Spanking in school.

I think there should be spanking in schools. Punishing children and teens give them a perspective. No f****** around in class, no late assignments no bulling or bad behavior. Spanking is essential. I'm spanked whenever I miss behave. I'm a better person for it now. I was crazy, pot smoking teen, military school didn't cut it, my mom sent me to my uncles and spanked me until I finally caught on. I'm not talking about beating whipping canning, that's f****** scary s*** that damages and isn't safe. Just spanking, enough to get the point not enough to leave welts and bruises.

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  • When I was in grade school, this young girl in my class, 8 years old, had an ulterior motive for getting herself spanked in class, we had this adonis of a substitute teacher, this girl was sexually aroused by his mere presence. She'd fling her long hair back and forth in class, she pantyflashed him, loosened the 2 top buttons of her blouse, on occasion, she would even flash her training bra, he wouldn't respond. Then she would act out and get all dramatic, finally she got her wish, after 5 whack across her tight little ass, she flung her hair back and forth. Then weeks later, on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, Santa Claus came to our classroom, she pulled off every little stunt of hers just so she could sit in his lap. She ended up hating it, because of no sexual arousals, I was the only one who knew something about the guy who played Santa this little girl didn't know about, I never told her this either, in a military training exersize for the Korean war in 52, there was a freak mishap, he lost his d*** and testicals, so nothing sexual could possibly take place. This is one of the reasons there should be no spankings.

  • if a teacher ever spanks me i wold kick their ass 10 different shades of blue

  • You want the truth?

    I'm a high school student, very well-behaved, and I would purposely misbehave just for this punishment.

    I don't think this type of punishment would do anything in a school setting. You would probably get a lot of pedophiles and ephebophiles applying for jobs just to spank some kids.

    Not to mention the potential for others to secretly tape the students getting spanked and posting it online or using it to m********* to.

    And how about the millions of parents who would no doubt sue their school systems for spanking their child "too hard"?

    Just not a good idea.

  • Ow ow! If were going to go there. Spank at jobs and prisons too. And why were at it, why not make spanking pubs for them who get a little into it ;)

  • I think that spanking in school would benokay, with a paddle. No hands no touching. Bent over a desk in private, perhapes by a dean. I think uniforms would be nice. America look at our schools, were becoming stupid and falling behind. We lack disaplian and respect. With rules and regulations there should be no favorites or picking on certain students or you could lose your job. I also think these uneducated people above me, who have posted and cannot refrain from cursing and battering other commenters also proves my very point.

  • yeah a spanking is good but some teacher are rapist and may try to touch your kid in a certin manner you may not like. they could try to feel their ass and other parts. its good to have spanking in school but make sure you know the type of person spanking them.

  • No f***** way would I allow spanking in school. Its for people who cannot control a group of children. Its innapropriete and dumb... S**** you!!!

  • Innaproprate and dumb, would be your obviously lack of intelligence towards your intellect. *s**** you* for letting someone express themselves? And that you won't let it happen? Unfortanty one of you, won't stop a mass of more. It comes down to voters and politics l, if the majorty disagresses then of course. However, you do not decided for the whole mass population.

  • I was beat and spanked my whole childhood and although I turned out okay, does not make it okay. I do not believe that spanking should be implemented into the school system for several reasons.

    1. People lose their temper very easily and the punishment would not be consistent.

    2. I agree with the others that teachers do have their pets, coinciding with Rule #1.

    3. People learn differently than each other so why is that fair to spank a child for acting out when they are simply bored.

  • Of a student is simply board that is his or her problem. It is the students jib to come to school and learn. Otherwise, go home watch tv and go no where in life.

  • Spare the rod, spoil the child. *nodnod* Personally, I think schools should start with requiring uniforms. Every school. Conformity like that would reduce the need for spanking. IMO

  • Because people use it as a means of control when they don't have the skills to take care of a problem any other way. And people in this country ARE F****** LAZY.

    And I might add- there are some teachers who need their a**** kicked, too, thank you very much. You can't trust teachers,, cops, doctors or anyone in authority anymore.

  • Your lazy, for not being able to come up with a more acceptable, adequate word other than, *f******* for obvious lack of intelligence. Therefore, your vote-good sir or ma'am is invalid.

  • I don't think that.
    My mom constantly beats me, sometimes just because she's angry and there's no one else around. I'm at the point where I catch myself contemplate suicide and how people spit on my grave for being a weak, unable to stand up for herself kid. School is my only refuge. I spend 8 hours a day there. If they'd beat us there, too, there wouldn't be very much left for me to live for.

  • Is your mom your teacher? No. And if he does beat you inform the police. And as for teaches and spanking in scoop is much diffrent than a beating. There would also be rules and regulations to be followed. In both sides of the fence.. Just saying. Best of luck to you

  • I dont think schools should have it. Period. Because its just not right. Wouldn't that create pedophiles? I mean some teachers usually pick on one student for really no reason at all, and if that student would always get punished for no reason... ouch. Wouldn't it be great to hit teachers too then? Some of those bastards deserve to be treated like sh*t.

  • I third it.

  • i concur, i woeld have loved to slap a few of my teachers

  • i 2nd that

  • i get abused at home. i dont think being "spanked" at school would help with my self esteem. Schools the only thing which keeps me sane and sometimes a little slap can mean different things to different people :/

  • i know what you mean. thats the only place some kids dont get the s*** kicked out of them...yeah real smart if spanking starts, f*** up some kids lives even more,why do you think they got rid of it? its not right,we are people,childeren. NOT animals.

  • ^^ yes and I'm pretty sure you do get the s*** kicked out of you at school there's bullying, verbal abuse, not succeeding school is a total mind f***

  • Last time I checked, animals don't spank there children either.. You just lost your argument.

  • I raised beautiful children without spanking. That's for people who lack intelligence and skill

  • You come off as a pompous, sanctimonious t***. No wonder your daughters are pregnant from black guys who are locked up.

    I'm willing to bet that you are trying to pass off your grandchildren as your own children...or worse, acting like you adopted them from some third-world country.

  • I was never spanked, and I am very well behaved and self disciplined. I have never gotten detention or in trouble at school.

  • Then you wouldn't have to worry about being spanked, would you.

  • And your also a p**** :)

  • everything that person just said they were u obvioulsy NOT u ass.

  • And do you also believe everythings that's ever written on the Internet you ignorant twit?
    Obviously NOT

  • Okay so i DONT agree im sorry my old teacher was a guy who tried to have s** with me and touch me i think i would be spanked to ass doesnt want that..... i dont agree

  • It's called alerting the cops and arresting this teacher. All though, I don't believe you anyways.

  • Yeah but what about the ones who like it? I used to wish we had spanking in high school because it's a turn on...

  • That's a good point. I would like it too.

  • I think that paddling is acceptable in schools. Period. Spanking of the children. Punishment is what needs to be done with children, now a day is what it needs. Punish, obey, snap those spoild dirt disobednt children! Spanking in schools, jails, homes, everywhere.

  • That's what we don't have it. :)

  • I think the school paddle is a good option for most students who don't want to be suspended and get all behind on their class-work...I always chose the paddle and it worked good for me...and without the paddle no kids are going to behave because there is no reason to ,and we would not have behaved good either without the threat of getting the paddle.. spare the rod/spoil the child...but nobody believes God's advice, and look how bad their children are acting, because they are not being taught to respect any authority any more...5 licks with paddle in school early on / 5 years in jail later on...which would you prefer for your children ?

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