Another dumb love confession.

I met this guy online like... three years ago. He and I pretended to be gay with each other in chatrooms...I loved him since then and I still do, and yet he still thinks I'm joking and won't come visit =_= I mean it's been three years and we still joke about being gay lovers (seriously, lmao) and I still tell him "no really, I love you" and he says "me too". Goddamnit, just tell me the truth... JUST F****** TELL ME THE TRUUUUUUTH. DO you like me or NOT?!? He's a very frustrating person! Damnit, he can never be serious for more than a second, which is why I never know what the f*** he really feels! >:/ Three years, m***********, and I still don't get him...

Dec 22, 2010

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  • So you're a girl? how old are you both? You may have been pretending to be gay, are you sure he was? You've developed a relationship under false pretenses. Sounds like there's something he's not telling you. He could be married..he could be gay..who knows.

  • Pretended to be gay? You both are, pal. But your dude is probably some 50-year-old j********** to his pedophile fantasies. He's smart not to have taken it further. He probably thinks Chris Hanson is going to pop out if he arranges to hook up with you. You need to move on and find some guy who can give you what you want in the real world. Not just a great b.j. and lessons in lube, but emotional support. Good luck.

  • I think if we've known each other for so long it's obvious we both have used webcams to make sure we weren't talking to pedos or creeps. I mean if I wasn't sure how old he was I wouldn't have stayed friends for so long... >_>

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