Confused ..

To complain has never been my fortay ..
but , i thought i'd give it a shot since it's anonymous .

so many things have been happening so quickly .

i feel out of place at my own home , always being compared to siblings . the pressure is almost unbearable at times . i know my family loves me , & i know i love them .. it's just agrivating .

school sucks .. i'm one of those people who come from a family were perfection is a must , & lately i haven't been meeting the status quo .

when it comes to love .. there is none . i know i'm not the prettiest creature that graced this Earth , but i'm not hideous . just a little on the chuncky side .. but that's a whole other post . i just need somebody to love .

overall , today has just been one of those "punch me in the face days" . *breathes out* , i suppose that's all for now .

Dec 23, 2010

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  • I know the feeling...but at a certain point you'll realize that all you can do, is try your best and if your family can't accept that, then their opinion will no longer matter. Its just...sometimes you have family that isn't pleased no matter what you do, and they're never impressed. They have something to always complain about and make you feel bad about. But you have to be strong for yourself and just be the best person you can be. That way you know in your heart that despite what anyone says, you're doing just fine. <3

    As for love...just keep on smiling, keep pushing forward in life, and you'll find someone. :)

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