) So the next chance i pinned her down and sat on her back. She tried struggling but i had her. I didnt last for long as i let myself loose and she pinned me back and sat on my stomach and then stood and put one leg on me as a victory pose(now i knew how far i could go. I let got of her pin and made her trip down. Then i unbuttoned up her shirt exposing the sweet spot, i asked whether it was fair she said yes, then i unbuttoned till the upper belly. This point she had given up and was asking me to put weight on her. So i rested at the lower stomach and tickled her soft stomach. Then i stood up but she asked for more weight, so i put one leg over her soft smoot stomach and the other i slowly took off the ground. My both legs were at on her belly button. That happened for 2 minutes and i sat on her, not full weight, and unbutton the remaining shirt and just keep bouncing here and there.

  • I m guy intrested in sitting on stomach of young girl, we could talk about fantasies and stuff, email id- dineshboom11@gmail.com

  • I grew up with an older and a younger brother who were on wrestling team since 6th grade. At home they wrestled each other and me. I was strong but always ended up being sat or layed on and pinned. Sometimes they'd stay on me for awhile using full weight. I came to like feeling squashed but secure under one of my brothers and testing how long I could take it. One of them is not married and we still wrestle at his house now and then. But he's 6.1" 218# so I can't take it real long anymore.

  • You a girl ?

  • Duh

  • Could u breathe

  • I also like to pin you down. Email me pinner. sitter@yahoo.com

  • Wanna chat on email

  • Contact me @ delhiguy97@rediffmail.com

  • Oh, i too have the same fantasy of wrestling and pinning a girl

  • Looking for a young girl that likes to get sat on, we could chat on gmail, just leave the gmail id in replies.
    I m a guy

  • All of my life I really enjoyed the full body weight of a boy/man or girl/woman on top of my lower stomach. When I was very young, boys and girls, later men and women. I can enjoy the punishing weight for hours on end. I will moan and beg for mercy but my master or mistress will only smile, knowing that I want more. I live in the north of the Netherlands and would really like to know if there are any men or women around here who would like to use me as their chair. To make me their obedient sit-slave.

  • Yes if you are a female

  • No, male, 65.

  • Older guy,looking for older woman over 200lbs to sit on me for hours at a time...

  • I am pleased to see that I'm not the only man who enjoys being sat on by a heavy woman. I'm past seventy and a 330 lb woman regularly sits on my stomach for an hour and a half or more. It is an awesome experience. An adult woman sat on my stomach when I was a boy and I was hooked. Have been sat on by a couple of dozen women since then and it never fails to satisfy. I love feeling her weight sinking deeply into my stomach.

  • I am a man of a similar age to you. Also, when I was a boy, I got sat upon by an adylt woman. I was fifteen years old at the time. The woman weighed about 145-150 pounds and she sat on my chest. It felt awesome! When I was in my 20s I got to know a mother and daughter and they would sit on me regularly for a couple of hours or so. Sometimes they would take turns to sit on my chest, other times they would both sit on me. I have enjoyed being sat on by a woman all my life. If any woman is interested in sitting on an older man, please leave email address. I live in England. Thanks.

  • I’m a 40 something woman from Bristol, 5’9” and about 75 kilos. I’ll sit on you for as long as you want me to or as long as you can take it. If interested, email kayellis76@gmail.com

  • HI THERE, i read your reply to the above gentleman with great interest, and became instantley aroused. so i would gladley invite you to sit on me for as long as you want. ive also loved being sat on by girls for as long as i can remember. unfortunetly i live in edinburgh scotland so if you ever fancied a trip/shot break up in the capital city,just drop me an email to aqualade@yahoo.com many thanks DEREK.

  • Would you step n stand full weight on my stomach and bounce all your weight on me for as long as I am take it? I bet I can handle 2 of you stepping n standing full weight on my stomach. Blue_thunder2012@yahoo.com

  • I wish you were in the states! I can't find any women who will do full weight sitting or bouncing. I even made a money bet that I would take it longer!

  • I agree. I have a girlfriend who sits on me and tramples me with her full weight. It is an awesome experience particularly bouncing on my stomach.

  • Part-7

    After that massagist lady git uo and asked ne seat himself comfortably on my girl's tummy. I did wat she said and then all of a sudden she climbed on my shoulder and sat on my shoulder. I felt utmost sharp pain. No wonder how my little girl is tolerating both of us on top of her. Now, belly of my girl sanked down and i saw her laboured breathing and she finally said stop and i felt relaxed. To this massagist got off me and as i was about to leave, my girl said thank you. After that we went for lunch but, my girl said she is so thankful to me and would become my seat for lunch. I couldnt resist her and asked if she has some energy to which she said yes. After that, masagist got us lunch in 2 plates as my little girl said she will have it later. I held plate and walked towards my girl who laid on her comfortable bed, stepped up and sat wirh my full weight and started earing my lunch. That massagist keep eyeing me as if she wamted to b in my place but i didnt mind. I finished my lunch,, talked to my girl and finally got off her and asked to call me if she feels any pain. Afterwards, she called me many times, and i love sitting on her tiny stomach.

  • Part-6

    I looked at massage lady nd she might be if somewat my weight or may be 10-20 kgs messer than me but fir a sure she was heavy lady. At this moment, she asked my girl to turn over and laie on her stomach and she just removed her shoes and climbed on her back amd sat dow with full weigjt on her back by foldimg her legs. To which she asked me to do same. I thought she would get up but rather she just moved a little up and asked me to join her while she was also sitting on top of that girl. I was shocked and started feeling how this little creatjre merely of 50 kgs will take total of more than 200 kgs but, my girk said she will b fine and will tell when to stop. Without wastimg time i climbed and sat along with massagist lady. Now that lady asked me to straddle. I did wat she told and that littke girk was enjoying more than before. After 20 minutes, massagist asked me to get up and asked girl to turn over amd expose her stomach. I realised she is going to stomach sit her. Before i could say, she just sat with het full weight on thst girls chest and ribs leaving space for me om jer stomach
    I joined her and started feeling pity fod the girl under our weights. But, she was enjoying this. We stayed for 1 hour in this position while the massagist lady was having chips sitting on tiny creature and my little girl took a tiny power nap holding both of us on her fragile body.

  • Part-5

    I could hear her moans, can see her beautiful face, my feet om her breast and then i finally ** on top of her. To this she asked me to give me some rest for cleaning up and i embarrasedly agreed. After she cane from cleaning, she again laued down on couch and asked me to experiemce human couch. I didmt realise what she meant but, she asked me to relax on top of her before going for round 2. Round2 , i was shocked. How can she bear me again on top of her amd surprisingly she wasnt tired of round 1 athough i was. After resting for 30 minutes on top of her, i heard a door bell, and i wemt to open door when i found her massagist over there. She was a big lady and i feared she many scold me for wat i was doing with that little girl. To my suprise, she was knowing abt my visit and asked my girl if she is ok. To which she replied, yes and is ready for round 2. I got confused but, then that massage lady told me that she also sat on little girl many times and she is quite strong. Then i realised, thats y this girl was fine with my weight.

  • Part-4

    2 hours passed and now, my fantasies were increasing. I asked her we can try other things some other day but, to my surprise, she asked me to stay for some more time. I agreed to her and, now i slightly lifted my ** and pounced on her. 'Ahhhhhhh' came from her mouth.. i looked at her face and asked does she wamt more and she just nodded yes saying more wild. I just loved this girk at this moment. Then, i started bouncing on this girl's little stomach. She placed her hands on my stomach giving me the feelimg that she is enjoying all this and is fine being trapped under my enormous huge body. Just to mention i am 6'2 amd good built up guy. After bouncing for more than 30 times on her, i got tired and offered her to get aside and let her tame some rest. But this strong girl surprised me saying she can take more. Then for last as i didnt want to hurt her, i started moving up and down on her or started straddling her. Initially, i was doing slow but then, she asked to ger wild and i lost my control and i started riding her fiervely closing my eyes. My forgot that i m sitting on girl's tummy and i started doing my motion hard and strong.

  • Part-3

    Then from schoolboy pim, i slowly released .y weight on her small flat belly and placed my feet on her biceps. Now, she was totally under my 120kg **.i could see how her face became red and her breathung became intense but, she held a smile on her face and told me that she can take this. For about an hour, we stayed like this. But she didnt give up and i actually started liking this girl more than before. Now, i shifted my feet from her biceps to her breast and started pressing myself onto her tiny stomach with my full weight and force. To this, moans escaped through her mouth. I thought she wanted me to stop but, rather she was like do more and more. I realised she started liking me on her but at the same time i was womdering how this tiny woman not even half of my weight is withstanding my full weight on her timy stomach.

  • Part-2

    Then i asked her if she is fine to which she said she is quite strong. This led to so many fantasies in my mimd amd i asked her if she wanna test her stremgth to which she said yes nd she asked me how much i weigh? She asked mw to visit at het place for testing her strength. I went to her place next day and she welcomed me in wearing shorts and a loose t shirt. She was looking too cute. Then, without wasting time, we wemt to couch where she laid on her back amd i went to school boy pin position. She laughed and said she can lay for complete day like this and is this wat i got. I smirked and said dont worry, m going to show you way more. Just remember, anytime you start feeling hurt, let me know and i will stop. This i told her as i didnt want to hurt her.

  • Story found online

    I am a male weighing around 200 kgs. Long back, when i was in my late 20's, i met a girl in her early 20's, who was tall, slim and beautiful, might bevweighing not more than 50 kg. We became friends and used to play in the evening. One day while playing, she showed me her self defense skills and ij middle of that i lamded into school boy pin position and held her strongly. She kept on showing her skills but couldnt lift a heavy man like me. I was around 120 kgs at that time. In between , i didnt realise and accidentally dropped half of my weight on her and to my surprise she didnt feel even an inch of hurt.

  • Most women can't seem to take that much weight. Or don't want to. I enjoy sitting on a woman and have found a way to find women who are willing to be sat on. I pay them to allow me to sit on them. And it works. I am a man who weighs about 220 pounds (100 kg) and I have two women that I regularly sit on. The first one is an Asian massage therapist who moonlights to make extra money. She doesn't have to do anything. Just lay there and allow me to sit on her for as long as she wants and I pay her twice her regular massage fee to sit on her stomach or chest. She has never complained about my weight although I outweigh her by about 100 pounds. I have sat on her for an hour and a half. The second woman is a young black woman 25 years old whom I pay $100 an hour to sit on her. She has no problem with my weight on her stomach. She once told me that her 300-pound grandmother would sit on her. Now she gets paid for it.

  • Can you sit on my stomach for as long as you want I’ll let you I do squirm but sit on me for as long as you want email is sits10132@yahoo.com

  • If you are a girl, then yes i will. Remember i am 175 kgs now. Let me know if you can take this much of weight on your belly. I will sit with my legs on your **. Even 1 gram wont be off you. I will sit for atleast 3 hours and rubbing my ** ** you.

  • Are you a man or a woman?

  • I am a man.

  • Are their girls who take that much weight? I am 229lbs and in good shape. I am single and involved with plenty of girls. I found one girl a few years ago who liked wrestling and getting sat on. But seems like very few like it. And even though not that heavy, I have never found one to take my full weight for very long. I always have to hold back.

  • Yep. Girls are really strong, Some either naturally or with some training. I’m 242 and my gf is just 110 pounds. The skinniest girl I’ve squashed is 88 pounds.

  • Hola que tal ? Me gustaria que te sientes en mi estomago soy un joven dd 20 años

  • Lets have some discussion on what you boys can do while sitting on woman stomach.
    I am looking to try out some new crazy things. I weigh 150 lbs and till now i had heaviest men of 180 lbs to sit and straddle on me. He went too wild and did lot of back and forth motion which was indeed fun.
    No ** stuff like feet licking and all.

    Just fun with full weight of man on woman's stomach.

  • I really like this and am respectful of the girl’s ability to take my weight. I am 21, 6’1” and 229lbs in good shape. I can go from less than half my weight on you, like only 115lbs, to as much as you want up to 229lbs. The item is to just have fun and give you what you want, so email Buffun@protonmail.com. Thanks!

  • Wow! I will message you on your gmail. Last weekend i met a guy who rubbed his ** on my belly button. He unbutonned himself and sat on stomach and put his feet below my breast. He was holding my hands and took the support of my legs for his back. You can imagine, this way his entire weight was on my stomach such that his ** touched my skin. He rubbed himself in same position nd sat for arpund 1 hour. Even ate his cheese sandwich staying like this. His weight was around 70 kgs. We talked a lot staying in this position. It was wonderful feeling.

  • Contact me at delhiguy97@rediffmail.com. Let's talk!

  • What to do when sitting on a woman's stomach? I've had some experience at that. I'm a mature man and I enjoy sitting on women as well as being sat on by them. When I was in high school I was into wrestling. It was amazing how many matches ended with a schoolboy (or schoolgirl) pin. As a part of our training Coach, Monroe would have us do a bridging exercise. You would form your body into an arch then he would come over and sit on your stomach. The idea was to support his weight for two minutes. It was a lot of fun but a very slow process. So he got the girl's coach to help him. She was a chunky woman at 200+ lbs. I managed to support her weight for 5 minutes before my arch collapsed. I was in wrestling for 2 years. After I graduated from High School I met Dee. She was a big woman who loved to play wrestle. She had a very large bust line. I took advantage of the situation to sit on her t*ts as well as her ample stomach. Didn't hurt her a bit. Then there was Chrisse who liked to be totally in her birthday suit when engaging in stomach sitting. I hope this gives you some ideas.

  • I enjoy sitting on a woman's stomach and prefer full figured women because they can more easily support my weight. I weigh 185 lbs. I like to ride back and forth or bounce on her stomach.

  • Hi! I m a 20 year old guy. I love sitting on a girl's stomach, riding her belly nicely all the time. If any girl interested in getting sat on, please email me - pinner.sitter@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  • I'm looking for a new cushion to sit on (stomach) while I work at my computer. I work at home so you need to be able to be my cushion all day long. I prefer a woman cushion. i weigh 175, and an older male.

  • Hi i will be your seat soft stomach cushion all day long email me at lv.10@yahoo.com

  • I’ll be your cushion for all day email me at sits10132@yahoo.com

  • I am a 70 year old male and I think I was born to be a woman;'s cushion. Any women need an old but very good cushion to sit on. Weight or length of time do not matter. I'm in Texas.

  • I’m an older guy, 61. I love sitting on the stomach of younger guys around 20 yo. Based to the West of London, close to Heathrow.

  • Any girl wants me to sit on her bare belly for long hours, mail me pinner.sitter@yahoo.com I m a guy

  • I can handel any women sitting on me love the feeling og being sat on for hrs at a time i could spend all day long with my face between a womens soft ** thighd and have her sitting on me

  • Anyone considering meeting up with kj125143@gmail.com please do yourself a favor and have "her" send you a photo with the time and date written on a piece of paper and held up to her face. She's refused to do this even after receiving a photo. Could be a scammer, could be a pic collector. But make a habit of doing this before meeting anyone!!

  • Hii I m DEVENDRA from Maharashtra
    I am interested for siting on my stomatch
    devendra4939@gmail.com that's my email for contact

  • I make a good seat and live in Indiana. Email me at 24daysandnights@gmx.com if you want to chat and maybe even meet sometime!

  • Hey there

  • I would like to try. Buffun@protonmail.com

  • Hey, i like it, when heavy Women or Men sitting and jumping on my little belly.

  • Contact me at Benlac51@hotmail.com

  • R u male?

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